These things tend to happen when a new administration takes over.

The winds of change are blowing through City Halls across the coast. When measured against the speed of the changes in Pascagoula, the Bay has seen far less but then last night I received the names of some city employees that had either lost their jobs or were demoted. The much maligned Building Department is the place that has Mayor Mike Favre’s attention.

We purposely did not mention any names on Twitter and outside of the two public figures in Charles Oliver and CAO Jerry Beaugez, I’d ask you good folks commenting to exercise some discretion with artful comments appreciated. As for the Building Department employee terminated earlier this week, it was not Mr. Oliver.

The winds of change are blowing over at the Bay-Waveland School District but that is another post.

31 thoughts on “These things tend to happen when a new administration takes over.”

  1. Without mentioning any names, what has been an enigma to me as the new administration takes hold is the drama that I am hearing coming from city employees who publicly campaigned against the new Mayor from March 3 to July 6, now faced with the reality that they may be losing their jobs or be demoted.
    Well, when you publicly and voluntarily let the new Boss know, in no uncertain terms, that you did not want to work for him, and were working every minute you could spare to see that he was NOT your new boss, you gave him no choice but to accommodate you, and show you the door. He owes you nothing. Grow up!!!

    1. 🗣🎼🎼🎼Jimmy cracked corn on company time, Mayor Mike stopped his behind! Charlie O. being shown da door, Jerry B. won’t be on second flo! Daddy said whines all day, cause her and Paula can’t go play…..Sweep e do da, sweep a new day, Mayor Mike ain’t gonna play….🎼🎼🎼🎼 Clean out the playpen…….👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻

    2. Well, that will be interesting to see. If a city employee supports his/her current boss/mayor in an election and then is fired/demoted or otherwise harassed by the new mayor because of their politics -not because of poor job performance etc. – well, humm. That would be a sad state of affairs for this city, and the country. And, if the employee isn’t a department head the mayor will have to have ’cause’ to terminate or demote (or create “cause”, I suppose). So, if Favre happens to lose next election, should his city employee supporters be fired or demoted because they supported him & not the other candidate? Just wondering how this works nowadays in the U.S of A.

      1. d.
        You missed the whole point of my post. This is not about the kind of job anyone did or is still doing. It is about them stating publicly that they did not want to do it for a Mayor named Favre. And, that is their choice and privilege. There shouldn’t be any whining or complaining, just take your talents and skills, move on, and work for someone of your choice. Happens everyday in the private sector and government when there is a change of leadership at the top.

      2. I can count on one hand the people that should not be fired for “just cause”that work for the town of Bay Saint Louis. Politics make for bad governance and the town should be managed like a business. Fire all the dead wood and clean house!!! The names that have been tossed around on posts is were I would start!!!

  2. Lil Les daddy said is revisiting all the people she dissed on the way up on the way down. I say same for Jerry. Put em both on a weed eater.

    I’m hearing the community center under lil Les daddy said is in deplorable condition and there are financial issues. Go figure. The rotten fruit is always left to spoil. The rats won’t even eat it!

  3. School board, county, state or Federal. Dosnt matter much the house gets cleaned unless your reputation is you know your job and do it. Then again there are those who take office just clear house for there own yes people. Those are them admin to fear

    1. And there are some leaders who take the high road and keep their opponents on to at least give them a chance to experience how public service is supposed to work.
      That’s class!

  4. The bottom line is that… if you are not qualified then you should be let go ( fired )… hire the right people and the city will be working ” for the people “!!! your qualifications to work should be knowing the Job, have the right education and experience and be honest!!! if you lie you fired!! it should NOT be “Paying Les’s bar tab” gets you a job!!!

  5. If an employee is qualified and does their job, keep them. If not, then they should have been let go prior, but as we all know, Les keeps people whether or not they can do the job. He like it when they do as he says and votes for him. That’s his bottom line for qualifications. Charlie was the biggest evidence of that. The man could not pass the test and knew nothing about building department, yet Les kept him for years. Then Jerry gets promoted to building department after Josh leaves, Baby Les has Community Center a disaster and leaves early, yet gets paid. And Who knows what other departments are run the same way…. The people of BSL wanted change and they voted that way. I’m sure the new Mayor will assess each department and do the right thing in regards to employment. No one wants to see someone that does their job leave. They just need to re-focus on their duties and loyalty to the new mayor. Job performance is the main criteria. No employer wants an employee who keeps sabotages their administration from within. I sure hope a couple of the new Council members do this and not take orders from Losing Les.

