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In sports, when a star player gets injured the coach invariably says “somebody has to step up”. In other words, some player who had a lesser role has an opportunity to show he can do more.

Right now, in the USA, we don’t have a star player. The most charitable thing we can say about the Office of President of the United States is that it’s basically vacant.

We have someone living in the residential quarters of the White House (the “Occupant”). He dresses up with a clean shirt and tie. He slithers about in reptilian fashion and people come to see him. He says things like “we’ll see what happens.” His family dresses beautifully and they scurry around with massive security details. They whisper in the Occupant’s ear and it has nothing to do with anything. Its all bullshit. Nobody knows anything. There’s no there there.

The Occupant doesn’t preside over anything. So, he’s hardly the President. He’s more or less the heckler in chief. He calls his friends and complains about the ineffectiveness of his staff…people who gave their all to him when he didn’t have a snowball’s chance. He sends out tweets in the middle of the night to remind us that he’s a little bit stupider than he was the day before. Continue Reading………..

4 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Time to Step Up”

  1. Try to imagine any executive, in any organization, being effective, when from the day of his announced appointment, even before he took office, he was bombarded with negative press by a media, and by the half of the personnel, that had unabashedly supported someone else for the job, and who were all sure that all they had to do to overrun the decision, was to constantly do everything in their power to undermine him.

    Because, that’s what we have. What is absolutely astounding to me, is that the left seems to be operating under the delusion that if they are successful in pulling off this coup, the half of the country that elected President Trump, is not only going to forget and forgive them, but are going to thank them and be converted to their left wing mindset. That’s not going to happen. It’s going to generate nothing but hate and divisiveness. A lot of it, and at dangerously high levels.

    As much as it hurts to watch, everything I see happening in this country indicates an ongoing cold civil war that is rapidly heading toward turning hot. And, the people juggling dynamite while straddling the camp fire seem strangely oblivious to this notion.

    The left is letting a genie out of the bottle that they are not going to be able to put back in after their wish has been granted. No amount of smug self righteousness will change that fact.

    1. I wrote this before checking the news this morning and finding out that a Bernie Sanders supporter had tried to murder several Republican Congressmen yesterday. I guess it has already turned hot.

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