I’m afraid a very small group of people will be greatly disappointed and other Miscellany……

But that story isn’t to the point of development where we can share it just yet folks but indications are it will go something like this:

Next up is last week’s Bay-Waveland School Board meeting:

BWSD votes not to attend consolidation workshop ~ Cassandra Favre

Meantime up in Lamar County:

State Board of Education finalizes Lumberton schools’ consolidation ~ Ellen Ciurczak

The dynamics between Bay Waveland Schools and Lumberton are very different. Lumberton is a small community in a long term decline thus the declining student population. Bay St Louis in particular is a community whose population skews older due to its popularity as a retirement destination. Regardless what is now a three vote majority on the School Board wants no part of even discussing the possibility of administrative consolidation.

In other news there had to be a complete lack of internal controls over at Hancock Justice Court:

State Auditor issues demand against Former Hancock Justice Court employee ~ Sea Coast Echo

Next up, does anyone in their right minds think that Haley Barbour was hoodwinked by KiOR? I personally don’t.

Texas company KiOR hoodwinked Mississippi for $75M, documents show ~ Jerry Mitchell

Mitchell had a nice companion story on this topic:

Mississippi promised $400M to green companies, got few jobs back ~ Jerry Mitchell

They sure are good at flushing tax money down the commode up in Jackson.

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5 thoughts on “I’m afraid a very small group of people will be greatly disappointed and other Miscellany……”

  1. King Arthur: I can’t quite remember all that Merlyn taught me, but I do remember this proposition: better to be rubbed clean than rubbed out. I-I-I’ve done the right thing! I’m too young and too old. Too old not to know that fears can be imaginary and too young not to be tormented by them. I have stumbled on my future. How did I blunder into this agonizing absurdity? Where did I stumble?………Merlyn: Think back, Arthur! Think back to Slabbed New Media archives – Jan. 8, 2010: “I don’t know how much we’ll cover on this but we’re certainly keeping an eye on this unfolding political corruption saga.”….A new order of chivalry?….maybe but combat pay sucks!

    1. The word you are looking for Bill is quagmire…….a good old fashioned Mississippi mud pit filled with gumbo mud. And it only gets worse for them from here.

  2. I’m not totally sure that I know where you are going with this Douglas except that I will again repeat what I have been harping on for quite a while. When is Pickering going to start doing the right thing and going after ALL of the crooks instead of picking out those who aren’t the elite? When is he going to investigate [email protected]@$$ for the millions of Taxpayers’ dollars that we have lost of these “great schemes” where he promised jobs, revenue and more to the people of this State? When is he going to clean out the Marine Resources department like he promised? When is he going to arrest the Walkers and Joe Zeigler for contempt of court by not paying their restitution and fines? There is no excuse for the Walkers. Snotty Toddy could sell his mansion and pay restitution and live more frugally, so please answer the question Mr. Pickering. Please stop throwing diversions out there to hide what you are failing to do Sir….Please do your job that you were hired for and sworn in for. Make the crooks accountable so that this kind of misappropriation of State funds will STOP in our State!! And as Paul Harvey would say….”Good Day”.

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