ICYMI: Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Reverses Singing River Pension Settlement

The part the appellate panel at the 5th Circuit didn’t like involved how the attorney fees were paid out in relation to the financial risk assumed by the Singing River Pension retirees among other things. It goes back to Judge Guirola’s Courtroom per below:

Click to obtain full 29 page decision
Click to obtain full 29 page decision


It’s been over a year since Slabbed last had anything on the SRHS Pension meltdown. As it turned out there is a backstory to that post’s aftermath, but like the last post we’re not sharing it just yet.

I would imagine the next step would be to get the various class representatives back together to see if the deal can be salvaged by the counsel taking on the same level of risk they’d assign to the retirees. To quote occasional commenter Bill Dwyer, “we’re certainly keeping an eye on” it.

6 thoughts on “ICYMI: Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Reverses Singing River Pension Settlement”

  1. Well, it looks like the wheels of justice are finally starting to turn in the right direction again! I don’t know for sure what this reversal means for the poor retirees; however, I give kudos to Judge Guirola for standing up and giving these people a fighting chance. Thank you Sir for a job well done! I continue to pray that these people get what they were promised and that the crooks who subjected them to the raid of their pension fund will get their just rewards.

    1. OK, what the heck, I’m curious – how did Lou Guirola give the retirees anything? The 5th Circuit graded his papers and found them lacking, sending it back to him for a redo.

        1. Thanks for the reply, but Guirola isn’t at the 5th, he is the lower court judge who the 5th Cir. panel reversed because they thought he got it wrong. And now, Barton and Denham are attempting to get Jackson County to pony up so they will get a big check. I’ll say it again – there is not a single attorney in this mess that isn’t looking for a big score at the expense of people who should not have to foot that bill (either the retirees or the taxpayers).

    1. I see that Mr. Pissed. But we, the people, are standing for this, and allowing this to happen. These Commissions are a joke! They are made to control an agency or department. Vote out the people who appoint these losers and have set up these committees and boards. That is why the children born in this State, leave this State. They get an education and then look for a job here. Guess what? Mr. Senator, or Mr. Congressman, or Mr. Mayor, or the Governor fills the position with one of his UNQUALIFIED political parasites who donated to his campaign or performed a special favor. AND, he also gives them an inflated entitled salary!! Two quick examples of that are the MS Development Authority and the Marine Resources. Can you say Miller Lite and Lenny Benz? Neither agency serves the public imo. Instead, they serve their political masters. None of them know how to work for a living so they suck off of the Taxpayers instead and the Taxpayers get nothing in return, and our qualified candidates leave our State. And NOW, we have certain churches in Gulfport that are standing behind these thugs while they proclaim that they are “Christians”. These “churches” even think it is fine to have a coffee shop installed in their church (entitlement) and also allows outside business meetings at the church, and the congregation is okay with it!!!! They sit back and say nothing! And they think they are Christians? What is wrong with people today? Why would true Christian believers stand for this? Where are their morals? Religious conviction? TRUE Bible believers? What is wrong with the Pastor? They are simply wolves in sheep clothing imo. And those that follow these creeps will have to explain to the Master one day. So sorry for them. Nothing is worse that people putting their trust in Public and Pastoral servants while they are being betrayed and knifed by them.

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