A couple of thoughts on last night’s recessed BSL City Council Meeting

Sadly folks, City Clowncilmen were spotted. Just a thought, but using a school board appointment to fight a political consultant’s third party agenda is ill advised on so many levels, including and especially invoking a new found love for ethics in government involving a school system which has systemic issues complying with basic state mandates on the subject [Lana Noonan’s first hand account for Slabbed is here]. Whoever put that bug in Councilman Buddy Zimmerman’s ear did well in making him appear to be a Clowncilman rather than a Councilman.

Equally amusing but not quite as inane was the question about whether or not a school level administrative assistant (school secretary) had any  contact with the children. My own experience is a teacher has a kid for a year, maybe two tops while the same child comes to the same office needing help at various times every year they attend school. By definition a school secretary would have more contact with the children over the long haul.

Just an observation but in all my time attending BSL Council meetings, never once did I see the previous council deny the Mayor such an appointment, even when the Mayor and Council were not otherwise getting along. That would have been true in February of this year had then Mayor Fillingame appointed Maurice Singleton to another term on the School Board.

I am told the reason Singleton was not reappointed when his term of office expired was because then Mayor Fillingame was trying to leverage Singleton into qualifying for City Council against Ward 3 Councilman Reed. It is for that reason that Slabbed presented this post, and accompanying artistic rendition of a Toolman. Last night’s short meeting was the final chapter in that particular saga, such chapter titled “disposal”.

The Mayor’s pick for School Board Trustee, Mrs. Vicki Arnold, ultimately passed 7-0 and the discussion included an enthusiastic endorsement of Mrs. Arnold by Ward 6 Councilman Josh Disalvo and the revelation of a very crass phone call Council President Seal received on the same topic against Mrs. Arnold.  Councilmatic sources tell Slabbed New Media that Councilman Seal was not the only City Councilman to catch such grief over the appointment. The consensus of the council overall is that Mrs. Arnold will make a good trustee. For all the venom that was spewed behind the scenes and somewhat in public comments last night, I heard not one reason why Arnold was unfit for the position.

Finally the only advice we at Slabbed could possibly give the new school board trustee is to keep your hip waders close because you will need them ma’am.

12 thoughts on “A couple of thoughts on last night’s recessed BSL City Council Meeting”

  1. I was amused and disappointed at the same time during the Public Forum part of the meeting when several citizens of Ward 3 took the podium in what appeared a concerted effort to demean Vicky Arnold personally, and persuade Council that she lacked the ” qualifications” for the position because she was a mere school secretary!!
    My answer to Clementine Williams, who identified herself as a former school administrator, is: ” could you have survived even one day without your secretary?”
    I would imagine not.
    And Buddy Zimmerman sat there like a bump on a pickle during those demeaning remarks knowing how many decades his Mother worked as a school secretary keeping St.Stanislaus running like a well oiled machine.
    Larry Smith was worried about Vicky’s lack of interaction with children??! Only someone with a lack of interaction with reality could accuse a school secretary of that, especially a 25 year faithful employee of the district who served 6 Principals in her career. She knows the mechanics of running that district like the back of her hand. And therein lies the problem they have with her. There won’t be any wool they can pull over her seasoned eyes!!
    Library Director, Courtney Thomas wasted no time making a fool of herself asking the Council “if they were sure Mrs. Arnold really fulfilled the tasks assigned to or did others have to.” WHAT??
    I won’t bore everyone with Maurice Singleton’s performance…
    But Council Pres. Doug Seal masterfully shared with the public the ” worst and most vicious phone call he has ever received as a Councilman” right before he called for the vote–the consensus went from detractors at one end of the table to a unanimous vote for Mrs. Arnold. Buddy even managed to raise his hand when he looked around and saw himself as the odd man out.

  2. Buddy didn’t replace Joey Boudin. He replaced Wendy McDonald. Les and Rhonda da Grinda will direct his course unless of course he is forced to original thought!

  3. No doubt, Joey should have backed out early if he wasn’t going to knock on doors. He let buddy, Les, Kidd and the Republican party have that race. Someone more deserving may have run. Of all things for bud to talk about ethics is not one. His reputation is quid pro quo and he can lie about as good as Les.

    1. True but sad. Zimmerman worked for Chiniche on bsl projects. Illegal! Three puppies a go go already unleashed……..it’s really sad Mr. Lonnie lost, ambushed by ventures for personal greed…. hung out by egos.. Mr. Mike got taste Tuesday of Les, Rhonda’s, etc. plus Blowjay next to him. Scary.

  4. It didn’t take long for the puppet clowns to surface. Buddy, Josh and Larry have strings pulled by Tommy,Les and the two Rhonda’ s. They are the obstructionist threesome. Anyone know where Charles Oliver has been? Did he quit?

      1. He was injured weeks ago but no accident report. I think he got hurt putting up Les Campaign Signs. That was the most effort he has given since being hired.

        He could have tripped and fell at the buffet line or reaching for the bottle at Les’s house.

  5. Blowjez and Katie saying they gonna suck down the pay check and reek havoc on the administration.

    I say put them both on a weed eater.

  6. They need to get a volunteer to live feed the meeting and save the taxpayers overtime on beaugez and have him do something useful for his pay check.

    Same for Lil Les Daddy Said!

    1. Or invest in another wall mounted camera and upgrade the sound system. In the 90’s the meetings were live streamed through cable channel 90.

    2. The council building is wired for video and audio… This feed can be live fed on face book. video and audio of the meeting’s could then be upload to the city’s website and stored for future use and viewing.. not a big deal… This should be part of the requirements for every meeting.

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