Where does the time go….

Its been nice to get away for a couple of weeks. That said some significant things have happened including the Hancock County beat losing Wes Muller. Tonight is Inauguration for the City of Bay St Louis. Worthy of note is incoming Ward 4 City Councilman Larry Smith showing Hancock County Alliance Chair Lana Noonan a text message that he purportedly received from Patricia Keating a week or so ago at a Hancock County Board of Supervisor meeting before threatening her with bad karma. I get the feeling that watching the City Council for the next 4 years may just be fun in a train wreck sorta way. We’ll see.

I’ll be checking in over the next few days with a few things – to set things up I highly recommend starting here.

Meantime have a safe and fun extended holiday weekend y’all.

PSA: Independence Day Fireworks

Jourdan river estates, Bay St Louis Ward 6 riverfront communities in conjunction with Waveland Mayor Mike Smith cordially invites all to enjoy all our July 1st thru July 3rd independence day festivities!

Schedule of events:

July 1st – 35th annual Garden Isle Community Boat Parade – 4 pm – parade from garden isle community up Jourdan river then return to garden isle community…….. For info: Linda Watson 601-606-1496……….

July 1st – 3rd annual city of Waveland fireworks display! 9 pm…..foot of Coleman Ave./ info: 467-4134

July 3rd – Jourdan River Estates 7th annual kids decorated “golf cart” parade! – 4:15 pm – throws, fun plus 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to winners! Kid decorated/licensed driver!!!!!! Lineup Bay Cove Drive.

July 3rd – 9th annual “Lighting Up Da Bay” fireworks extravaganza!!! – 8:30 pm – may be viewed by boat on the Jourdan river near Jourdan river estates…garden isle……etc.

Lonnie Falgout BSL Ward 6 Councilman (June 30, 2017)
Mike Favre BSL Councilman at large (June 30, 2017)
Mayor Mike Smith, City of Waveland

Imagine a School Board meeting……

Where the Superintendent’s report shown on the agenda is skipped (routinely) and the Business Manager brings budgetary information to the Board, including raising local property taxes by 4 mils percent, but forgets to bring all the backup documentation in case there were questions.

If you are imagining that all this went down last night on Second Street in Bay St Louis you would be correct. As for the public that was assembled wanting to learn about what is being down to improve the dismal 3rd grade reading scores….well those things are not discussed, at least in public anyhow.

In other news Slabbed has learned that a local law enforcement agency is investigating the public money the School District spent to send former School Board President Maurice Singleton to Denver Colorado after his term of office expired.

And to think the Naked Bike Ride was on Saturday……

Evidently the morning crew at WWL TV NOLA has a new morning reporter. Considering the 2017 world naked bike ride was Saturday and the route went through the quarter she must not get out much:

In the 30 plus years I’ve gone to the Quarter I’ve personally seen pretty much everything as it regards public displays of nudity and public sex acts and I do not think that is an unusual experience for most that visit. IMHO it is far less bawdy today than the late 1980s when Decatur Street was overrun with prostitutes.

My recommendation would be for Katie to visit the Quarter on the Saturday night before Labor Day to further her French Quarter education.

Consider this an open thread.

A County Apart: The Hancock County Solid Waste Authority Budget

The HCSWA is the only local agency of its kind in Mississippi. In the other 81 Counties, the Board of Supervisors manage to handle Trash collection matters without another layer of bureaucracy and the associated extra cost to the taxpayers.

Worth noting is a mantra of the Republican party these days involves smaller government and repeating foolishness about drowning babies in the bathwater. In a County Apart, the local Republicans are making money so nary is heard the discouraging word, until now that is.

A quick perusal of the budget reveals the taxpayers are paying for code enforcement, engineering and legal services which all duplicates current county expenditures for the same services. There is more that I’m not going to reveal just yet, but to the extent certain elected officials have suggested this topic is worth of examination here on Slabbed, we are happy to oblige. Screen captures of the current Hancock County Solid Waste Authority two page budget are below the jump. Continue reading “A County Apart: The Hancock County Solid Waste Authority Budget”

It’s Over – Thank Goodness…..

But the ramifications of last night’s voting are just beginning. Before I get to that though I’ll mention that as we covered the Singing River Pension meltdown, it became very clear from talking with the locals in Ocean Springs that the Connie Moran show had worn out its welcome in Ocean Springs thus last night’s election results there does not surprise.

The Johnny DuPree show also wore out its welcome in Hattiesburg – Slabbed has some good Pine Belt area political contacts but we’ve not been following Hub City politics closely beyond the financial meltdown at the Municipal School District, which voters evidently blamed (correctly I’ll add) on DuPree, who was trounced by Toby Barker. The circus that was the Plukey Bolton trial also couldn’t helped DuPree’s public image. Neither did Martaze Hammond.

Meantime down in the Bay:

Two more Bay St. Louis councilmen ousted as Favre elected mayor ~ Wes Muller

And with the threat of continued political prosecutions gone with Mayor Fillingame’s primary defeat, Poolman made it clear he is retiring from politics:

“My ultimate goal was to defeat Les Fillingame,” Harding said in a statement issued after Tuesday’s race. “With Favre’s leadership, Bay St. Louis will once again become ‘A Place Apart’” The city’s official slogan is “A Place Apart.”

Content with the situation, Harding even held a Favre campaign sign while riding a unicycle down city streets before the polls closed on Tuesday.

“I’m going back to what I do best,” the swimming pool contractor said. “It’s hot, and you need a pool.”

Now for a few ramifications as there are many. Continue reading “It’s Over – Thank Goodness…..”