13 thoughts on “And now another word from our sponsor Gary Knoblock for Councilman at Large”

    1. Lana,
      What happens on P&Z now? How is a new “President” or member picked? The same with the Solid Waste Authority, do you know who will take Les & Bobby’s place?

      1. I’m not Lana but Mike will replace Les. If I were Mike I’d pick Councilman Reed to replace Compretta.

        1. No, Doug is not me—
          Younger and smarter, BUT
          Mayor Favre does take over July 1 as BSL rep on Solid Waste. I think he could choose either of the incumbent Councilmen to represent the Bay with him. Don’t know who will step up as Chairman in Les departure.
          But their first order if business should be to petition the Board of Supervisors to dissolve the Solid Waste Commission.
          We are the only county in the state that has a SW Commission operating within the county.
          This is going to be a serious research project of the Alliance beginning this summer. Another layer of the already cumbersome amount of government we have to $upport in our poor county.

          1. Thank you Doug & Lana. A huge vote of support in the petition to dissolve HCSWC; please keep us informed.

          2. You are right Lana. The only people who make money on this is the Engineering Company, legal council and Tommy Kidd!

              1. Yes. $80 a meeting and approving minutes they haven’t read?! Unreal. Haven’t read the contract they signed with the Enforcement Officer?!
                If you are that disinterested or too busy, just step down.

            1. According to their current budget, Tommy is the highest paid at $30,000, then the attorney, Heather Ladner Smith at $15,000, and the engineer at $12,000.
              Let’s see if we can get Doug to post the budget!
              Are you listening Doug?😎

  1. Good Luck Gary !! You have a long road ahead but 5 new Councilmen. Good for Mike he was elected to point you all in the right direction !!

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