It’s Over – Thank Goodness…..

But the ramifications of last night’s voting are just beginning. Before I get to that though I’ll mention that as we covered the Singing River Pension meltdown, it became very clear from talking with the locals in Ocean Springs that the Connie Moran show had worn out its welcome in Ocean Springs thus last night’s election results there does not surprise.

The Johnny DuPree show also wore out its welcome in Hattiesburg – Slabbed has some good Pine Belt area political contacts but we’ve not been following Hub City politics closely beyond the financial meltdown at the Municipal School District, which voters evidently blamed (correctly I’ll add) on DuPree, who was trounced by Toby Barker. The circus that was the Plukey Bolton trial also couldn’t helped DuPree’s public image. Neither did Martaze Hammond.

Meantime down in the Bay:

Two more Bay St. Louis councilmen ousted as Favre elected mayor ~ Wes Muller

And with the threat of continued political prosecutions gone with Mayor Fillingame’s primary defeat, Poolman made it clear he is retiring from politics:

“My ultimate goal was to defeat Les Fillingame,” Harding said in a statement issued after Tuesday’s race. “With Favre’s leadership, Bay St. Louis will once again become ‘A Place Apart’” The city’s official slogan is “A Place Apart.”

Content with the situation, Harding even held a Favre campaign sign while riding a unicycle down city streets before the polls closed on Tuesday.

“I’m going back to what I do best,” the swimming pool contractor said. “It’s hot, and you need a pool.”

Now for a few ramifications as there are many.

Yesterday’s vote resulted in a new and largely inexperienced Bay City Council. Unlike the outgoing Council the new one will be left with a bare cubbard, which is far better than the City on the verge of defaulting on its bonds the last Council inherited. The next 6 plus months will tight financially and the City’s Municipal reserve will need to be replenished but the worst of the heavy lifting to repair the financial damage wrought by the Fillingame Administration has been accomplished.

Speaking of replenishing the Municipal reserve fund, Slabbed’s recommendation would be for the City to get out of the real estate business totally. A followup recommendation would be to never again spend out the reserve fund to cover deficit spending as it is not designed for that.

Finally I’ll point out that I’ve had several FBI agents tell me time and again that the Bureau does not interfere in elections, even for the lowliest of local offices. The election being over may be the most unpleasant ramification of them all for some parties.

The first political battle to watch will involve the Favre Administration’s pick to fill out the Bay-Waveland School Board. Slabbed is aware of a group of Citizens that have already lobbied the incoming Mayor for more female representation on the School Board. I’ll add there are some dynamite candidates of the female persuasion to pick from that would inject some much needed fresh air to the Board of Trustees.

We’ll have more as time allows.

15 thoughts on “It’s Over – Thank Goodness…..”

  1. For the most part I was please with the outcome, but very disappointed in Wards 5 & 6. I felt Joey and Lonnie have accomplished a lot of good in their districts and the City. They have worked with Mike Favre to put the finances in place and try and correct all of the wrong Les has done. I wish they had been re-elected to carry out the task they had started. Let’s hope the new members don’t keep their ears to Les and try and destroy the foundation that has been set.
    Good Luck to all new members. Gary will work with Mike to keep the good going.
    Their work has just begun.

  2. The new Council is being left with an accounting system designed and implemented by the State Auditor’s Office in accord with State Law.
    Better than inheriting a $500,000 shortfall of 2013.
    The new Council will not have to seek state level assistance to review the city bank accounts. The sitting Council secured that right for them. Not that it was ever in question. They were just being stalled by the Mayor.
    This Council won’t have to beg to see original invoices. Sitting Council secured that right through OSA.
    Most of all new Council will be working with a Mayor who was one of the Council who secured all of these issues that Council must and legally does have the right to under state law.He’s been in their shoes, understands the frustration of someone obstructing your right to to the job you were elected to do.
    ALL OF THE ABOVE puts the Bay way ahead of where they were in 2013.
    You know that old saying—
    The newly elected owe them a great deal of gratitude!!!

  3. I am truly disappointed for Joey and Lonny but they can hold their head up high. They helped right the ship. It is hard to explain to the uninformed voter what was going on the last 8 years and as the saying goes no good deed goes unpunished. But, the public spoke. I do not believe either of them needed the job but did it for their respective communities.

    I also believe that there is a good working council in place as well as a capable mayor. I truly believe we can move forward and focus on the future.

    Accolade’s to the winners and losers who put their name on the line to contribute. It is not an enviable task.

  4. I’m ashamed. I can’t speak for any other ward but there are 1151 registered voters in Ward 6; 384 voted. How embarrassing.

      1. That is. Here I am screamin’my head off about being red-headed stepkids and no services, yadda yadda and 800 folks don’t give a hoot about anything!
        Are voter rolls (not our votes, although my rep seemed to know who my spouse voted for….) public record, and show who did or did not?
        No vote-shaming in this post-Filigamian world.

    1. Wow, that is pitiful!
      I wish candidate policies and voting were mandatory but that kinda slings that whole freedom rings thing out the door, kinda like max democracy

  5. Yes, Trixie, shame on the ones that did not vote. So many times constituents feel their councilman has done a good job and will get re-elected. We can not take anything for granted anymore. This election shows how every vote counts. Ward 5 and Ward 2 so close. I sure hope the people of 5 & 6 appreciated what Lonnie and Joey did for them these last 4 years. Yes, Lana, the new members are very lucky to have a sitting board that has put the city on the right track and they have the best Captain to keep the ship afloat and going. We lost 2 seats, but won the most important one, Mayor. What if Les had won and Lonnie and Joey would have won, so many other issues and departments would be the same. We needed a new Captain. Unfortunately that was the sacrifice. Thank you Lonnie and Joey for your last 4 years. You have accomplished more in the last 4 years than any member of that Council has in the past. 2 members are still seated and did not do what you did along with our new Mayor Favre.

    1. Mr Joey and Mr Lonnie were taken for granted because too many stayed home and not enough belief. Just bs, lies and personal satisfaction by many….Think what they could have done with Doug S. and Gary K. to help Mike F. sort thru Les’ 8 years of BSing.. good fair Council there.. those two loses is also BSL’s future lost! scary

  6. The ones who lost with close margins should look at who voted. I don’t know a lot of people but I know three who voted and haven’t lived in the Bay in years. They were called on election day by close friends of the administration. Two lived in apartments before and one lost a house in Katrina. You must live in the ward to vote or just moved within 30 days. Voter fraud in Mississippi is punishable by up to 5 years and $5000.00. And could change the outcome if done within 20 days of the election, I think.

  7. Yep! It is what it is the people spoke.they know well that you can be voted out. Even if you did a good job. Just hope they don’t hedge the bet by doing wrong!

  8. Interesting that Ocean Springs finally chose to throw the public drunk out. Now they have a Republican that knows nothing about being an elective official, city or state government, and knows little to nothing about the history of Ocean Springs. But that don’t mean scrap, they got their good ole boy in. Nothing else matters. Here in Pascagoula we have a thug insider that was the inside heavy man for several big hitters here on the coast and the state. No inside investigation over here. Our laundry has already been cleaned, pressed and delivered. Thug is as thug does. The new Christian Republican alt-right word is “jobs”. They have worn out transparency. A new word to throw Mardi Gras beads and votes at.

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