16 thoughts on “BREAKING: Rachael Ramsey has made the following statement about the Bay St Louis Mayor’s Race”

    1. I stopped using my designation a few yes ago. I will always be a degreed public accountant Lana.

    1. He was not my first choice, I was.
      He is my final choice. That’s how the process works.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

      1. Rachael saw a need to fix a problem: BSL! She offered herself to fix it and didn’t succeed… she still sees the need to fix BSL!! She offered some sound advice… it was accepted… classy move Ms. Ramsey…………

      2. Now THAT is the attitude Bay St. Louis needs. If I may suggest, it would be a great thing to send a press release to the various media outlets on the coast: Sea Coast Echo, Sun Herald, WLOX, WXXV, etc., if you haven’t already done so, as well putting it out on as many social media outlets as possible. If you and Mr. Harding would issue a joint release endorsing Farve, all the better. And a tip: if the release contained a few (think “Top 5”) reason why you think Farve is the better choice rather than why Fillingame isn’t, again, so much the better; don’t make accusations that an editor would be hesitant to use – list _FACTS_. For example, “Farve has done X as Councilman,” not “Fillingame did X.”

        And if anyone connected to Farve is reading this, he needs to quickly and publicly thank Ms. Ramsey for her support and her willingness to put her community before herself. Him sending out a press release thanking her, to the same media outlets, as well as thanking her on whatever social media outlets, would be a great idea.

        Do not assume that because it was said on this or that outlet, be it print media, social media, broadcast media, etc., that “everyone” knows about it. Trust me, even if it is on all of them, not “everyone” will know, but with every outlet, the more folks who will hear about it.

        1. Excellent advice, Nunn. I would quickly do a flyer to pass out door to door because, and I hate to say this, but when you ask people around here if they read something in the paper, they say,” no, we don’t take the paper?!”

  1. I agree because, as a voter, I don’t know why you’re supporting Mike, except for the fact that he’s not Les.

  2. Rachael had sound reasons for her candidacy and when that didn’t work out as she hoped it would, she acted positively for the good of Bay St. Louis. i applaud her actions to make BSL a better City. People should realize that professional people see through the politics of the current mayor and want honesty and leadership for their city. Mike Favre has tried to make improvements and the administration has fought this at every level.

  3. Rachael has always had the best interest of BSL and her commitment to our town. This is a crucial election and Rachael understands this, that is why she ran. She now has gone a step above and supported Favre to assure the people of this city for a better leader than we have now.
    Thank You Rachael, I’ve always known you were a smart and great person !!!
    A press release and flyers are always good. I’ll send money, tell me where to get this going. I’ll walk neighborhoods passing them out.

  4. Rachel’s endosement of Farve is certainly awesome but will Les now set the ALL TIME record for absentee ballots in a BSL election?

    What about that Les?………….. are you man enough to overcome this disadvantage honestly or will you become the King of the Absentee Ballot?

  5. Fact:
    Absentee Voting??
    Walk in city hall & see what is going on behind the counter.
    3 employees, that’s right 3!!
    2 on the phone calling people to come vote. Guess they can get phone numbers from utility information.

    Add that to the lies being told to the workers about losing their job if Favre is elected.
    Wake up,
    You have civil service protection people!
    Talk about creating a chaotic mess.
    They blamed the council for doing the same when the talked of the Sherrif dept. take over, but it’s ok for them since it’s in Lucifer’s favor

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