How the Fillingame Machine Manipulates Elections…. (Updated 2X)

This morning, Lana Noonan of the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government nabbed the following work notes from County Enforcement Officer Tommy Kidd, which are attached to the minutes of Hancock County Solid Waste Authority. The promise of a job was evidently enough to get former Ward 6 GOP candidate Hunter Adam to drop out of the Ward 6 GOP race, clearing the field for Josh Desalvo in his challenge against Ward 6 incumbent Councilman Lonnie Falgout:

Source: Minutes of the Hancock County Solid Waste Authority
Source: Minutes of the Hancock County Solid Waste Authority

File this one under your county tax dollars at work for Hizzoner.

Update: Since this post was first published Lana Noonan of the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government made another trip to the solid waste authority to examine the County Enforcement Officer’s work logs. You wonder what was going through the minds of those that sit on the authority’s Board approving payment for attending Christmas parties and a Bay City Council meeting on the future of the Bay PD. Is Waveland Alderman Jeremy Burke an active member of the solid waste authority’s board or just a waste taking up space there? Same goes for Waveland Mayor Mike Smith. You gotta wonder exactly what those guys were thinking.

Source: Minutes of the Hancock County Solid Waste Authority
Source: Minutes of the Hancock County Solid Waste Authority
Source: Minutes of the Hancock County Solid Waste Authority


This document from the Solid Waste circa 2013 was sent in by Poolman and it shows the County Enforcement Officer billing mileage for working Wards 3, 4 and 6 during the last municipal election:

Hancock County Public Record Courtesy of Poolman
Hancock County Public Record Courtesy of Poolman

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    1. UPDATE: Dwayne Bremer’s front page story on the Solid Waste Authority has Hunter Adam contradicting Tommy Kidd. Kidd’s notes presented with his invoice for payment says on March 22, he brought Adam to City Hall to meet the Mayor about a job which was to start after the election.
      Adam is saying to the Echo that he drove himself to City Hall to see the Mayor???!!! Go figure.

        1. According to the article Questions raised over official’s mileage report
          Kidd, 78, is an independent contractor who has an annual contract with the solid waste authority.

          Someone needs to obtain and post this contract. It does get bid out on occasion doesn’t it? That’s one way government bodies can get good value for the taxpayer dollars rather than getting a friend of a friend or all in the family type reaming.

          1. The potty mouths are out tonight and its not even a full moon. Lordie be the heat is on! I’ll share with everyone tomorrow.

            Double D did a great job for the Echo.

            1. Potty mouths? Full moon? Heat is on? What are you talking about? I keep seeing fleeing mentioning of what is apparently some other forum or group. Any chance anyone might indicate where all this drama is taking place?

              Also, I will not dox someone. If Harding is reading this: posting here, there or anywhere under a pseudonym won’t cut it. Either endorse Farve formally and officially or don’t. It is your decision to make, but on that one thing, fish or cut bait.

              1. Mike stood side by side with me in the community center while they counted votes…. I can’t make it anymore clear…. I voted for Mike For Mayor and fully support him as our next mayor!!!! So any of my supporters please go to the polls and vote for Mike.

              2. A few points of clarification.

                1. I doubt there are more than a handful of eligible BSL voters who don’t know who Poolman is in real life. Please enter Poolman into the Slabbed site search feature and you will see that the name and identity are functionally the same and have been for years. The reluctance to dox someone and tie the real name to an online identity not the real name is commendable, but almost everyone already knows who Poolman is.

                2. My statement above that “The heat is on!” is not inside ball. It directly references the Sea Coast Echo online post that went live shortly before I said the heat is on. That post: “Questions raised over official’s mileage report By Dwayne Bremer May 5, 2017, 18:09” points out some discrepancies in the statements and filings. That Sea Coast Echo story also may be referencing a number of past events by stating this fact: “The current Ward Six city councilman is Independent Lonnie Falgout, who is perhaps Fillingame’s harshest critic. Falgout earned the Ward Six seat four years ago when he defeated Tommy Kidd’s brother, Ray Kidd

                Short description of events: The above mentioned Tommy Kidd’s brother Ray Kidd is elected to the BSL council, then Tommy Kidd gets a contract with the City of BSL and for about two years Ray Kidd votes the consent agenda to pay his brother Tommy. $30,000 a year isn’t chump change, especially when you have two of these contracts. Also, the Kidds and Mayor Fillingame make statements to the press that it’s all on the up and up when the state auditor shows up to investigate a complaint referencing this contract.

                State Auditor investigates contract worker in Bay St. Louis

                Mayor Fillingame: “Fillingame, who is also the chairman of the Solid Waste Board, is pleased with the work Kidd’s doing as the enforcement officer as well, and sees no problem with Kidd earning $30,000 a year for each job.

                Mayor Fillingame also states to WLOX:

                “I’m not really sure where this came from, but the real danger is to those that make the accusations and actually file an official complaint. We always hate to say that anything is done with a political motivation, but if that’s the case, sometimes these kind of things can actually back-fire on the people who make the complaints.”

                A follow up report showed the state auditor found the apparent failure to comprehend how to do the business of BSL within the laws:

                Ethics issue for Bay St. Louis council member

                BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (AP) – For nearly two years, a Bay St. Louis city councilman has been voting in open meetings to pay his brother $2,500 per month – an act that Mississippi’s top ethics official says is a violation of state law.Councilman Ray Kidd said he didn’t know he had been violating the law when voting for a docket of claims every two weeks that has included a $1,250 payment for his brother, Tommy Kidd.”It was just ignorance on my part. I didn’t know the law,” Ray Kidd said.Tom Hood, executive director of the Mississippi Ethics Commission, said public officials are prohibited from voting on any issue that brings financial gain to themselves or close relatives.”There are eight different prohibitions in the ethics law, and this is the first one,” Hood said. Every two weeks, the city council votes to approve a docket of claims presented by City Clerk David Kolf, authorizing payment of municipal bills. Since November 2009, that docket has included payments totaling $2,500 per month to Tommy Kidd.Tommy Kidd, a former restaurant and doughnut shop proprietor, holds a contract with the city administration.


