Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: We’d Be Better Off If He Was a Drunk

Yeah, I’m talking about Trump, our president. At least if he was a drunk, there could be an intervention. He could get help. Get in a program. AA. Something. Unfortunately, he’s stone cold sober. We’re seeing Trump at the top of his game. This is who he is. We’re on notice. How much more do we need to know?

All the adjectives describing Trump have been used. I don’t have any to add. I do, however, have a few to describe our situation here in the USA and in the world. Dire. Dangerous. Deadly Serious. Unsustainable.

Hand wringing time is over. He has to be removed by the constitutional process sooner rather than later. Preferably, no later than six months from now.

I remember when I was involved with a rag tag group pushing for the impeachment of Richard Nixon. When things looked bleak and it looked like Nixon was going to get away with it we’d sit around and bitch and moan. There was a young Jewish girl who would always chime in and say “OK, path forward?”

She made us recognize how ridiculous it was to do nothing when there was an opportunity to do something and advance the ball down the field, even if only by baby steps. Continue Reading…...

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  1. Tom,
    You need to expand the ” get rid of Trump”Team. You forgot Donna Brazeale, Schultz, Ashley Judd, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Schumer, de Blasio, and Jerry Brown. Pull out all the stops🤣🤣🤣

    1. Lana…

      I’m not convinced I can be 100% sure you are totally supportive of my point of view. But, you always
      express yourself in a kind and gentle way for which I’m grateful.

      Having been involved in some movements to accomplish change, I favor lean and mean especially at
      the beginning of a movement as opposed to cast of thousands. Its amazing what a small core of folks
      can accomplish if they are committed and intense.

      I’ll keep some of the names that you raised in mind for future organizing efforts. After all, there’s always something to get worked up about, wouldn’t you say?

      1. This comment reveals you do not know me!! Not saying that in a negative way. If you don’t believe me, ask Doug.
        But since I posted, I think you may have to remove Michael Moore from the list. He’s on the news today criticizing the Demicratic party. You can’t have that. But you can always replace him with “Fast and Furious” Eric Holder” to expedite things!!!

        1. I would recommend they strap Nancy Pelosi and her band of Wall Street shoe shiners into seats Clockwork Orange style and make them watch the last season of Last Chance U. The last three episodes of the season were filmed around election time and there was at least one scene in each episode where a diverse group of black football players discuss how bad the choices were in the POTUS race.

          Appears to me that Clinton, Pelosi and company and their brand of Wall Street Democrats have lost black millennials – at least the ones that played football up in Scooba in 2016.

        2. Are you suggesting I “can’t have” criticism of the Democratic Party? If you are, you are absolutely wrong.

          I started WW for two reasons: 1. Stop Santorum from being the R. nominee. 2. Be as helpful as I could be to get Barack Obama reelected. It wasn’t about the D. Party.

          I’ve never been a Clinton person. I put up at least ten posts during the campaign. Maybe once, I was somewhat supportive of Hillary. I worked to get rid of Nixon and a few years after that I gave $200 to George H.W. Bush.

          On my site I’ve been very supportive of Reagan because he had the guts to stand up to Israel on a couple of very controversial matters early on in his Administration. Likewise, I’ve had nothing but good things to say about James Baker ( Reagan’s Chief of Staff and Bush I Secretary of State). And, I’ve stood up for Bannon.

          You’re right, I do not know you. But, I know you comment on almost everything I say so you should know that I’m not knee jerk Democrat on all matters.

  2. To think that the taxpayers who are in a quandary over health care are taxed to pay for Pelosi’s, while she reaps the $$$$$ of her NAPA Valley distilleries. And she’s not the only one. They are on both sides. We are officially living in the land of Topsy Turvy!!

