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  1. Doug, this is directed to our investigative journalists at the newspaper offices in this State. Specifically, the Sun Herald and Clarion Ledger.
    I have several items that our newspaper should investigate and report on in the interest of the people (their subscribers also) in this State. Here are just a couple:
    1. If my memory serves me (and please correct me if I am wrong), our past illustrious leader of this State insisted that EVERYONE had to wear seat belts while operating their vehicle. As a matter of fact, HE made it law. He further added that within a couple of years that the insurance rates would drop down as a resultof us wearing the seatbelts. I have NOT seen this happening. Were we lied to or has someone dropped the ball?
    2. The article in the Sun Herald yesterday reports all of the crooks and felons that have not paid their restitutions and fines as a result of their misappropriations of monies and, in general, robbing the people of Mississippi. If the average Joe was in this position, there would be repercussions. I remember secretaries being given the jail cell immediately for only a few thousand or less dollars missing. Why aren’t these felons either 1)Borrowing money and paying their debts to this State, or 2) being thrown back in jail for contempt of court?
    or 3) Selling/cashing in assets to pay their debts to this State instead of living in mansions and luxury. Isn’t that the way the system works? (OR supposed to work?) Why isn’t our State Auditor filing charges against these people and going after our money? Isn’t he supposed to be the guardian of the Taxpayer assets? It is my opinion that something is not right in the State of Mississippi and it starts in Jackson and trickles down to the minions instilled in each county’s political appointed positions. These people that owe debts should NOT be walking free. They should be held accountable by LAW. How about it Mr. Pickering and Mr. Hood. Aren’t you attorneys? Can you shed some light upon this for us dummies who don’t know any better? Why is everyone turning their heads? Is it some sort of conspiracy or cartel running this State now? We need some answers….inquiring minds want to know.

    Where are our investigative reporters, and why aren’t they getting down to business on this? Doug Handshoe can’t do it all, nor neither should he be expected to…..he receives little to no compensation for his work. It is the investigative members of this State that should be all over this. Maybe Mr. AL Giardino (sp?) can get some tail feathers moving down there because he is the only one that seems to care about the individual residents of this State. Does everyone have their heads buried in the sand?? Come on people….make our leaders accountable. It is time to stand up…our newspaper journalists would be a great start.

    1. You’re a love Charlene.

      For what its worth I expect we’ll be hearing more about the Trudy Fisher FBI probe.

    2. Charlene,
      I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said, but I would be willing to bet the investigative reporters and journalists are chafing at the big to do some if this work you point out. But it is their politically motivated editorial boards that strand in the doorway of transparency for these politicos.
      And Pickering is beng looked at himself so he has to be real careful who not to tick off.
      It’s a shame, but it’s the way of the world.
      Thank goodness Doug is his own man. No muzzle fits him!!The guy at Jackson Jambalaya is pretty good too.

      1. Well Miss Lana – I guess I left out some of the culpable miscreants. The crooked Editorial boards that have political plants in position should have to answer to the people also. A newspaper’s job is to report and keep the people of the area informed. That includes anything that would adversely affect them and/or their families. How about it Mr. Editorial Board Members. Get with the program….let the dogs out and let them run free to investigate the problems in our State.
        BTW, Ms Noonan, it would be beneficial if you could post a list of the Editorial Board so that they can’t hide and maybe they can become accountable to the people also.

        1. Editors in management Charlene moreso than the editorial boards. Can you picture Jamie Miller hiring Karen Nelson or Anita Lee? He did hire former Sun Herald editor Melissa Scallan. There is reason for that.

          1. Doug and Charlene,
            Let me give you two an example of just how bad it is in REALITY with the local news media “powers that be.”
            Just this past week one of our coast top media outlets top dog was informed of what happened at the Bay St. Louis-Waveland Special School Board meeting this past week when the Board voted 3 to 2 AGAINST participating in a Hancock County Board of Supervisors’ hosted workshop for the city and county schools boards in Hancock County to review a 6 month long study on an administrative consolidation of the two school districts. His response was, “Oh, I already heard about it. I called the School Board Attorney and he filled me in.”
            Now, how revealing is that?! Why didn’t he called the Board members who voted? Truth be told he could have called the School Board Attorney the day BEFORE to see what was GOING to happen since the 3 who voted AGAINST even reviewing the study are his puppets. I am actually getting a little concerned for the current President of that Board because of a possible neck injury due to him having to whip around and look at the attorney every time he has to speak to make sure he gets what the attorney is telling him to say just right!!
            This is the School District run by the Superintendent and her brother, the Business Administrator. He actually writes her a formal letter each month requesting she “approve” the docket he has prepared for her to present to the Board for payment. This is the version of Nepotism that kindergarteners could understand, and that Tom Hood, Ethics Commission Director, told them to stop in his Advisory Opinion in February.
            This opinion was requested by one of the two who voted to attend the Workshop to review the Consolidation report. The attorney held in such high esteem by the aforementioned media director not only sits there and watches that nepotism go on, but put a lot of effort into making it happen.
            Imagine what a Karen Nelson or Anita Lee could do with this project?!
            The media director mentioned earlier said they “may do something, not sure right now!”
            With public officials and the news media demonstrating such poor judgement, poor ethics, and poor respect for the public they are ALL, by virtue of their professions, supposed to be serving, their attitude and actions, or the lack thereof, take our status as a POOR state to a whole new level!

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