          2. rfp,
            You do know this is all taking place in Hancock County where the law is like a buffet for public officials. Pick the ones you like, and forget the rest!!

            1. Douglas and RFP – I understand y’all want to see Fillingame and his cronies caught in the act, but that isn’t what I’m asking. Like I said, I keep seeing fleeting mentions of some other forum/group/website or somewhere else where people are discussing the mayor’s race, the candidates, etc.

              Can you or anyone else reply and state plainly where this is occurring, please. Is it a Facebook page/group, and if so, what is the specific name of it? Some other forum and again, if so, what is the name of it?

              As to “Poolman,” no, not everyone knows who he is. Him saying anything here, if he is only saying it here, that he wants “his supporters” to vote for Farve is meaningless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single pro-Fillingame post here and certainly, there are not many if I have missed one or two. Saying it here, even if you assume everyone reading it here knows who is who, is preaching to the choir. I have stood next to or near lots of political candidates/elected officials that I didn’t support, vote for or in numerous cases even like as a person, so someone standing next to someone, even if potential voters saw that, is meaningless. And I know for a fact that not all Bay St. Louis potential voters know who “Poolman” or (sorry Douglas) know anything about Slabbed or read what is here.

              And lastly, it might seem pedantic, but I will not ID someone posting under an assumed name/handle unless they ID themselves first, regardless of what might be plainly obvious to anyone

              1. Sorry Nunn, I’ve been doing domestic chores outside this beautiful day. I’ve had someone post to my Facebook wall bellyaching, I deleted it.

                A crass, disturbed young woman purporting to represent the Kidd/Rigsby clans sent me a diatribe on messenger where she dropped the f-bomb multiple times. I have some screen shots I may post to illustrate what is really behind the respectable facade.

                Dwayne Bremer is attempting to host a more civilized discussion on the topic via Facebook. It breaks down between pretty much between Fillingame’s true believer club and people that can think for themselves and is worth reading.


                BTW Nunn you’re are developing quite a fan club in Hancock County.

              2. I’d like to see someone other than Les elected BSL mayor.

                There has been more than enough caught in the act already, what BSL needs is new leadership. A new mayor would be a good start.

                Absent some indictments and convictions that may never come, electing Mike Favre BSL mayor is the way to move forward now.

        2. Also this from a few years ago:


          (in part):
          The attorney for the city, in his response to the Complaint, asserts that the city entered executive session pursuant to Section 25-41-7(4)(k), which he describes as a provision allowing for a public body to enter executive session, not for “personnel matters” but for “job performance.” He states that the council “agreed to hold an executive session to discuss the employment of this independent contractor and/or his specific ‘job performance.’”

          However, this distinction is specious. The Supreme Court held that four of the reasons listed in Section 25-41-7(4) affect the boundaries of what may be considered “personnel matters” including, Sections 25-41-(7)(4)(a), (c), (d) and (k). Additionally, the Supreme Court held “that the words ‘personnel matters’ are restricted to matters dealing with employees hired and supervised by the board, not those employees of some other [public] official, and not other [public] officials themselves. . . . Moreover, an independent contractor such as an accountant,
          lawyer, or architect is not an employee of the board, and would not come under “personnel.”” Id. at 124 (citations omitted).

          Accordingly, as Tommy Kidd is an independent contractor and not an employee of the council, discussions regarding his job performance must be discussed in an open meeting and cannot be entertained in an executive session.

          IT IS HEREBY ORDERED as follows:

          1. The Ethics Commission finds the council members for the City of Bay Saint Louis
          violated Section 25-41-7, Miss. Code of 1972, by entering an executive session to discuss job performance of an independent contractor, Tommy Kidd, on January 3, 2012.

          2. The Ethics Commission hereby orders the council members for the City of Bay Saint Louis to refrain from further violations and comply strictly with Sections 25-41-7.

          SO ORDERED this the 6th day of December 2013.

          1. He states that the council “agreed to hold an executive session to discuss the employment of this independent contractor and/or his specific ‘job performance.’”


            If it’s a contract with a contractor it’s “contract performance” and if it’s an employee with a job it’s “job performance”! That’s because “contractors” with “contracts” don’t have “jobs”!

  1. Just confirmed by Bay St. Louis City Clerk, Sissy Gonzales, Hunter Adam officially withdrew from the Ward 6 Council race on March 17, 2017.
    Can anyone posting here tell me what the hell Kidd was doing at 10:00am on March
    22, 5 days after Adam’s withdrawal , when he is supposed to be working for the taxpayers, hauling Adam up to the Bay St. Louis City Hall for Les to offer Adam a job?
    Is being Les’ political errand boy written into Kidd’s job description with the Solid Waste Authority or the County??
    My Mayor, Smith, and Ward 1 Alderman, Burke, had better have some really good answers for me as to why they approved this as part of the Solid Waste Minutes because I have some really good questions for them!!!!!

    1. Hunter dropped out due to his military obligations- he would not have been here for election and didn’t think it would be supportive of his ward! He is far from the political pat backs , just wants to make this crap hole a better place!

      1. Mrs. Noonan would have never telephoned Hunter Adam to ask why he dropped out! She likes to assume that she knows everything without fact . We are proud of Mr. Adam for serving our country and putting aside running for office! So when Mrs. Noonan refers to any info, she needs to get her damn facts straight and not try to condemn a fine young man like Hunter Adam!

        1. Gwen,

          The fact is, those are Tommy Kidd’s notes which are part of the public record. He (Tommy) clearly logs what, who, and why he is on a fool’s errand and on our dime, always on our dime. Hunter’s integrity, from what I see, is NOT in question. I see him as the latest victim caught in a web spun by the web master himself. This is just the latest reason to kick Les from office. Les answers for nothing, police corruption, payroll fraud, mismanagement of city funds, illegal raises, illegal loans, co-mingling of funds and on and on and on!!! If history is the road map for the next four years then look at the last eight.