  3. Nothing but more snowflake Chirpy comments by you Jimmity Cricket…

    You must be out of the market cause if you were still in market you would actually WANT Donald to keep doing the things he’s been doing because you working as a paid tout for the Demos may just cause him to fail to do more resulting in collapse of stock market which has risen because of his planned healthcare, tax code changes and tax cuts all of which has already been figured into the market’s record highs…

    You mentioned you contributed $200 to Bush well consider that old George threw a big campaign fund raiser for Mc Cain in 2016 so that McCain is now voting no to everything connected to Donald especially healthcare as the Bushes are a big part of the swamp which wants Old no energy Jeb to run again in 2020. Also check how much healthcare lobbyists and PACs that are funded by the healthcare giants gave to whore Mc Cain….

    Get on the Trump train and invest in the market and give up your regular touting job ….it’s much better for your overall financial and physical self to be positive then pessimistic ……so say the doctors who have studied long lived generations.

    1. Yes, I did give to George H. W. Bush. Back in 1979, I believe. I thought he was an extremely decent guy.
      I still do. And, as an avid reader of WW, you know I’ve spoken highly of Reagan and James Baker. Plus,
      I’ve written several posts standing up for Steve Bannon.

      Your advice to be “positive” is amusing. Not that its bad advice, but that its coming from you. I’ve counseled you many times to step up to higher ground…with me.

      Concerning the market, I’ve been in it since October of 1987. I was standing in line at a major brokerage right after the biggest crash (bigger than 1929) in history. Everybody was trying to get money out. I was trying to put money in.

      1. Jimmity: “I thought he was an extremely decent guy(Bush 41′)…”

        You need to read more….

        I voted for him in his first term and thought he was a decent guy once except after you read “The Bush Crime Family” you will realize he was running an international importation of cocaine crime syndicate involving Bill Clinton in Arkansas ( landing strip) involving dictator Noregia in Panama (whom Bush later hunted down and imprisoned when Noregia kept blackmailing him) to pay for Iran Contra activity but in process was actually killing addictive Americans all the while Nancy was running PS ads showing a frying egg as your brains on drugs…. why do you think Bush 41′ and Willy are great friends today all despite Willy beating Bush 41′ out of his second term?

        Then the book reveals Bush 41′ was in the CIA in “…charge of the Caribbean basin ” in early sixties ( Cuba etc. which old George says that was another George Bush) and though Bush to this day can’t remember where he was when Kennedy was shot he was in fact in Dallas when Kennedy’s brain was blown away ( proven by a Hoover FBI released memo dated the day Kennedy was shot)….. then there is the picture of Bush outside the Dallas School Book Depository ( hairline and posture proves it was he)…..then there is the hateful campaign Bush ran against Reagan and then Reagen as the winning Republican nominee was called to D.C.where Reagen was forced to take Bush as VP and then within months the attempted assasination of Reagen by a so – called crazy son of an oil friend of Bush(Hinkley) who said he was trying to impress Jody Foster which was the quickly substituted BS reason instead of true fact that assasination Hinkley was son of an old oil friend of Bush , Hinkley who owned the Sullivan Oil Company which at the time was under U.S. Gov. Investigation with millions in pending penalties….. and oil friend Hinkley had also backed Bush in previous Congressional races and Hinkley’s other son was to have a dinner date the next day after Reagen was shot with one of Bush’s other sons which story had immediately appeared once in a major newspaper the day after the assasination but said story was covered up thereafter and never appeared again….

        The Bushes are the most political power hungry murdering scumbags ever ……….what other family in American history has ever had the arrogant, mountain oysters to have tried to command a third Presidency?

        Jimmity, XOXOs but you need to do your homework before writing your paid touts bro’……

  4. Maybe if Trump’s own party would support him, things could get done and not keep putting up brick walls. He is the president and we should respect that and support him. But when under Obama the senate votes to repeal Obamacare and now they won’t something is definitely wrong with this picture. It is an inside sabotage of the President. This is so sad for our country. This is a person that has better things and businesses to run, yet he chose to run our country and no one is extending the olive branch. Shame on us.. At least I think we should give him a chance.
    The stock market is up, people are out spending money, there is no gloom with him at the helm.
    I voted for him and will continue to support him. I did not vote for Obama, but also did not bash him everyday. Under Obama we had more crime and murders around. Give Trump a Chance and support him. He take a different approach since he is a business man. Maybe the people of the US should get the same healthcare benefits of our elected elite in Washington. Or maybe they should switch to ACA and see if they like it shoved down their throats. Different opinion when shoe is on the other foot…… Lets switch rolls….

