Why the FBI raid on Paul Manafort’s home has great significance

A prosecutor or litigant for that matter can issue a subpoena fairly easily and there no no real burden of proof beyond the information sought being germane to the proceedings.

Search Warrants OTOH require both a Judge’s OK and probable cause, which the folks at find law define for search warrant purposes:

Probable cause to search exists when facts and circumstances known to the officer provide the basis for a reasonable person to believe that a crime was committed at the place to be searched, or that evidence of a crime exists at the location.

Search warrants must specify the place to be searched, as well as items to be seized.

I have a pet theory about Vlad Putin’s puppets in the White House. We know that Donald Trump Jr. met with the Russians to get dirt on Hillary (Like they really needed any extra help for that) and took aid and comfort from a foreign power interested in meddling in our 2016 Presidential election in the process. The way the Trumps operate, they would have taken help from the devil without a second thought. The lack of political experience shows through in spades but as they say, Ignorantia juris non excusat.

My bold prediction for 2018 is that will be the year President Trump is impeached. I also think Donald Jr. and his Bro-in-law will look good in prison orange.

13 thoughts on “Why the FBI raid on Paul Manafort’s home has great significance”

  1. And then how about turning our DOJ prosecutorial attention to Loretta Lynch’s latest learned corruption of using email aliases to avoid FOIA rules in conducting the Lynch- Clinton – Comey tarmac scandal?

    For I minute I was going to type ” Jimmity Cricket” then I saw Batman authored this post- well I apologize to old Jimmity Cricket but Iam saddened to see Jimmity Cricket’s anti- Trumpet rectoric has claimed the mind of a great crime and governmental corruption fighter.

    Sure we not first be prosecuting Clinton-Obama’s corruption and many scandals especicially his politicalization of the IRS, FBI and 17 intel agencies first before we jump to Trump?

  2. Good point, Locke
    Now, if Manafort is a criminal, Mueller should go after him.
    But he should have to wait in line behind the others you named; no breaking in line.
    Kind of like the little machine at J.C. Penney’ catalog department years ago. Pull the handle and your number comes out. Actually the Hancock County Tax Office still has one.
    We could paper the walls with criminals in DC. That’s what’s wrong with our country.

  3. Lana:

    Yes you are right and until we convict and ‘….paper the walls of Congress with the pictures of Obama-Clinton like criminals….’ the corruption will continue because let’s face it …….they only worry about feeding their egos by erecting monumental Presidential libraries after they leave office….. all except the peanut brain , peanut farmer jimmy Carter who humbly builds homes for the homeless.

    I’d like to see the Obama library , which should be erected on the bloody South side of Chicago, to have to preserve the original Barrack Hussein’s orange jump suit forever instead of covering up his my crimes in office.

    And this also goes for the two previous unpresidential , Bush crime family members !!!

  4. The main reason Trump is caught up in so much crap is because Dems and Republicans in the establishment can’t stand him and are trying to do anything to him to get him out of office. He’s an outsider who disrupts their little system. He is not perfect by any means but the constant attacks against him are above and beyond other presidents. This poor guy is in the middle of a North Korean crisis which could be solved once and for all and political hacks are jeopardizing the safety of Americans.

    1. Lana:

      Oh yes, the Great ,Mighty and always Faithful Paper Hanger…….Amen, Amen…..He will be judging their “Paper” BS lies, greed and egoes before burning them all…. whereas the Faithful’s evangelistic and charitable service to the poor in Spirit will withstand judgment and they will be seated with the Lamb and rejoice and sing praises to His Great Name.
      John 3:16

  5. My question, why is everyone so upset about any interference in our “hallowed” elections. The great ol USA does it all the time in almost every country in the world. We should have expected it by now. There is enough internal manipulation of elections here that that is what should be bothering everyone. There are many counties that have been shown to have more ballots cast than registered voters.
    Hillary is a POS that needs to be in jail and Trump is a loud mouthed idiot that just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
    I believe in a “none of the above” candidate. If NOTA wins, the rest of the candidates on the ballot are automatically excluded from running again.
    This stupid assed government that we have just needs a boogey man to blame for the rigging that didn’t work. The political parties through the MSM have successfully divided this country and I don’t know what it will take for this nightmare to get turned around.

      1. Hey Doug…

        You get a lot of respect even from the folks that are not quite in harmony with your point of view.
        You’ve earned it over time.


    1. How true on all counts, Post Turtle. In March of 2016, when former President Obama sent $14million of our tax dollars to Netanyahu’s opponent in Israel, did you hear about it on any news media?
      That’s one end of the spectrum. Here locally in Hancock County, The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government obtained poll books from the local registrar and found 135 names that had to be purged. One was the Assistant Superintendent of Education and her husband who had been voting illegally for 10 years!!!! One of the local Election Commissioners told that they couldn’t do anything about it. It was up to them to come in and change their registration.
      We sought relief at the state level through the Secretary of State’s lead attorney elections, and they were notified that they had been taken off the books, and to register in the precinct of their residency. Pitiful.

  6. I think the funniest part of this whole thing was these were the 3 best offerings this wonderful country has?????
    Maybe we have slipped into the rabbit hole.

  7. Hannity just commented that Paul Manafort was stupid as he should have pulled a Killery Clinton….. wiped all his emails, bleach bit or hammered his phones or just removed the SIM cards before turning them over to the post Obama, still liberally controlled FBI………

    Mueller must think the Special Counsel loaded with Clinton lawyers are going to squeeze old Paul to squeal like the pig he is on Trump…. good luck on that….ain’t happening… just smoke and mirrors.

    Trump will never wear an orange jump suit but the Clintons and Obama gunna look great in one ….. “I guarantee it .”

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