          Lana Noonan is spot on. She points out that Les’s corruptive practices even reach in to the county government and it’s documented. What is the county going to do? What is solid waste going to do? Tommy should resign and resign immediately! He is an embarrassment to the city and county. Les is nothing more that a cheap low end used car salesman. Vote him in he will use this as a mandate to steam forward. Remember he has no problem spending other peoples money if you let him.

          1. Les is the cancerous tumor strangling this town’s blood flow.
            I don’t lknow Hunter, but the blame for the decrepit state of BSL sure does not lay at his feet.
            Just another victim of Les and his slimy tactics.
            Please vote Mike on the 16th.

  2. Glad to see someone takes copious notes. Great for John Q. Public. But does this surprise anyone? Just confirms what we already know. It’s been Hizzoner’s MO from day 1 of announcing his initial candidacy for mayor to promise jobs to people. He hires many of them too. Take the author of these notes for example.

    Side note: The solid waste minutes ARE a treasure trove of information on how things really work in Hancock County. Treasure. Trove.

    What’s surprising is how WELL Hizzoner did yesterday. For someone that carries the aura of questionable actions and statements around like Pig-Pen carries a cloud of dust and dirt around everywhere he goes – to end up in a runoff speaks volumes about those that turned out to vote and/or turned in their votes.

    1. That isn’t “manipulating an election,” that is “buying votes,” and it goes to help explain how Fillingame got a relatively few more early votes than Farve – he already had folks who knew they were going to get something with him it the mayor’s office. As to it being a surprise, not in the least.

      Every candidate promises all sorts of things to all sorts of people, and yep, Ramsey, Farve, Harding and every other candidate in every other race did/does it. AND NOTE – I am not making a comment on the propriety of the promises or the honesty of any particular candidate. Many of the promises are reasonable promises from seemingly honest candidates: “I’ll balance the budget,” “I’ll lower taxes,” etc. Many, even most, are meaningless: “I’ll drain the swamp,” “I’m all about hope and change,” etc. And many are iffy, unethical or even illegal: “Vote for me and I’ll make sure you get…,” “Get me elected and I’ll hire your worthless kid for some no-show job,” etc.

  3. Hunter was no threat to either candidate. He’s still way too young. Give him 4 more years & maybe then. He’s a fine young man though.

  4. I know you are a technical intellectual NUNN, but, offering a job to someone to drop out of a race….is definitely manipulating the results! Does it happen, yes, but, that doesn’t make it ethical and perhaps not even legal if “said job” doesn’t exist and a candidate is being paraded around to meet people that will supposedly become co-workers. Of course, it will only hurt the person who made the promise in the end, but, by then, it will not matter.

    1. What I would like to know is why Mr. Kidd received mileage for taking Mr. Adams to visit City Hall by the Solid Waste Authority?

      1. What I would like to know is what does driving Hunter Adam to the Bay St. Louis City Hall to receive a job offer from Les Fillingame and to meet the other employees he hadn’t had a chance to meet have anything to do with identifying derelict properties and making people pick trash up off their ptoperty?? Mr. Kidd is the Hancock County Code Enforcement Officer according to the secretary at Compton Engineering. I would like to review the Code and see where it addresses delivering people to the Bay City Hall, attending Christmas parties, and attending Bay St. Louis City Council meetings!! Maybe the next document we need is that Code so we can all see what Mr. Kidd is contracted to do for Solid Waste for $2,500 a month and $.51 for mileage!

    2. Hey, weren’t you the Doorkeeper of the House before you, um, died? I would think that you’d have better insight into politics and sausage-making.

      A candidate offering someone a job in their administration if they win isn’t, in and of itself, illegal, unethical or even questionable, even if the offeree is a fellow candidate. For example, if Farve or Ramsey said to the other, “Look, you’ve got good ideas and reasonable qualifications, but I’ve got a much larger number of supporters – if you drop out and support me, I’d ask you to have some role in helping administer our city…,” would you consider that improper? Look at the real-world situation: if Farve had won outright, what would be wrong with turning to Ramsey, who is a CPA, and asking her to pitch in to help, paid or unpaid? That is completely different from promising an unqualified person whatever job can be found just to put them on the public tit. But in either case, it isn’t “rigging, falsifying (or whatever similar term of art you want to use)” election/vote totals.

  5. The issue here is the improper use a county employee and county funds that compensate Kidd.
    We are paying for him from 8-5 to enforce regulations for property, not work on Mayor Fillingame’s campaign or work for Mayor Fillingame in any matter that concerns the city of Bay St. Louis. Kidd works for the County through it’s agency, The Solid Waste Authority. PERIOD. Anything to bendfit Fillingame can be done by the two of them after 5:00 or on the weekends.
    Fillingame is using a county employee over whom he has authority for his personal benefit for re-election, and Kidd is co-operating or colluding or whatever to assure Fillingame remains Mayor and a member if Solid Waste Board to assure his position as County Enforcement Officer.
    Do it on your own time, boys, not ours.
    The receptionist at Solid Waste told me I had to wait until the Attorney approved the minutes.
    Please don’t tell me Heather Ladner ov Butler-Snow read and approved this.
    The receptionist has to be mistaken, I pray!!

    1. I agree. I think the Solid Waste Authority needs to pay closer attention to Mr. Kidd’s day to day operations.

    2. Now, THIS could have potential. If I understand what you are saying, Fillingame had a county employee, who was on some sort of loan to the city, doing campaigning for him (or chauffeuring cronies-to-be, even junior ones) while on the county’s/city’s time. That could be a real issue. Care to list the FACTS – not allegations or conclusions – just the facts, ma’am? And if you use names, use full names without “nicknames, i.e., not “Hunter” or “Lucifer,” but “Hunter Smith” and “Lucifer Jones,” please.