    1. There is a philosophical split between progressives and conservatives on healthcare. You ask a progressive if healthcare is a “right” they say yes. Ask a conservative, they dodge the question and and say healthcare is “a responsibility.”

      Obama tried to split the difference by mandating that people take responsibility. That’s what the individual mandate is all about.

      When people drive a car they are required to have a minimum level of insurance. We take it for granted. We don’t consider it “shoved down our throats.”

      1. Tom,
        Hope you don’t mind this post, but I am not convinced that comparing the requirement for property (car) insurance is the same as health insurance.
        First of all,there is no legal requirement that anyone own a car. It’s optional. And if we do own one that we don’t have a loan on, I think in most states we just have to have liability to cover our injury to others. Therefore, we can opt out of that expense if we are able to. I know it sounds far fetched, but it is true.
        Maybe there is just something I don’t understand about your use of this comparison.
        On the individual mandate, I can get on board with that so that others don’t have to carry us, but I am in sympathy with small businesses that are mandated to cover employees. The big employers know how to dodge that by dropping employees to part time.
        That is an action none of our legislative representatives locally, statewide, and nationally get. No individual mandate on themselves!!They are all part time and award themselves, at your and my expense, great health care.
        And you can bet those in power in Government who are business owners back home don’t pay any of their part time help benefits of any kind!
        The whole thing is a mess as a result of greed. Why is some poor self employed carpenter having to be taxed to pay health insurance for millionaires in Public office?!
        Something wrong with this picture! Very wrong!

        1. Your posts are always welcome.

          Driving contains the risk of accident, injury and death. We accept that we should insure ourselves against those risks so our fellow citizens don’t have to pay the price for someone’s irresponsibility. In 90% of the land mass of the country, driving is an economic necessity.

          Living contains the risk of accident, injury, sickness and the certainty of death. When someone has no insurance and they go to the emergency room. Those expenses are passed on to others in the form of higher charges for paying customers. Plus, the emergency room does not have a duty to cure you of whatever brought there. They are just required to stabilize your condition.

          Those who say “I don’t want the government telling me what kind of insurance to get” are opening the door for people to get insurance that is insurance in name only. Covers almost nothing, cancellable on short notice…

          Now, special deals for elected official are no good. Businesses that have 20 or more employees aren’t that small. When businessmen go on TV they always talk about their workers as ” family
          or partners or associates.” Why wouldn’t they want to treat them well? That’s a good way to set
          your business apart and get the best employees. Offer the best benefits.

          Last observation, during the process that resulted in the ACA. A bi-partisn group of six senators was formed called “the gang of six” trying to find a bi-partisan product. They worked in private for a number of months. That process blew up when one of the six, Chuck Grassley
          of Iowa went public and said “Obama wants to pull the plug on Granny.” Grassley was feeling
          the heat from the Tea Party that was willing to inflict serious damage on anyone cooperating
          with Obama. His charge, of course, was untrue.

        2. Their(law makers)staff gets health under guise that they are a business. That makes us responsible to pay their staff health insurance as required by law. Trump is calling out now.

    2. Outraged:

      What do you think about the “RAISE Act” which is proposed immigration legislation which is a merit based plan for green cards more favorable to immigrants who are educated, speak English and prevent immigrants from collecting welfare and other governmental subsidies for 5 years. When the Statue of Liberty was erected there was no such welfare or other governmental subsidies and all immigrants had to find one or more jobs to sustain themselves and their families.

      This is legislation more similar to immigration laws of Canada and Australia who are basically liberal minded countries.

      But of course Jimmity Cricket thinks it would be better if “Trump was a drunk”…….however it would be a whole lot better if Jimmity was not a paid Demo internet touter and judged Trump objectively on his accomplishments intended to help America back to more prosperous times.

