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  1. Well looks like the DMR is at it again. Jesus Davis might be able to walk on water but he can’t keep his boats above water. Sank another one at the Point Harbor is what I was told. His secret SS Force is running a clandestine process to keep it quite but my LA. contacts are chatting away like Bluejays in a Pecan Tree. I was also told there is an IT employee that has moved to Oklahoma and is still being paid by the DMR. Wasn’t that the arrangement Samantha Hebert had at the DMR? She bought a lot of jewelry, food, and manicures on Tina’s secret account and as I remember that Crack pot auditor Stacy The Rat Pickering did absolutely nothing. I suspect from all I’m hearing nothing will be done to a much better run thief machine Jamie Miller has created. The Rat Pickering is busy chasing Secretaries and Janitors to deal with crooks like Jamie.

    1. Point Park, I can assure you the Hebert family got away with what they could–and did. The younger one got away free while the older sister was in too deep to cover for She ended up doing a skate jail sentence and I hear she is working in Hattiesburg. Probably a family hook up job. Don’t be surprised if Dane Maxwell helps keep the family name alive around the coast.

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