  6. Fact:
    Lucifer’s Supporters,
    Unquantified inspector , $75,000
    Cigarette picker upper , $75,000
    Grant writer, no grants , pay Chiniche for that , $70,000
    Mayor’s assistant , $65,000
    Code enforcer, part time , $20,000
    Kid , double dipping from county & city $35,000

    Just a few who has greatly prospered from his administration.
    All working to get Lucifer re-elected.
    Spreading lies about anything from Favre will fire this one & that one.
    Pleading with people to change over because they might lose their job.

    Heard Favre is against the library.
    Two Years ago Lucifer spent Dedicated Library Millage & Did Not give it to them. Illegal!!!
    Favre & council motioned to take the money out of reserve & pay the library!!!
    Must go

  7. Fact:
    Those $$ figures are with benefits.
    They are probably low.
    Just guessing what they may cost.

  8. Did Kidd give you this information or is this your assumption of those handwritten notes that may or may not be authentic?

    1. These notes were handed to me by the secretary at the Solid Waste Authority with approval if their attorney and after being adopted by the Commision. When I asked the secretary whose handwriting this was, she said, “Tommy Kidd, our County Enforcement officer. They are part of the minutes.”
      AND, they were in the official minute book!

      1. You do assume! You assumed Hunter Adam dropped out of race for a job with Mayor! Yes you do assume facts for your own glory! Hunter Adam dropped out to serve his country, not for the mayor! Get your damn facts!

  9. Hunter dropped out due to his military obligations- he would not have been here for election and didn’t think it would be supportive of his ward! He is far from the political pat backs , just wants to make this crap hole a better place!

      1. Absolutely nothing! Our city and county NEED more young people trying to change this place but if Hunter takes employment with any , it’s not because it was due to dropping out! How would he explain not being here for election to the people whom supported him .

        1. Kim,
          Smarter minds than mine (probably legal) are going to have to figure out why Mr. Kidd was delivering Hunter to City Hall to be offered a job by Mayor Fillingame.
          My position is simple. I want my County Code Enforcement Officer to be enforcing the County Code between the hours of 8 and 5, not delivering people to Mayor Fillingame to be offered jobs in the city or doing anything else for the city.
          Tommy and Les can do that on their own time. This is not about Hunter, believe me. And those two know it.

          1. Maybe if you would plainly state facts, rather than make unsupported accusations, smarter minds than yours, including those who do know the law, might be able to offer informed suggestions. You can be considered a real source of information or a crank – it is up to you. If you cannot do substantiate your information, bluntly, don’t make unsupported accusations. Think about it – if the Sun Herald reported someone you cared about was a criminal because of something someone said on the internet, without citing any objective substantiated, corroborated facts, I suspect you’d be the first to raise (perfectly reasonable) hell. I don’t mean to be rude, but that is the way it goes – put up or shut up.

          2. Hunter may be young but he is an extreme Military head strong man! No One (except the military) can “make” him do anything! Exactly why we need him representing us! Right or wrong , He stands his own grounds !
            Everyone is tired of lies! That’s the only reason I responded, contact him and he would have been glad to tell you the truth .

            1. Um, you people do understand what a _fact_ is, right? Here’s a hint: if you think that one or more exclamation points makes it more factual, chances are it ain’t a “fact.” If you feel it needs 5 or 6 of them, the odds are it isn’t even a valid point, it is just a wild-assed accusation. On the other hand, if you can say that on May 3, 2017, Bob Smith negotiated check #1234 at X Bank, bearing the signature of John Smith, on an account titled “The City of Bay St. Louis,” pre-printed with account # 123456, and here is a picture of that check, that there is probably a _fact_. But when you allege that because Bob negotiated that check, it “PROVES!!!!!!!” he is a crook, hates his mother and apple pie and is probably a Russian agent, you move solidly back into the lunatic fringe and normal, rational and otherwise neutral folks back away from the whole thing slowly.

  10. Last election Tommy Kidd billed the Solid Waste for watching the elections in mostly the annexed area…. and yes he charged for mileage!!!!!

    1. Poolman – I will not dox you but if I understand correctly, folks generally know who you are and you don’t object to that – is that correct? If that is correct and you don’t object to me posting something to you, say something. If you aren’t comfortable with me addressing you as such, I’ll respect that.

        1. Thanks – I’m well-aware of that kind of bullshit all over the coast and I really do not like wannabe power-grabbing trough-snarfing assholes who foist such on honest, unsuspecting citizens. That is the primary reason I’m here trying. Full disclosure – I do have financial interests in Hancock County as well as much of the coast, but at the end of the day, aside from my personal distaste, very little of it will or can affect me directly. I will say I am beginning to think a lot of “hands-on” folks like bitching more than they like doing, and I do have other things to occupy my time – I’m willing to be used, but not abused. I think my experience and knowledge can help, but if not, I’ll just piss right on off and not worry or look back. I’m not looking for credit (hence my nom de plume), only a better overall situation for those who need and deserve it. True enough, if I happen to benefit indirectly from that better overall situation, sure, I’ll take it.

          1. why not just post using your real name NUNN…”Full disclosure – I do have financial interests in Hancock County as well as much of the coast, but at the end of the day, aside from my personal distaste, very little of it will or can affect me directly.”

            1. Sure, why not? My name is Shelly Ladner, my pictures!!!!!!! are all over Facebook!!!!!!! and you can normally find me!!!!!! on a barstool at the Blind Tiger swilling PBRs!!!!!!! and eating hamburgers with my buddy FISHBAIT because some SOB booted my car!!!!!!!!! and I can’t leave!!!!!!! Did I mention, “!!!!!!!!!!”

              Yeah, OK, I’m really not Shelly!!!!!!!! Thank you for playing and better luck next time!!!!!!

  11. Next week is going to be an exciting week with county meeting Monday and city meeting Tuesday. I here there are a lot of public officials upset over this. Voters you need to show up at the polls and DRAIN THE SWAMP, esp. those in ward 5 and 6.