  5. When did making the people who voted against you upset, become an impeachable offense?

    Liberals seem strangely oblivious as to how upset the other half of the country was for eight years.

    Maybe they should just keep insulting conservatives until everyone agrees with them.

  6. They think politically correct is bashing conservatives.

    They want what other people have by the government taking it and redistributing to them in the form of assistance not jobs. When they do get a job they then want it unionized to assure them a pay check without work ethics. When they get tired of that they file for medical disability and picket the government for more stuff they feel entitled to.

  7. All of you “conservatives” need to realize that it is not the left, or democrats who have ruined your party. I was a stead-fast donating, card-carrying, conservative who has seen the light that some of you still are blind to; or absolutely refuse to see. I am now anti-Democrat and anti-Republican. But don’t dump on the democrats without dumping on your own greedy party. The white collar crooks today are big-time conservatives BUT the reason you don’t hear much about them is because their good-old-buddy boyfriends lie, deny, and cover up for them because the bums have the goods on them too!! They control the highest positions in our country, and can dictate from the thrones. Yet these wannabe conservatives still complain about the left for for their own greedy purposes and diversionary tactics. Look in your own back yard!!! The only thing that can take this sorry crime family down is the RICO act because, one hand washes the other. The network is large and the payoff is huge. We aren’t talking about hundreds of dollars – we are talking in the thousands and millions. We are talking about a trail of dead bodies in their wake and workers’ retirement accounts being plundered. Something has to be done about the money being stolen from the coffers that are meant to benefit us all – but instead is being stuffed in the purses of a few rich thieves (who by the way, get away scott free or with “token” punishments). It may be too late for us because they have drained the American people dry.
    We also have the means to stop the drugs in our country that are killing our future. Why hasn’t that happened? Who are the enablers?? Big money – that’s who. Only a full-fledged rebellion by the people – all people, races, colors, and creeds; coming together as one; can stop what is happening in Washington and controlled by a few rich cartels.

    1. You really think the people with the money to pull the strings care a whit about whether it is a Democrat or Republican in charge? They can buy either one. The problem with Trump is that while you may hate him, he definitely seems to do and say whatever he thinks is right. It may not be your definition of right, but it sure doesn’t look like he is doing anyone’s bidding, but his own. And, that’s why he’ll eventually have to go. If you can’t buy politicians off, the whole thing falls apart. And, the people who buy them, are not about to let that happen.

  8. WOW Silk! You are pissed. Blame it on the haves. Fix drug problems but don’t vet immigrants or close the borders. Your rant was just what I said, blame everyone who has more than you do. Punish them and redistribute it to me mentality.
    Focus on the exact problem or person not everything. You may get something done.

    1. I personally worry more about the Russians and Putin controlling the White House instead of Mexican ditch diggers or Syrian Women and Children fleeing a brutal civil war.

      Has your boy Trump kept any of his promises? Hiring Goldman Sachs for Treasury sure did drain that swamp huh? How about those promises on health care, cheaper premiums, no one would lose their coverage? Nothing but a pack of lies fed to gullible partisans who actually thought Trump was some sort of Santa Claus.

      And yes, when the haves make their money pushing opiods out on the street or imploding the mortgage markets I do blame them and their greed. It will never improve until conservatives recognize that greed is a vice, not a virtue and stop defending criminals.

      1. Thank you for picking up the slack Douglas….sounds like another disgruntled elitist who missed out on his entitlement. I love how they jump on and attack everyone who just speaks the truth about their immoral, illegal acts. We are not all deaf, dumb, and blind!!! He must have gotten knocked off of his teat and kicked away from the trough by another more important greedy brother.

      2. Damn Doug that was a mouthful. I guess that is where we are at. Completely different views of the same issues at the Federal Level. I always question when do people take responsibility for their own woes and stop blaming others for the needs/wants they may not be able to afford. Of course these are all broad statements and said with circumspect to the legitimate people. Smoking cigarettes, obesity, drug abuse etc….causing many of these peoples problems in many different ways.

