Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Trump – Where Are We At?

Posted on May 15, 2017

Here’s where I think we are In The Matter of Donald J. Trump.

One. Impeachment is not possible…now. Trump’s job approval rating, as of this writing, is 39%. That is historically LOW for a President at this stage of his presidency but it’s too HIGH for impeachment. When Richard Nixon resigned in August of 1974, his job approval rating was 23%.

Two. Remember Lincoln’s Law. “Public sentiment is everything. With it, anything is possible. Without it, nothing can be accomplished”. Let me volunteer Callaghan’s Corollary to Lincoln’s Law. “Public sentiment is in constant flux. It is moved, for better or worse, by interested parties advocating for their version of the public interest. The most skillful, intense, and persistent win. Their version of the public interest becomes the prevailing public sentiment. They get their way.”

Three. After Nixon’s Second Inaugural in January of 1973, his job approval rating was 69%. One year later, in January of 1974, his job approval number was 23%. If Nixon could lose 46 percentage points in a year, Trump can lose 15 percentage points by August. Precedent has shown August is a good month for Impeachment. At a 24% job approval rating, Trump would be ripe.

Four. Has Trump committed an impeachable offense? Absolutely. Trump’s epidemic lying about all matters, large and small, has done such violence to the fabric of trust that holds us together as a people, that it easily meets the “impeachable offense” standard. Former President Gerald Ford said “an impeachable offense is whatever the House of Representatives says it is.” If the Senate, by two-thirds vote, agrees — that’s that. There is no judicial review of the Senate’s Verdict of Removal. When the details emerge on Trump’s “Russia Problem” and the firing of Jim Comey, there may well be an Obstruction of Justice charge as part of an Impeachment package. Continue Reading…….

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  1. Doug I would be interested in knowing how Mr. Callahan feels about the state of our pitiful political system here in Mississippi. How do we fall in line with the Trump system. It appears to me that our politicians are playing a wait and see game and except for a very few specific cases, we are not on the bandwagon with the Trump train. What do you think?

    1. Although you addressed your question to Doug, let me give you a thought or two.

      First, identify a particular issue or concern that really gets your attention. Find at least one other person that feels the same way you do and help each other. Do your homework on the details of the issue (the devil is in the details) and state your opinion on line or in person to decision makers.

      Second, remember knowledge is power, there’s strength in numbers (wherever two or more are gathered…) and last its you government as much as its anybody else’s.

      I knew a fellow who spent 30 years with the CIA. He’s now very active on peace oriented issues. He generally doesn’t talk about his activities. The only thing he told me was “find six people you trust”.

      Good luck.

  2. What liberals dream about at night does not make it even slightly realistic. But, what you are doing, is setting the stage for a country in the future where the losing side always starts planning a coup the day after the election.

    1. The sharp partisan divide have been going on since 2009 Observer and there are no clean hands in this mess. Trump was the lucky narcissist that capitalized on the ideologically driven dysfunction. When compromise became a dirty word our brand of Democracy does not work nearly as well. The refusal to compromise may serve special interests but it does not serve the public’s.

      And now we are finding out that Trump may have tried interfering with an active FBI investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 elections. The optics are terrible.

      Back during the election Trump loved Comey, Wikileaks and the National Security community. Since then he has come to intensely dislike the deep state.

      The meeting with Sergei Lavrov that he only allowed the state sponsored Tass Russian news agency to cover was a disaster. The self inflicted, off script national security disasters will insure Trumps public support continues to erode.

      Speaking of the election campaign, Donald Trump acted exactly the same then as now (and for the previous 69 years of his life for that matter). Donald Trump never promised he would be Santa Claus.

    2. Trump, one of the founding father’s of the Birther scam, was up at the Coast Guard Academy today complaining of being treated “unfairly”.

      Poor Baby. It’s either the fault of the press or his staff. He can’t take the heat and he can’t take responsibility.

      1. Its a witch hunt gone awry alright as Hillary ( leaking classifieds, bleaching subpoened e-mails and with Willie stealing millions from Clinton Cash Foundation) is still walking in woods without wearing an orange jumpsuit…… but that may change soon……unless she seizes up like a rusty machine like she did in NY ( her handler needs to carry “Liquid Winch”)….he,he,he

  3. Other Voices | Lockemuptight : Jimmity Cricket Where Are You’ll At?

    You, the Snowflakes and MSM have been non stop, motor mouth talkin’ impeachment but where were you and them in 1993 when Slick Willie fired the FBI Director investigating the Clintons’ Arkansas Witerwater scandal AND ….AND… AND ….the very next day Stephen Foster( D.C. Clinton friend and administrator from the Clintons’-Whitewater scandal) was found dead in a D.C park , all of Foster’s files immediately disappeared yet soon thereafter a sole suicide note strangely appeared….just who hides all their papers before blowing their brains out using a gun found in the opposite hand they use to eat …?

    Trump may have fired politically finicky and showboater Comey but as of yet Flynn’s body has yet to show up dead in a park…..

    and yet we have the Clinton Criminal Foundation and its sale of 20% of American uranium to Russia, Russia paying Slick Willie for $500,000 speeches and a young DNC worker ,Seth Rich , whose non -burglarized body was found lifeless on a D.C. street and a few days later WikiLeaks started releasing the DNC’s embarrassing e-mails…….

    It’s nothing more than a Deep State snowflake political coup and you are part of it “Big Time”…. so when are you going to grow some truly investigative testicles and investigate/comment on real political crimes ????


  4. Lock,
    Leave em alone. They live on opinions not facts. They read the polls then have an opinion! Snowflakes need safe zones and service ponies and ice cream cones!

  5. Paying Attention:

    You are so right bout snowflakes,safe zones,service ponies and ice cream cones but I can’t help myself and must fight back against hypocrisy and hypocrites especially when 95% 0f the media gang up ……and when you confront liberals on their facts and hypocrisy its like a summer’s nite and all you hear are the crickets chirping

    The Donald is not perfect but he’s working 24/7 to try and make America and the world better without implementing radical revolutionary, socialistic redistribution of wealth and creating the worst racism/anti-police sentiments since the sixities…..

    P.S. CORRECTION: It was Vince Foster not Stephen Foster whose body was moved into the park under dark of night and the murder investigation by the politically controlled U.S.Park police squandered ………much like the current Seth Rich murder investigation currently by the democratically controlled D.C. police

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