  12. Call me Jaded. This is just another example of some sort of “misappropriation” with this administration. I’m not OK with it. But nothing will come of it except more outrage from those that are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    Would this even be an issue if Hizzoner had LOST last night? Wouldn’t have mattered what anyone was supposedly offered. And that’s the problem. He didn’t lose. Why did over 1,000 people vote for him? Why didn’t Favre or Ramsey win in a landslide? This should be a non-issue today, but it isn’t.

    The voters have spoken. People get what they elect. Enough people seem to be satisfied with the way he is running things to put him in a runoff. It’s going to be a difficult race for either candidate to win unless, as Nunn preaches, more than 20% of the voting public votes! Slim to none that happens. Obviously not enough outrage to push a non-incumbent over last night.

  13. I was just talking to Lana Noonan and she said “Tommy Kidd was paid to take care of blighted properties not politicians. As Larry the cable guy would say ” I don’t care who you are that’s funny”.

    1. David, What I said was, “From 8 to 5, I want my County Code Enforcement Officer taking care of derelict properties, not derelict politicians!!!!

    2. I wouldn’t put my money on anything Noonan says about anyone. She distorts her information and seeks enjoyment by trying to defame the character of good people. If you want the facts I would do your own research and not rely on a person that has a history of reporting her “assumptions”. Her perception is not reality. Maybe you should do your homework on her and find out what her beef is with people. She is a bully and has been for years.

      1. WOW,
        Neither the Solid Waste Authority Secretary nor I are distorting anything. This information is in Kidd’s handwriting and she is the keeper of the minutes for the Authority.
        If you don’t like the message, don’t go after the messenger.
        Prove me wrong.

        1. Wow, Lana
          No good deed goes unpunished-lol.
          I applaud your attempts to help hold officials accountable.

          The trolls are out in force, get some pesticide.

          1. For those of you reading us from afar, what Maggie is referring to is the personal attacks on Lana today via Facebook by Hizzoner’s son, among other people.

            It is a sure sign the contents of this post, which would not have been possible without Lana’s diligence, is causing much wailing and gnashing of teeth over at Team Fillingame.

            1. For what it worth, you might wish to post links to this kind of stuff for those of us who aren’t interested in searching Facebook for it. Plus, it gets it in front of more potential voters. I wouldn’t offer commentary, let any boorishness speak for itself.

  14. Wow you must be a Lesite. Lana deals in facts not hearsay or rumors. She post her name does not hide behind some phony name as you do.

    1. Well, what with all the incisive “information” put forth thus far, the path is clear to any rational, neutral casual observer – don’t even consider these dumpster fires as a source of information. If this is the best the alleged opposition can produce, I strongly suspect you can make your reservations now for the Fillingame victory party. Maybe it will be a dual venue event – Cuz’s and Trapani’s. Best of luck, Bay St. Louis – you’ll need it.

      1. Actually Nunn this pretty much encapsulates the election. Ward 6 is an interesting microcosm of the larger political fray. Mr. Adams is Keith Marquar’s nephew. There is bad blood between Marquar and the current Ward 6 incumbent Lonnie Falgout:

        Man who scuffled with councilman plans to sue Bay St. Louis ~ Sun Herald

        Councilman Lonnie Falgout has released a statement regarding the incident with local businessman ~ Slabbed

        The Echo’s website is down this morning so I will post the perma links and the current link to the articles in the Google Cache to illustrate the larger political picture:

        Marquar disqualified from school board race over ‘lack of diploma’ ~ Geoff Belcher [link to google cache of story]

        Ruhr said Marquar could appeal the decision, but has a very narrow window of opportunity to do so.
        Marquar was unavailable for comment before press time on Tuesday.
        He currently serves on the Hancock County Port & Harbor Commission.

        Port and Harbor Commission is a good gig and you got to have some political connections to score a seat there.

        Meantime down in Bayou Caddy another member of the clan:

        Iced Out: Local seafood dealer behind ice house idea ~ Dwayne Bremer [Link in Google Cache]

        After Dwayne’s first story on Tideland Funds coming to Hancock County to build an Ice House no one knew anything about he ran a followup which quoted the businessman behind the legislative appropriation, Kendall Marquar:

        On Thursday, local seafood merchant Kendall Marquar, the owner of Pinchers in Lakeshore, said he was the person who developed the ice house idea.
        “I have been begging for this for three years,” Marquar said Friday. “Our seafood industry is nothing like it used to be. I have talked to a lot of people about it, but nobody has wanted to help. Finally, after showing the economic benefits to some of our state legislators, they agreed that it was needed and they offered to try to help.”
        One of the state officials Marquar spoke to was State Rep. Casey Eure of Harrison County, who is on the Tideland’s appropriations committee.
        Eure said Friday that he was trying to help Hancock County by setting funds aside for the project and that he has spoken with Hancock County officials about the project.
        “Nobody is trying to pull anything over on the supervisors,” Eure said.

        Eure wasn’t very specific in which County officials he spoke with because at the Sups meeting no one knew anything according to the first story Dwayne wrote on the topic, including State Senator Phillip Moran. Speaking of Senator Moran I wonder if his barber is checking him for athletes scalp as locals have gone over his head so many times lately without consulting him athletes scalp could be a real danger. Moran’s pick for the CMR seat wasn’t Jolynne Trapani for instance:

        Marquar said even if his company does not operate the ice house, his business and others in the area would greatly benefit.
        “My business would double, maybe even triple,”he said. “I would be able to add a lot more employees and we would obviously have to pay more taxes.”

        I wondered why, after reading Dwayne’s article a few weeks ago if an ice house were such a gold mine why Kendall Marquar doesn’t step up with his own money and build one instead of expecting the taxpayers to do it. That said, its illustrative of the political pull that comes out of Bayou Caddy and those connections run to the DMR and other places.