      3. Greed. You need to watch the Stossel show on greed. Greed is necessary. It developed the world. It developed all our modern conveniences. It has toppled tyrannical empires. It has created the greatest medicines know to man. Now on the other hand greed is easily abused.

        I’m not concerned with the Russians that has been shown to be a non partisan event that was obviously going on for sometime. Because of Trump it is being talked about. He has buffoonery in his antics but I look at jobs, give aways going down due to illegals not wanting to be caught, illegal immigration is down etc…the system needs to be vetted in the most stringent ways.

        1. I am familiar with Stossel being a Frederick Hayek “Austrian school” devotee. In fact Slabbed has posted extensively on the subject. Archival links here and here.

          Greed’s benefits are far outweighed by its bad impacts.

          1. Thanks Doug, I saw this program at least 10 years ago or so it seems. It gave me a new perspective on the subject. People are in business to profit but it becomes a problem when they gain the unfair advantage, especially by political connections. Believe me we all want the unfair advantage in business but it needs to be behind a legal and principled advantage. From education, skills or superior product and value etc. not like during the Katrina recovery and the BP Oil Spill which has been opined numerous times.

      4. Batman:

        You commented,’ I personally worry more about the Russians / Putin controlling the White House…’

        You mean like how Killery Clinton sold 20% of America’s uranium stockpile to the Russians through a global strawman in exchange for Willy getting to give 2 speeches in Russia for $5000,000 each and receiving hundreds of millions into The Clinton Foundation Machine , which so- called charity has completely shut down now since the Clintons are out of vogue in political power?

        I don’t like foreign interference either yet the Obama-Clinton regime set the bar so high that Trump will never beat their record….. remember the open mike remark to Putin that Obama made to Putin by saying”….. wait till after my re-election and we will talk…”

        1. So in other words you can’t defend Comrade Trump except by bashing the person he beat to justify what Trump did. This will not help him in the impeachment process.

          1. Holy Snowflakes Batman;

            Ha, ha.. “Comade Trump”…. is it still snowing in Miss since November….really?…. you really think trying to drain the Swamp (which almost cost outsider Reagan his life when John Hinkley, son of the Hinkley oilman and family friend of the Bush crime family attempted prematurely to put old man Bush personally at center stage in the Swamp) is easy and Trump deserves impeachment?

            I think of Trump as a brave, egotistical but sacrificial lamb who does not deserve this Snowflake BS but should be praised for efforts in trying to bring prosperity to America…. I don’t know bout your income but the GNP and many incomes are stuck on 1- 2% and that will also not reduce the 20 trillion national debt which pretty soon will be mounting exponentially due to rising interest rates.

            Best wishes from ” Sunny Louisiana” …. where I’m walking around shirtless like Putin , riding bear back occasionally in between posting on this New Alternative Media …. it’s like political heaven on earth…. and seriously , thanking you for the priceless opportunity for this site for civil exchange of political thoughts and opinions .. and best of all …it’s all for ‘ shits and giggles’.

            1. The Snowflakes are now bitching about Trump not specifically naming all the groups involved in Charlotteville violence however does anyone know all the groups involved?……If no one knows all group names why not state that all groups on both sides were acting in a hatred matter? Trump just mentioned all the white groups this A.M. but failed to state the signs with BLM ?

              I saw banners for Black Lives Matter clearly. Some news accounts said the White Nationality Movement was another however there were many others and after the DOJ and FBI investigate I hope ALL the group names will be exposed….

              But the surprise is the ACLU has come out on the side of the group marching ( Federal Judge issued parade approval) under First Amendment to protest removal of another Robert E. Lee statue saying they had a right to march in protest……Snowflakes are now cursing the ACLU saying no one should comtribute to ACLU any longer.. he, he …..three cheers for ACLU….. they got it right this time.

              The Snowflakes call Trumpers facists but its the BLM and other Snowflake/ Latino/BLTQ groups who are the facists as they believe only they have the right to march in NYC and chant for Police to be killed , burn charactures of Trump and that such acts/chants/singing are not hate speech…….