    1. All of these posts about Mayor Favre evaluating and forming his administrative staff make me think about the video of Les’ ” going away” party upstairs that someone was generous enough to share on Facebook.
      He told his staff that “while you will be under new leadership, I WILL STILL BE HERE THROUGH YOUR PRESENCE!” He went on to say he wanted to ” thank them because in the last 8 years they ” had done EVERYTHING he had asked them to do!!!!!!!!!
      Wonder how many sleepless nights that caused?I bet Kolf, Smith, and Clark, none of whom could endure, could tell😳 He told them if they needed anything just to call HIM! Not a word of try to get along and work with the new administration.
      The Building may have to be cleansed of the Fillingame “residue.” Therein lies the challenge for Mayor Favre.
      My guess— he can handle it!

      1. The litmus test for the new Mayor and Council is to review the audits of the last 8 years. Any department with repeated findings, needs a new director.
        That’s where you start, gentlemen. Right there!

      2. The key is they did everything he asked except when it was a problem then they acted on their own and Les Lie wasn’t aware of it.

  6. Hopefully, but not probably, the innuendos will be addressed in the Council meeting tonight for those of us without “insider info”. I’ll also bet the home-bound & others unable to attend Council meetings suffer with no Facebook Live broadcast. Wanna bet?

    1. Yesterday at the Board of Sups it was announced that Waveland has signed off on the new library interlocal agreement. The agreement provides for a 5 member Board, one each from BSL and Waveland with the County appointing three. Diamondhead is not participating. The Executive Director of the library system is desperate to derail the process with her demands that the two cities control the new Board despite the fact they only chip in 30% of the funding. My guess is that Ms. Thomas is a short timer.

      Not sure what personnel matters will be addressed in the open meeting but the whispers indicate tonight should be a good meeting.

      1. The Bay Council published meeting agenda says that Ms. Thomas, representing the Hancock County Library System, is requesting the Bay have 2 Reps. ( I am assuming on the new Inter Local Board adopted by the Board of Supervisors to operate the Library System).
        But, does the Bay have that leverage? Waveland officials presented their letter of agreement to the Board of Supervisors yesterday in support of the inter local agreement as written– each municipality with 1 Rep. and the Supervisors with 3 for a 5 member Board. Diamondhead opted out.
        So, is she asking the Bay officials to register in opposition to the Inter Local agreement by requesting one more member on the Board than Waveland?
        In addition to that she is requesting on behalf of the Library System that the Bay Council obligate their tax payers to a $150 an hour fee to have their City Attorney
        ” negotiate on the City’s behalf for the services contract?!” There are two other attorneys representing the other entities involved. Why would she think the Bay would negotiate this services contract exclusively that she is requesting?
        Is she requesting all of this on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Library System? Will the Library Board Chairman be with her tonight? Is this request and authorization for her to
        appear before the Council in their minutes?
        It seems Council would have some questions for her as well this evening.
        As for expenses to be discussed tonight? Yes, I understand it will be revealing to say the least.

  7. fact is the Library personel are only interested in funding their jobs. Non Profits have left their roots and could care less what tax payers think. When politicians give away money they get the benefits and the rest of us just pay for it.

  8. Congrats to Bay St. Louis Mayor, Mike Favre, on two more excellent appointments to public boards.
    Last night he nominated Amy Gemelli (sorry don’t know her married name) and Kyle Lewis to Planning and Zoning Commission. Council approved. So, two weeks into the new administration we have these two and Vicky Arnold on School Board. I would say this new Mayor is serious about improving the operation of the city. Keep up
    the good work, gentlemen.
    And kudos for denying Library Director, Courtney Thomas, use of the City Attorney at $150 an hour. These 5 business owners on this Council are looking at the public’s money from a perspective she doesn’t grasp. Set the tone now.

    1. After reading the comments here, I watched the video of the BSL City Council meeting. It seems as if you are misconstruing what the library director requested. She said that the *county* is holding a workshop to discuss the library contract and, after meeting with Blaine LaFontaine, *they* are asking that the cities, the county, and the library board all appoint representatives to participate. She did not ask for use of the city’s attorney. The council asked her point blank if they needed to authorize the attorney and she said it was up to them who they authorized to negotiate on behalf of the city. I checked the county agenda from the meeting on Monday and there was, indeed, a “motion to authorize at least two supervisors to hold a workshop with the cities of Bay St. Louis and Waveland regarding the Hancock County Library System.”
      I agree that Mayor Favre deserves kudos. He pointed out that BSL needs to participate in these discussions because the city provides the majority of the funds generated in city and county taxes for the library system. Hopefully, these talks will help resolve this issue once and for all.