        1. In no particular order:

          I saw the reporting on the ice house and I, too, wondered why an allegedly astute businessman wouldn’t invest in what he claimed was a sure money-maker. But then, I recalled the whole Kern brothers-Mike Cure nonsense about building the Ibiza-San Tropez of the south, rather than the permitted seafood factory, in the marshes of Waveland – Paradise Bay or whatever it was going to be called and I said to myself, oh, that’s right, these people are barely-literate morons of dubious integrity who imagine themselves real high-rollers. Look at the various similar scams/schemes across the coast, from the Shell Landing fiasco in Jackson County (where a small-time con artist, much like the Kerns, put the pants on Carl Crawford, et al, all while Morris Strickland and that bunch rah-rah’ed like a bunch little girls) to the variety of BS “projects” and “proposals” all along the beachfront from the Ocean Springs bridge to the Bay bridge. About all one of these carpetbagger con artists has to do is appear to be what these clowns think successful businesspeople are like, and their greed and stupidity takes it from there.

          Here’s an observation: If I were a serious developer of a project like the aforementioned Paradise BS (no serious developer would even start due diligence on such unworkable bullshit, but…), or even an ice plant that supposedly would be a money-maker, and had the chops to do the deal, I would not want or need any redneck Donald Trump wannabes anywhere near the deal. I’d want to own it in toto and unencumbered with any “non-traditional” business situations (i.e., things like “public” ownership or financing). And here’s a free clue: if you are one these local Donald wannabes and someone with south Florida ties and a nebulous resume shows up and claims they have the chops to do the deal, but, ya know, you and your connections/expertise/whatever might be useful, you’re the mark. If any of the squirrelly bullshit “deals” cooked up locally had the slightest merit, they wouldn’t need tax dollars, BP money or a pack of Chinese money-evacuaters to over-fund it (and really, if the “deal” had the slightest merit, someone with more smarts and chops would almost certainly have beat you to it). For example, the average coastal redneck trash/Donald wannabe rounds up a few too many EB-5’ers and pulls a fast one or three on the penny-ante deal to build a Garden Inn in Pascagoula. But almost 20 years ago, Steve Wynn whipped out his corporate checkbook, built the Beau Rivage while keeping as many of the local wannabes as far away as possible, sold the whole thing to MGM and started another real moneyfactory, all probably before those assholes in Pascagoula had even heard of an EB-5. And here’s a tip for citizens: if some alleged “great business deal” needs tax dollars or other “non-traditional” financing, YOU’RE the mark.

          I also read about the councilman v. the contractor nonsense (I don’t know the participants, but I immediately envisioned a couple of lardasses swinging their purses at each other and bumping beerguts and moobs for about 15 seconds, until they winded themselves and reached for a Bud and a Marlboro or some Redman), but I do not know and really don’t care about the minutiae of that little drama; I’ll accept that it is part and parcel of both small-town Peyton Place politics as well as somehow connected to the “Fillingame machine.” One thought about that: if the accusations have any merit, Fillingame was just some small-time local “entrepreneur” of questionable integrity and ability prior to becoming mayor and now, through the “friends and family plan,” he has cobbled together what passes for a “political machine” comprised of similar small-time tit-lippers – correct? If so, the only way to clean that kind of thing out is if folks with honest, but differing, goals and desires put aside those differences, join forces and beat them fair and square at the ballot box.

          Anyway, I’m sure that Fillingame and his bunch are in the “friends and family” business and Hancock County and Bay St. Louis would be better off with them out on their sorry asses. But that still doesn’t indicate anyone monkeyed around with the vote totals. Granted, it doesn’t indicate that they didn’t, either, but either way, if the goal is to get rid of them, it will take focusing on things that matter and not silly, meaningless sideshows. And a bunch of unfocused bitching won’t help one little bit.

          Has it occurred to any of you folks making either unsupported accusations or equally unsupported counter-accusations that you’d be better off trying to find common ground to defeat a common enemy and using these kinds of forums to actually organize something rather than to scream at each other? The way it is looking thus far, Fillingame is probably laughing his ass off and prepping for 4 more years of the last 8 years.

          1. I would think in this situation the definition of enemy would depend on which combatant you ask. The Marquar clan has evidently chipped in with Hizzoner and his promise of a post election job for Hunter.

            Conversely if there is a king maker here that would be Rachael Ramsey. Where her votes go (to the house or to Mike Favre) is the open question. If I were Mike Favre I’d be courting Rachael’s support.

            I’ve confirmed with two sources the Solid Waste Authority has scheduled a special meeting for Monday afternoon to deal with the problems revealed by this post. There are more such problems as Slabbed has learned this morning that the Solid Waste Authority paid Mr. Kidd to attend Hizzoner’s Christmas party and a special council meeting which discussed the future of Bay PD.

            But as the late Billy Mays would say that’s not all! Dwayne Bremer over at the Echo is reporting on massive problems in the party primaries in Ward 4 including an erased voter machine memory card and more republicans signing up to vote in the GOP primary than actually voted in the primary. Dwayne is reporting that some GOP ballots were spoilated after they were cast so the would be voter could vote on the Democrat side when they discovered the Mayor’s race was not on the GOP ballot.

            What we have here is a genuine mess.

            1. The Solid Waste Authority meeting has been scheduled for Monday at 4:30 for a while. They’re supposed to try & push the Trash Doctors medical waste deal through before a big chunk of the Authority possibly leaves (Fillingame, Compretta, Shaefer, & Reed). Hopefully this Tommy Kidd business will sidetrack them.

              1. Thanks for the correction Trixie. From what I am hearing this will certainly be on the agenda.

            2. Again, in no particular order:

              1) Ramsey is hardly a “kingmaker” – nothing against her, but she barely registered a blip. She got about 160 votes. Subtract her “guaranteed votes” from family, friends, etc. Let’s say those are just 25 of her 160 votes (probably more), so she got 135 “no connection” votes. Now, some number of those 135 voters – I don’t claim to _know_ what that number is, but I’d make an educated guess of 50 votes, plus or minus 13, so let’s round it that to 40-60 – were from voters that were both anti-Fillingame and anti-Farve (the “good ol’ boys”), rather than particularly pro-Ramsey. So, let’s pick the middle and subtract those 50 from the 135, so we are at 85 votes (or less) _for her_ as the objective choice of that voter. Those “anti-Farve and Fillingame” folks won’t suddenly like Farve or Fillingame “on command,” however, some number of the previously-subtracted family, friends, etc. voters would likely vote for Farve if she asked them to do so, so let’s add back in the high side of half of 25, or 13 votes.