              I believe the DOJ will find that BLM and other Snowflake groups blocked the street, initiated the confrontation and initial violence and that the 20 yr old committed a terrorist act trying to kill Snowflakes that blocked the street…..

              Finally, why are all the politicians ( like Half-Moon, governors/mayors in Virginia and Kentucky) whoring for the black vote by only referring the removal of confederate statues for vote before councils and commissions which they control and not up for a vote of all the people? Think I answered my own question….

              1. NEWS ALERT:

                Talking about the fear of Russian take over of the Whitehouse and white extreme Nazis…….

                just interviewed an ex-NSA retiree who with a group of similar NSA retirees believe that because of the many international sensors the U.S. Intel has worldwide that there should be physical proof in existence to prove Russia hacking of DNC……and even to pin point said hacking to even a specific building in Russian just like several years ago intel agencies pin pointed China hacking to a specific building in China……

                This particular retiree and others think there is no such evidence and suggests that the e-mails were directly downloaded from DNC computers by a person who had direct access to them…..

                If this is true then could the murder of the young DNC worker in Wash.D.C. explain why said murder is not being worked ?……….and the retiree further stated that by repeatedly telling the Russian hacking lie, like the Nazis did in political take over in Germany, by all 17 intel agencies such lie could be overwhelming believed by the media who WANT such lie to be true…..and any person stating otherwise and asking for proof is overwhelmed by the massive media , demo Snowflakes and government officials as being stupid or a doubting Trumper…..

                Write / call/ email your Senators and Congress and demand the physical IP proof of Russian hacking citing the doubts of these lifelong NSA retirees……cause if this retiree is right this is the biggest Nazi like attack on a political President /Whitehouse and political party in history of U.S……..

              2. There are approximately 1,500 statues relating to the Civil War and the Confederacy in America and they all must come down -NOW…..

                And the home of Jefferson Davis in Biloxi,MS as well as the Washington monument and Jefferson monument in D.C. must also be removed immediately as they all possessed slaves, as well as the Robert E. Lee home that overlooks the Arlinton Ceremetery must be also leveled -NOW….

                More specifically,Robert Byrd’s name must also be removed from every plaque in Wash.D.C. and his home state as he was a one time member of the KKK- not tomorrow, but NOW……

                And it doesn’t matter if you are a Democratic or Republican politician you must whore your political opinion on the side of the alleged oppressed class/race or whatever….. all for votes and to protect yourself from being called a racist…… and do it NOW……

                And don’t forget the Alamo, which celebrates the brave few opposing Mexico’s slaughter of Americans, which needs to be bulldozed flat not leaving one stone upon another- and we must give parts of Texas and California back to Mexico el pronto plus reparations all with legal interest-NOW…..

                Since it has been only 160 years post Civil War, ,about 4 generations removed, a only one black President has just served 8 years as President- it doesn’t matter one little bit – only Black Lives Matter matter-but the far left ANTIFA still want the names of and monuments to every man and woman who possessed slaves or fought on side of the South erased from U.S. history…. cemeteries of Confederate soldiers dug up from public places and discarded ….and to hell with forgiveness of such past generations…… and don’t you worry one little bit about the ten of thousands of blacks killing blacks each and every year in the killing fields of Democratic governed cities for the past 100 years as there is no hate there among the blacks themselves….. better MOVE ON from those Nazi minded thoughts…..Right?

                This is what we have now and issues we face post Barrack Hussein Obama Era whose claim to fame is that of a community organizer whose Communist philosophy was/is to create civil disruption and separation of classes/races so as to allow a new socialistic ,globalistic government to flourish where everyone on Earth gets an equal paycheck for just breathing the fresh air of a one World Order…….. just like the great nation of Venezuela recently achieved but now breathes the stench of poverty with people seaching for food in garbage heaps.

    2. Sir, you are the one who needs to take your blinders off and focus on the real problem. I am by no means a pauper; however, I fail to see how anyone can explain to me the need for a golden commode and fixtures when the cost of these items could surely feed many hungry children who have never been given a chance or opportunity…or a place to lay their head for that matter. It all boils down to greed. Just when is enough…enough? Police your own….and until the republicans and democrats do the same and use OUR money as intended instead of providing themselves large undeserved pensions….they will remain…and are ARE the problem! Greed begets greed.

