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  1. Let’s hope our next mayor can dig us out of the financial mess the previous administration has caused. With an open mind, I see a better relationship between mayor and council. Here is a household tip. Place ice on the melted wax of the evil witch and it will scrape up easily.

  2. Doug, you are the best !!! what a great song…
    The video store is closed, wonder where he will go now? Maybe Rafferty can hire him to answer the phones over on Main St. at his office. Or Rhonda can get him to be a bag man at the Post Office, think of all the job opportunities he has.. Maybe Trolley driver for Casino, Tish can give him something to do at Chamber.., If he gets a positive vote for Trash Doctors before he leaves they might hire him… You know all of his friends will help him like he helped them. Endless possibilities. I can’t wait for the future.

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