              She had practically no real “objective voter” support. That isn’t anything against her, it is just what the numbers show. Now, could those particular 98 voters decide the election? Sure, but likely as not, at best only about 40% of them, or 40 total voters, will actually “transfer” their vote (i.e., actually cast a ballot as she asks) at her request. Granted, under the circumstances, maybe a few more would do so, but we are now getting into low single digit numbers.

              2) Frankly, if I were Farve, I’d put meeting with Harding and his supporters a lot higher on the “to do list” than courting Ramsey and hers, because the way the general looks at the moment, Harding will lose to Fillingame 1400-900, each plus or minus 150 votes (call it 300 max delta, rough numbers) and most average Bay St. Louis residents will lose right along with him. Neither the “Marquar clan” nor “Hunter” are on the ballot for mayor, so I think I’m safe in saying there won’t be many votes cast for them – I guess I don’t see where they matter in this discussion.

              3) I do not understand what you are saying about the “GOP primary.” Harding is the unchallenged GOP candidate. Now, that said, it is perfectly legal for a nominal Republican to vote in the Dem primary, as long as they remain faithful should their choice move forward (and they are free to “re-choose” if their choice loses: a Republican who voted for Ramsey is now “free” to vote for their 2nd choice). Moreover, anyone who voted in the sole GOP city council primary (in Ward 4 I believe) cannot vote in any Dem runoff, so if I were a casually-informed voter who went to cast what would likely be a symbolic-but-meaningless primary vote, only to find out that it would prevent my voting in a mayoral runoff, I’d have probably requested a new (and Dem) ballot, too. The 121 people who voted in the Ward 4 GOP primary are done until the general. Everyone else in all wards can vote in the runoff, regardless of whether they voted in the primary. Put another way, the only people who cannot vote in the runoff are 121 Ward 4 GOP primary voters (because that was the only GOP primary). Heck, unless Harding lives in Ward 4 and voted in the GOP primary, he can vote for Farve in the runoff, and if Farve loses, then legally vote for himself in the general.

              4) We are discussing an election that looks right now like it will have about 2300 votes, plus or minus 300, divided roughly 60-40%, plus or minus 5, 10 delta, for the incumbent and cast in 6 wards/polling locations. There are no “massive problems,” election logistics-wise.

              1. Les is the cancerous tumor strangling this town’s blood flow.
                I don’t lknow Hunter, but the blame for the decrepit state of BSL sure does not lay at his feet.
                Just another victim of Les and his slimy tactics.
                Please vote Mike on the 16th.

  15. Lana, these haters are obviously the perfect mayor’s minions. Its funny when Les is asked what he’s done for Bay St Louis as a mayor, his answer is that he brought the harbor. The harbor is an epic fail. If y’all are dumb enough to re elect a horrible mayor, go ahead. Let’s see how long the new police chief can stay alive.

  16. Fillingame, R. Oliver and T. Kidd are also behind Desalvo’s campaign. They got rid of Hunter, they could not control him.

  17. Now that the door is open on Tommy Kidd, I would be looking at all his notes submitted as official government records.

      1. T. Kidd is the Kiss of Death. Him and Les effectively got Falgout in office. Although a good thing, it shows their ways do not work and their opinions are moot.

        Filingame planted McDonald, Avery, Bradford and Smith who were all given the boot.

        I heard that Les is promising Wendy the City Clerks job. She isn’t very smart and rarely shows up just like he likes em.

            1. No, there was a problem with one of the machines. The new totals show Smith beating Lewis by 1 vote and Black beating Bradley by only 2 votes.

          1. Shouldn’t Lewis call for a recount? contest the results? Smells awfully fishy to me. Another Les intervention…

  18. The BSL Election was declared by the Les appointed City Clerk with full knowledge that a voting machine was not recording in Ward 4! Does les F up everything he touches? What was the rush? There is also evidence that the voting attendants were steering people to the Democratic table to vote for the mayor election. Highly illegal! Does everything he is involved with have to have legal implications?

    1. Is your first sentence true or a false accusation? If you are telling the truth, you should call the Secretary of State’s election hotline. Otherwise, slander/libel is still against the law, even for “anonymous” commenters on slabbed. Ain’t that right, Doug?

  19. Ward 6, the red headed stepchildren of the “in crowd” (the 6 sq blocks of Ye Olde Township). BSL run from north of Bayou Lacroix down to that pretentious marina Les built.
    We have not been paved nor cleaning or culverts done since pre-2005, and blighted home (12 yrs) still listing and home to rats & snakes.
    WTH did you want with a 2 block deep annex on west side of 603? Cops and FD think we’re Waveland.
    County services were far superior to BSL’s. I guess we help pay for all the gas lights, marinas etc.
    Many of us wish we could put our taxes in escrow.
    Your poor relations.

    1. Maggie, here’s how you might can fix your problems: Tonight, start calling or visiting everyone you can in your ward and getting them to commit to giving Farve a chance to meet with you folks, hear your issues and earn your votes. If aren’t willing to put forth any effort, then you have no basis for complaining.

      Mr. Farve and Ms. Ramsey, here is what you can do earn Maggie’s vote: Hopefully, as current Councilman at Large, Maggie’s complaints, in general, comes as no surprise to Mr. Farve, so he needs to explain to Maggie and the rest of the folks in Ward 6 what you would like to do – specifically – to solve their problems or explain why they simply cannot be solved. Ms. Ramsey, apparently you have experience with both construction and accounting – go to Ward 6 and find just one solution to one problem (more would be fan-damned-tasic, but one will do for now), and report that problem and solution to Mr. Farve. That, Ms. Ramsey, will be demonstrating true public service, and you’ll be helping to make the entirety of the town you care about a better place. Mr. Farve, if she does that, what will you do with her efforts to help you earn Maggie’s vote? Think fast and speak deliberately, but act faster because the clock is ticking.