  9. The Chamber Director is said to be wanting $208K to hire Les the Mess and Lil George her husband to create jobs n tourism on a conceptual basis. Tourism now does it on half that with actual results. The Chamber is creating a perception of need that feeds the director, employees and select members. They need to address the membership on where their dues are spent.

  10. If the membership at large is ok with her getting $500 a year more in salary than the dues then they need to pony up the balance to promote commerce and leave the rest of us alone. Their ain’t enough tax payers in the county to pay her ideas and the rest of the needs.

    Maybe her followers will subsidize her insatiable need for cash?

  11. Responding to my friend Tight (your seven paragraph offering of 8/15) you have stated your case well
    with exceptions I will get to in due course.

    As I’m writing this I’m watching Trump battle (successfully, I might add) the press in the Lobby of Trump Tower in NYC. In my opinion, he did quite a job. I hope you will recall that during the Campaign I found Trump to be a riveting (like he commands attention) figure and that I found Clinton
    to be insufferable in the extreme.

    Indeed, you will recall that I wrote a piece before the election that if it was going Hillary’s way as everybody thought, I wouldn’t be able to watch.

    Now, let’s talk about now. I love those old Southern cities with their monuments. I’ve spent time in Richmond, Charlottesville, Danville and Culpepper, Virginia; Meridian, MS; Opp, Montgomery and Selma, AL and a whole lot other places. I have never been the least bit interested in tearing down monuments. My first job out of law school was traveling around Virginia and North Carolin sharing a
    motel room with a gentleman from Lynchburg, VA. We’d get out of work, buy two bottles of Old Crow
    and play golf. Never laughed so hard in my life.

    You will also recall that I have consistently spoken in defense of Bannon and against what I call the hyper left that is running what I call a character hit on him. Now, I probably differ with Bannon on policy, I do not think the case of anti semitism or racism has been made against him and he should not be run out of government.

    Now, you have accused Barack Obama (who I supported from jump and continue to support now) as being a “community organizer.” I would consider that a compliment. The biggies of history were community organizers. The gratuitous shot that he is a “communist” is beneath the dignity of the rest of your comment.

    My wonder dog, Manfried, is super pissed that you no longer send him love.

    1. Jimmity Cricket:

      I’m very confused by your selective opinion that a “community organizer” can not be a communist (i.e. ‘Barack Hussein Obama can’t be a Communist’ ) and your higher than thou refusal to discuss same.

      In a article that appeared in the Huffington Post on November 11,2015, namely entitled “Capitalism, Socialism and Communism” it defined Communism as the ultimate social transition from capitalism and socialism . In socialism the socialistic representatives of the people take charge of some means of production ( health care is a product/commodity and is 1/5 of the U.S. economy) and eventually guide the government further into communism where the government owns all means of production of goods and services.

      The first step in the transition from so-called immoral capitalism to its final destination in Communism is to create strife between the haves and have nots ( i.e. to destroy class divisions which can be based on religious, race and /or economic differences ) and then utilizing the old classic divide and conquer socialistic protocol .

      Social strife can only come about by social organizations promoting progressive social restructuring and naturally such movements have to have many grass roots “community organizers “as its leaders.

      Therefore ALL “community organizers ” create strife and social pressures on current social norms-cause like Geico that’s ” just what they do”.

      If you think that racial divide and strife did not drastically increase over the 8 turmulious years of Obama then you are both deaf and dumb which I don’t think is plausible in your case.

      Which leaves only the possibility that you have intentionally elected to deny this fact of increased racial divide and increased have nots’ hatred of all civil authoritarian servants , namely the police and even firemen who put out the fires that said insurgents start in rebellion of current social law and order.