      1. Bay St. Louis City Council
        Agenda– July 18, 2017
        1.b. Courtney Thomas
        Hancock County Library System
        Request–Two (2) representatives from the city AND the City’s Attorney negotiate on City’s behalf for Services Contract.
        Didn’t misconstrue. Read the agenda. Perhaps she changed her mind before the meeting as to her presentation to Council.

      2. All should “equally” pay for libraries in Hancock County! Is it ok like Diamondhead to just say “no, we won’t give anymore” but we in Waveland and Bay St Louis have to pay more cause our electorate says so??? This is double taxation without representation! Usage for all is right and unfair taxation of a selective number of citizens is a “separate usage tax” any way you word it. Both Waveland and BSL leaders should DEFINITELY demand equal pay for equal access use!!!!

  9. FactfindingFool,
    Drop the fool from your screen name, because are definitely not one!
    Here’s the breakdown:
    Unincorporated county residents pay 2.77 mils to operate Library
    Waveland and Bay also pay 2.77 because we are located in county but because we are incorporated we pay an additional:
    Bay: 2.77+2.50=5.27
    Waveland: 2.77+3.00=5.77
    Waveland’s dollar amount is lower I imagine because our mil devalued when we lost KMart.
    What if our mil regains its value?
    Why don’t the Supervisors just take the high number, 5.77, and charge that county wide.
    There would be no need for an inter local agreement. They would levy the taxes and operate the system that bears their name. We are ALL part of Hancock County.
    Determine a fair budget compared to other systems our size state wide and nationally, give it to the Director and she has to make it work.
    This is pitting residents against each other. That’s bad. The county residents can use the city libraries at no millage cost. We never set foot in Pearlington or Kiln cause we have our own, but we do pay for theirs.
    This pathetic state of affairs was inherited by the current Supervisors to clean up.
    Hope they will at least consider this post. I talk to a lot of people who are in agreement.

    1. Tks for compliment BUT we in Waveland & BSL are FOOLS if this continues! Simple resolution: Reps from these two cities need to say at meetings with Supers: “no agreement needed. Set total millage based on determined $$$$ need and one pay, all pay”.

  10. The Chamber of Commerce is funded with municiple,county, Port and State Tax dollars as well, all leading to everyone one picking up a tab several times! The other nonprofits also donate our money to the chamber after we give it to them. We have many double dipping organizations in this county!

  11. I may be a simpleton but I simply don’t understand how everything in government got so complicated, expensive, & unaccounted for? I totally don’t understand Lana’s calculation’s … The Hancock COUNTY Library System, in my mind, should be funded by mils by the County with help from the 3/4 help from the Bay & Diamondhead & 1/4 Waveland. Get some gonads Diamondhead.

  12. Trixie,
    Bay Saint Louis, Waveland and Diamondhead pay county taxes hence if these municipalities pay again the citizens in the municipalities are paying twice. Look at your property tax statement and you will see that county tax on city dwellers is the lions share already. As well city property tax is higher than county tax as they have many rural discounts.

  13. Everyone that lives in Hancock county, whether in the city limits or not should only pay the same amount of tax. Because you live in City limits you should NOT be paying both city and county. It is a “Hancock County” Library, Not Bay St. Louis or Waveland or Diamonhead Library. All should pay equally through the county. I would think this tax is illegal and discriminating. The Pass Christian School district has one tax, an the People that live in the City Limits and County part of PC all pay the same tax %. There is NO difference. If you live within a Certain County, you pay the County tax. This is a service provided for the County, not just Cities. Just as the PC school tax benefits both children living in the City limits and County limits. Same services, same tax across the board.
    Can someone tell me what Additional Services are provided to the people of BSL or Waveland to account for the additional tax???? Bet you can’t…..This should be challenged.
    This is a “Hancock County Library System”.

  14. Two of the seven council members were absent on Fridays meet about the police chief. Why? Do they get docked, if not they should? If you don’t have time to serve, don’t take the check, insurance and retirement. I want to start asking at every meeting why someone was absent at a previous meeting and how are they going to compensate the taxpayer. It needs to be on the record. This week it’s no show Gene and no show Buddy.

  15. I believe they can be penalized for accepting compensation and not attending regular meetings.
    Buddy was probably on the Golf Course and Gene, no telling, practicing law where he should stay and not get involved in politics. If you make a commitment to serve, then you should do so and not be absent the first couple of months of service.

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