Imagine a School Board meeting……

Where the Superintendent’s report shown on the agenda is skipped (routinely) and the Business Manager brings budgetary information to the Board, including raising local property taxes by 4 mils percent, but forgets to bring all the backup documentation in case there were questions.

If you are imagining that all this went down last night on Second Street in Bay St Louis you would be correct. As for the public that was assembled wanting to learn about what is being down to improve the dismal 3rd grade reading scores….well those things are not discussed, at least in public anyhow.

In other news Slabbed has learned that a local law enforcement agency is investigating the public money the School District spent to send former School Board President Maurice Singleton to Denver Colorado after his term of office expired.

7 thoughts on “Imagine a School Board meeting……”

  1. In God we Trust all Others need to be Audited.

    They need to be School Board Members not just School Board Monitors! Same with The Solid Waste Authority.

    I feel Mr. Singleton was a victim of Les Filingame. He does everything nefariously, just like Charlie Olivers appointment! The victims are always the the helped.

    1. Mr. Fillingame didn’t escort him on to the airplane handcuffed. Maurice is a big boy! Now he needs to write the taxpayers a big check. For a trip that cost the taxpayers a little over $13,000, do the math!!$$

  2. The School Board meetings have gotten so bad. It’s hard to describe. Usually when the Agenda has to be rearranged, the Board has to entertain a motion to adjust it from what was advertised to the public. But Board President, Mike Bell, just sits right there next to the Superintendent, calls for her report as the next item on the agenda, she offers no explanation as to why she is not giving it, and just skips it entirely and then SHE, NOT BELL, asked for the Construction Report. Who is the President of that Board??
    It probably isn’t hard to figure out that she could be giving her report to them privately, and the public just doesn’t get to hear it. Shame on ALL of them. They are beyond pathetic.
    As a taxpayer of the district, it is my opinion, that Maurice just needs to come clean and pay back what we spent on him going to Colorado when his term expired. They were waiting for an opinion from the AG. Well, they should have not sent him if the Opinion wasn’t in for the trip.
    And the reservations would have been easy enough to cancel. Just tell the Convention people, airlines, and hotel, they no longer had legal authority to spend the public’s money on him. It’s not like the school district would not be represented. Favre, Bell, Thomas, and the Superintendent went.
    He also took a trip to Jackson. That’s in the docket too! For crying out loud, stop this foolishness.
    I want my money back, and I am sure a lot more do too. And shame on Bell and the rest of them for approving those expenses on our backs. All but Casey Favre voted to approve them.
    Some agency needs to get to him, and he should never be even considered for any other public appointment.

  3. Total disregard for ethics and legal standing on this whole School Board and new Superintendent. Where oh where is the Board Attorney? More tax payers money going down the drain. The public needs to start attending more and make the attorney and board more accountable. This is nothing new with the Board and attorney. Maybe they need to be investigated along with Singleton.
    Yes, Lana, no one dragged Singleton on the plane. Just looking for a freebee on our tax dollars. We certainly don’t need someone representing our children with that type of integrity. He is Not a good role model. So all he sees the appointment for is trips and perks, not to do what’s right for the School system. such a Waste….
    The Board Attorney should be advising them on all of these issues. Guess he is asleep at the wheel again. Another one just collected a paycheck and not protecting our School system.
    Maybe they parents and voters need to take the lead from BSL and Drain the Swamp on the School Board from Superintendent, Attorney and Board Member.

  4. No thought, I am not sure what Mr. Artigues has over those members, but they are absolute fools to continue to use his legal services when they are always under scrutiny for their actions.
    Small town politics… Drain the Swamp at the Board…and Attorney.. I sure would not want to sit on any public board knowing that the attorney is not always giving the proper legal advise and compromise myself and integrity.

  5. All it takes is for one person to file a complaint…. They do go looking until you do… so stop complaining to Doug and start complaining to Stacey!!!

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