      But you being Jimmity Cricket the silent liberal, who like all liberals is too superior in intellect to debate any issue in dispute , you refuse to discuss the fact that Obama was/is a community organizer by profession. And that Obama’s ultimate goal being governmental control of production of goods, wealth and services (government compelled health insurance and governmental control of distribution of said health goods and services by controlling and dictating to both private individuals and employers the health care each shall provide, all the while wealth is redistributed by the haves being taxed for paying for the health insurance of the have nots).

      The problem with Obamacare was that the have nots refused even to pay the greatly reduced and very cheap monthly premium of $50 per month as they rightly rationalized that they could just walk into any hospital and receive free health care without even an appointment – so why pay for something you can get free and upon demand to begin with.

      The have nots ( composed of all races and genders) were much smarter than their community organizers (Obama) cause they have been spoiled mainly by years of give away Demo programs .For generations have nots have received free food, free rent, free electricity, free tuition grants, free school lunches,free cell phones, free child care and other subsidies which I know nothing about.In other words, have nots already have received what citizens in communist countries receive automatically EXCEPT the have nots in the U.S. are not automatically assigned a governmental compelled job/work.

      So what we have here in America now is a Communist communal give away , entitlement program without compelled work which has been proven to be disaterous in every great failed society known to man (Greeks, Romans, current Greece,etc.)

      Finally, I apologize and XOXOXO’s to your Mighty Manfred for all dogs practice unconditional love – a trait most humans know nothing about, even those that go to church every Sunday and profess to be Christians.

  12. Other Voices: LOCKEMUPTIGHT

    Julian Assange meets with California U.S. representative and says he has proof that the Russians did not give him the DNC emails to publish on Wikileaks website.

    It reminds me of time convicted murderer of Lee Harvey Oswald,namely Jack Ruby,wanted to meet one on one with members of Warren Commission to tell the truth about assassination of Kennedy and he was refused said meeting.

    Special Counsel,Mueller ,needs to get his butt to England and find out info from Assange .But we know that it won’t happen cause Mueller , as did the Warren Commission , does not want the truth exposed. Sad.

  13. Republican leaders are first shot down by a Bernie Sanders nutjob but the media doesn’t blame Old Bernie. Ok that’s not new as Hillary skipped through prosecution for violation of federal statues and obstruction of justice by destroying evidence of her criminal conduct.

    Black leaders are blaming Trump after Charlottesville and calling for the removal of the Washington and Jefferson Monuments in Washington, D.C.. just as we all predicted ……they will never be satisfied all because the blacks have been catered to for the last 160 years , first by the Republicans and then by the Democrats beginning with Roosevelt…… and this BS must end NOW.

    Well it’s going to come to an end as all these Democrats are now forcing the White Supremists and the Black Lives Matter into close confrontation without police separation like New Orleans did.

    The first confrontation without police separation of hostile protesters was in Demo controlled Charlottesville, Virginia with Gov. Mc Cauliffe ,who is a Clinton puppet, and will again occur tomorrow in liberal Boston, Mass.. Tomorrow in liberal Boston the leftists say they will prohibit all pro Confederate statue protesters or pro Trump protesters from giving so- called hate speech and I predict more violence , more deaths which all of which will be again blamed on Trump.

    The liberals protesters ANIFA and BLM are the ones denying free speech and spraying opposing protesters will urine and feces and should be arrested but they will not be .

    Tired of all this racist propaganda by the Democraps every election cycle…. now not just to win Congessional seats but to impeach Trump….. the Deep State can’t try to assassinte Trump like they did Kennedy or Reagan as the public is too smart for that BS ……they will try to impeach him and deny the people of their election of Trump…….enough is enough.

  14. Fifty conservatives show up in Boston with no skin heads or Nazis among them and 40,000 liberal radicals show up to deny them of their 1st Amendment rights…….

    Boston police had to bring in police vans to take conservatives out as the thousands of liberals would not vacate the street to let conservatives exit safely……

    Six policemen are shot last nite with two murdered in Fla. in an ambush-but CNN devotes today more minutes to Charlottesville funeral and Trump hate than the six shot policemen…. Something is terribly wrong here folks

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