It takes a community……..

First, identify a particular issue or concern that really gets your attention. Find at least one other person that feels the same way you do and help each other. Do your homework on the details of the issue (the devil is in the details) and state your opinion on line or in person to decision makers.

Second, remember knowledge is power, there’s strength in numbers (wherever two or more are gathered…) and last its your government as much as its anybody else’s.

I knew a fellow who spent 30 years with the CIA. He’s now very active on peace oriented issues. He generally doesn’t talk about his activities. The only thing he told me was “find six people you trust”.

What Tom Callaghan was describing locally are citizens groups like the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government, which is bound together under the ideal that your local government should be transparent, accountable and equally important run within the framework of state law. The SRHS retirees group are another example. And when people get together, even in smallish numbers it can have a proportionally out-sized impact.

Mr. Sam was out in Ward 6 distributing fliers. Ron in Ward 1 was out knocking doors spreading the Favre Campaign’s message. It was Rachael that made sure her supporters turned out for Mike Favre. That kind of stuff happened across the Bay this last week and it was the difference in the run-off election. The message wasn’t especially sexy as the Favre campaign promised neither Daffodil farms nor public swimming pools. He did promise to clean up the mess.

This I know – Lana, Mr. Sam, Ron, David, Miss. Libby and the rest of the gang plan at the Hancock Alliance for Good Government plan to hold Mike accountable to that promise. So will Slabbed so that makes 6.

Congratulations to Mike Favre.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

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  1. Doug,

    Thanks for the kind words. I am so proud of the way our friends and neighbors in Ward 6 came out and voted in this critical election.
    Your insight on so many issues is priceless. We’re very fortunate to have you and Slabbed to get the real issues and comments out. Your service to our community is greatly appreciated .


    Sam Moore
    Ward 6

    1. You are so right Mr. Moore. Doug steers and provides a priceless tool for the “true” Mississippians who care about each other and their communities. They can not be bought at any price.
      Thank you Doug for all that you do to help the common folk who THINK they have no voice or alternative than to accept the status quo.

    2. Hi Mr Sam, sorry we didn’t meet you. I am a very noisy Ward Sixer!
      The neglect on my street is a slap in the face. Not a drop of asphalt since BEFORE Katrina. Nor ditch or sig work. The blighted dg next door is a hazard and a property value cancer. If we were in any other ward, it’d be done.
      Red headed step children

  2. Congratulations to Bay St. Louis voters for putting their votes where their mouths were/are. Now it is up to (probable) Mayor Favre – remember, he hasn’t been elected mayor yet – as well as the council and others, like Ms. Ramsey, to show the voters that they made the right choice. And for the sake of unity, sanity and common sense, don’t waste any more time with nonsense about absentee votes or other meaningless election-related bitching. You won and all it can possibly do now is offer up cause for recounts, invalidations, etc., none of which Favre supporters should want.

    Something to note: I did see a mention in the local media that Ms. Ramsey had endorsed Favre, but nothing regarding Harding. The analysis of the numbers has thus far been accurate insofar as the numbers of voters as well as the differential (and numbers of absentee voters for Fillingame and Farve). At the moment based on the numbers, Harding will get about 800 votes, plus or minus about 150 votes, and Farve about 1200, plus or minus 300 votes, in the general – Harding is in the theoretical range of a win. However, it is likely that some GOP voters did vote in the Dem primary for Favre, which means Favre will see votes move across. Those numbers appear to be around 200-300 voters, but not all will vote in the general. It could be a close race in the general, especially if Fillingame supporters vote for Harding, which is also likely for a variety of reasons, including the obvious “revenge” vote as well as honestly opposing Favre; remember, it is perfectly legal for Fillingame voters to vote for either Favre or Harding. I have no idea what the people of Bay St. Louis think of Harding or his qualifications (or even desire) to be mayor, but for those who want Favre as mayor, as opposed to those who were simply voting “anyone but Fillingame”, now is not the time to sit back and relax thinking the election is over. It isn’t, and it is not solely about support for Favre.

    1. Poolman has a comment here on Slabbed endorsing Mike which acknowledged he will not beat him. Just a guess, but I think Jeff qualified GOP to insure Hizzoner had an opponent should he win the primary. Speaking of Poolman, he will no longer have to worry about BS politically motivated prosecutions.

      1. That is correct Doug. I’m hearing reliably that Pool Man is going to pursue Les’s daughter on false affidavits on his reputation now that Les and his cronies are no more than toothless hounds. She won’t be able to use the taxpayer to fight her battles this go around.

        The snowflakes had a bad day in the bay!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Doug.
    I am gladdened to see the voters of Bay St. Louis step up to the plate. We had to do it in Waveland in 2010.
    As Chairman of The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government, I would like for those irreplaceable “6” to reach around and pat themselves on the back for a job well done, indeed!

