To go back and read the post and comments gives me goosebumps

Its the type of magic that makes Slabbed unique: Community sourcing. First up is a current link from Richard Thompson over at the Advocate and then the Slabbed post from 2013:

The decline and fall of First NBC Bank: What happened?

Reached by phone last week, a combative Ryan blamed The Advocate’s reporting at the time for the bank’s troubles, saying the news coverage sowed more unease than the bank’s admissions themselves.

Asked about First NBC’s collapse, he said only, “I’m not going to talk about it,” adding that his role at the bank had “diminished substantially over the past six months.”

But he stressed that he didn’t blame his successors for the bank’s demise. “I’m not going to second-guess anything people did to save the bank,” he said.

When Uncle Sam loses a cool billion sometimes someone goes to jail. Judging from the email hitting my inbox many are suggesting Ashton Ryan could be such a candidate. Now the archival link here at Slabbed:

Excuse me Mr. Chairman, I have a question. ~ Douglas Handshoe

I think a few commenters and I will now take a well deserved victory lap. I’m going to keep an eye peeled on this story.