Where does the time go….

Its been nice to get away for a couple of weeks. That said some significant things have happened including the Hancock County beat losing Wes Muller. Tonight is Inauguration for the City of Bay St Louis. Worthy of note is incoming Ward 4 City Councilman Larry Smith showing Hancock County Alliance Chair Lana Noonan a text message that he purportedly received from Patricia Keating a week or so ago at a Hancock County Board of Supervisor meeting before threatening her with bad karma. I get the feeling that watching the City Council for the next 4 years may just be fun in a train wreck sorta way. We’ll see.

I’ll be checking in over the next few days with a few things – to set things up I highly recommend starting here.

Meantime have a safe and fun extended holiday weekend y’all.

12 thoughts on “Where does the time go….”

    1. Yes we will miss Wes. He did a great job and did not snowflake it up! Point Blank information on the arrogance of the Filingame operatives of Rhonda O, Rhonda G etc…..

      Rhonda G has Larry Smith fired up with Piss and vinegar to go after the new mayor. It will be fun to watch…..after all she said he owes her for getting him elected! She knows how to get people on the system! Experience!

  1. Excuse me? She has now anointed herself Rhonda Da Great! She has her three Court Jesters, Sirs Larry, Josh & Buddy ready to wreck chaos on King Michael… they’re called the Loyal Les Liars…

  2. The newly elected officials in the Bay have their first meeting tonight at 5:30.
    On behalf of The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government, we wish them all well. They are starting with a clean slate, but also some unfinished business as well.
    The first order of business is big— formulating the budget for the next fiscal year.
    All the best, Gentlemen. Look forward to following what we hope will be progress for the city!!!

  3. Sir Josh will get in trouble with the state if he keeps putting his firecracker advertising on the Hancock water and sewer property I think he is on that board and should know better. Corner of Central ave and Hwy 603.

  4. Charlie O is now on the dole with wife Rhonda….. has an injury that was several weeks ago and can’t work. Hell he could of just said he can’t read and maybe get a Medical like his other half! Lol they are all on the system.

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