    And to those business people and private individuals throughout the County who contact us on a regular basis, but know the risk of public involvement in political affairs, we value your input too. Keep it coming.

    We pride ourselves on being an issue oriented organization. We do not, as an organization, endorse candidates, but as individuals and voters and taxpayers, we are free to do as we see fit on any issue or election.

    Our Mission Statement or standard for our work, as all of you card carrying members know, is :

    While either attending meetings of public bodies, or speaking with public officials on a personal basis, it is not difficult to see where they stand on our goals for our community.
    We approach change, if needed, by examination of public documents, exchange of ideas with our elected and appointed officials, and by diligent attendance at meetings.

    Timidity is a commodity we do avail ourselves of, and we sometimes take a lot of flak for it, so be it. We are big boys and girls. It comes with the territory. If you don’t have enough oil in your lamp to burn past midnight, you probably wouldn’t last with us!

    We congratulate ALL of the candidates for the hard battle it is to be elected. I have experienced it up close with a family member who served honorably for 13 years as Councilman-at-Large in the Bay, Bill Taylor. It is not for the faint of heart.
    And, it takes dedication to offer yourself up for public service and all of the good and bad that come with it.
    Now, on to the General Election and any and everything that comes up in between!!!

    1. I also feel that if employees just sit back and watch the crooked acts taking place, instead of standing up for what is right, deserve the same as the perpetrator. That is what is wrong with our system today. Everyone just goes along with the flow, even though they know they are performing illegal acts. They should all have to pay for not standing up and doing the right thing.

      1. 1000 percent agree with you on that. There needs to be total accountability. Tired of hearing they are only doing what they are told because they will lose their job. And blatantly “brag” to your face whike doing it as if it makes it right somehow. Its a new day!

        1. The apathy, the “that’s the way it’s always been”, the 43.9% that said “my vote won’t matter”…’s that working for you????

    2. Mis Lana – maybe you could get the same thing going along the entire Coast? Maybe a Jackson county, George county, and Harrison county thing? It is time for the people to get involved.

      1. I think a coast wide Alliance for Good Government is a long over due project. There is plenty to keep all 3 counties and municipalities busy.
        Each county could have their own organization, and we could come together 3 or 4 times a year for state wide issues.
        I was told a long time ago by a very smart attorney who was also very civic minded that it takes a groundswell of discontent to make a difference.
        You know that old saying:
        “Necessity is the Mother of invention, and discontent is the Father of progress!!”

  4. The burn barrels are coming out at city hall. Time cards, secret documents, unpaid bills etc… will disappear.

    City workers were his poll watchers. They better get their comp time quick! Including Lil Les Daddy said.

    I’m all for contracting resume builders to help relocate some of the people who worked at the pleasure of the mayor.

    1. Blues Eyes said ‘…to help relocate the people who work at pleasure of mayor.’

      I agree totally….. but help locate their arses outside of BSL as they as poll workers and employees who called voter lists helped keep FillingBSgame in office!

  5. Better put the pad locks on everything in City Hall. Heard he didn’t even come to work today. Wonder if Ms Katie will come back but still get paid until June 6th?
    Look at the Domino effect here, Katie, Charlie, Paula, Jerry??? who goes first out the door? Maybe they will all put in for their retirement?

    1. What about Gus McKay? How long does he think he can last now that Mike favre will be his boss. Selling lies to lonnie falgot only works while he doesn’t have a witness on the 2nd floor to See how little he does for all that money.

    2. Any change at the top will result in changes in the ranks of what I’d term senior management. I doubt Mike has a hit list. The current interim Bay Building Official by law must vacate by June 30. He will want his own CAO. Beyond that I wouldn’t speculate.

      If I were Mike, I’d find a way to keep Sissy Gonzales, if he chooses not to keep her as City Clerk.

      1. I checked her out early and Sissy has been a great asset so far. I hope she stays. Don’t think she drank the cool side.

  6. I spent a lot of time up to college in Cuevas, the Bay and Waveland. I remember in ’66 when they shot This Property is Condemed there and the arched Bay St. Louis sign at the train station was so pretty all lit up. A little bar stood where the Casino in Lakeshore is now. I would buy terrapins from the shrimpers for a quarter. Miss America, Mary Ann Mobley rode in a convertable thru town for some state anniversary (150 yr maybe). There was a Dairy Queen type place right next to the Bay St Louis bridge as you went east and a Frost Top on 190.

    To have read about the goings on in the last years made me wonder what had happened to this funky little town.

    So congratulations to all who played a part in the start of getting BSL back on track.

  7. Re: This Property if you notice in the scene where the train leaves for New Orleans and it is crossing the train trestle it is actually headed towards Mobile {east}.

  8. I think they need to inventory the laptops, cell phones, art work and furniture before it disappears under the cover of darkness. We all know that lack equipment tracking was a big problem for the Les regime.
    We are already contacting Trash Doctors to verify Les is not getting employment there. No word yet but we are working on it.

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