    2. Maggie, I wanted to review a couple of things before I posted this. And as an aside, I like your post: no accusations, no moonbat claims, just a voter asking why they are getting screwed.

      Mr. Farve, meet Maggie. I have no idea if she is real, but the issues she presents sure seem both real and legitimate. In your 2013 council campaign, Ward 6 was right smack in the middle of your supporters, with 166 votes. The numbers, along with my gut, says there are at least that many eligible Ward 6 voters who said to themselves then and will likely do so again, “screw it, why bother, it won’t matter.” That is roughly 150-180 vote(r)s. It is a healthy chunk of the difference between Mayor Farve and Mayor Fillingame. Here is what is almost certainly a real, live Ward 6 voter and supporter giving you an opportunity. Address at least a few of the larger problems these folks plainly have, offer a solution to those issues that you reasonably can and explain why the others cannot be addressed immediately and you’ll not only win, you’ll go some distance to earning that win. Or sit on your ass and hope for the best. I cannot think of any way to put it any plainer or more straightforward.

  20. On June 4 2013 Tommy Kidd billed the Solid Waste morons for 12 hours and 19 miles to over see the election per his notes…..copy of notes sent to Slabbed

  21. Wow after reading all these comments… well I have to take a nap………… Ok, I’m back! Les Fillingame has power over his supporters because they believe what he says… but they completely disregard his actions that have created major problems within every department in the city of BSL. One thing is for sure there are a lot of dishonest people that work for the people of Bay Saint Louis including the Mayor! He is the pied piper of all problems in the city BSL. What I mean by dishonest is not that they are going to brake into you house and steal your new X-Box! no they just collect a check from us the tax payer’s for doing little or nothing! Each employee has a fiduciary responsibility to work for the benefit of the citizens not the mayor. The City should be run like a med size service company were the citizens are the customer and if the boss runs the business into the ground he should be fired… Your Fired LES!!!

    1. John Hess
      He may not break into your house and steal your X-Box, but they damn sure took your garbage pick-up payments you sent to City Hall Utility Dept. and did “something” else with them. Then when they got caught because the Solid Waste Officials started squealing to the press, Les and his Clerk at the time, Kolf, signed the taxpayers on to a loan at The First Bank to cover for it. So, you paid your garbage bills twice–when you sent the money to city hall, and when you paid off the loan.
      Cited in audit for that loan too–no statutory authority according to the auditors.

  22. I am told that Les has an exit strategy if he loses to be hired by “Waste Doctors”. Thios is the Medical Waste Company he id dating. That just sounds too true not to be.

  23. The Hancock County Solid Waste Commission meeting this afternoon was interesting. I had never attended one before because they are usually at 2:00 pm. Not a good time for me and I guess most folks.
    Anyway, I learned one thing—the issue with Mr. Kidd, the Solid Waste Code Officer, and his mileage documentation, has been an ongoing issue for well over 4 years now. Up until about 18 months ago, he was not under contract. Don’t know what his arrangement was with the county. Blaine Lafontaine, District 3 Supervisor from Diamondhead, one of the Commissioners representing the Board of Supervisors on the Commission, said that they have told Kidd in the past 18 months that things out of the scope of his job description are not to be submitted for payment with his $2,500 invoice.
    But it has continued.
    So, the Commission voted to put the amendment of his contract on the agenda of next month’s meeting. I think the mileage is going to be the issue according to the dialogue today.
    And, I was quite proud of my Alderman, Ward I, from Waveland, Jeremy Burke, who said that the situation with Kidd had to be addressed “sooner than later, and we are not supposed to even give the appearance of misappropriating the public’s money!” How refreshing is that in Hancock County!!
    I left early to attend the School Board meeting, but found out after I got home that right at the end of the Solid Waste meeting, before they adjourned, Jeremy made a motion to end Mr. Kidd’s contract with the Commission. I don’t know who seconded, but Tommy Schaefer, said, “that’s not on the agenda.” He said that earlier in the meeting too when Kidd’s situation was being discussed.
    Jeremy shot back, “it doesn’t have to be, it’s Commission business.”
    But the vote went down in Kidd’s favor, barely:
    Voting to suspend contract: Burke, Shaw, and Lafontaine
    Voting to keep Kidd: Fillingame, Smith, Schaefer, and Compretta. Clovis Reed was absent.
    What do we extract from this? I guess you could say the 3 Mayors in Hancock County have no problem with misappropriating public funds, and Compretta changed his stripes since he voted in 2012 to fire Kidd in the Bay.
    STAY TUNED!!!!!

    1. Wait a minute!

      Riddle me this- if he isn’t an employee, and he doesn’t have a contract- how does he get paid?

      Specifically, how does this go on the books?!

      Not to mention…IRS 1099…

      PS- Want to ask a question that might get you a very interesting answer? Ask if the “contractor” is carried on the Hancock County Solid Waste Commission employee insurance plan!

    2. Someone needs to obtain and post this contract. It does get bid out on occasion doesn’t it? That’s one way government bodies can get good value for the taxpayer dollars rather than getting a friend of a friend or all in the family type reaming.

      1. I have obtained a copy of the contract. I actually had one Commissioner asked me if I could send it to him. He didn’t read it before he voted on it!!!!😳😳
        What do we have here? A bunch of Nancy Pelosi’s ?
        You know, ” let’s just vote on it. We can read it later.!”
        I will be charitable and not use any names!

        1. I predict this contract will be the subject of at least one Slabbed post.


          Voting on the contract without reading it?

          That could be the kind thing referred to as the GOB club.

  24. If his contract is considered a “service” it may not have to be bid. The Governing Board can assign a contract to any company or person they want to.
    It is so sad that these mayors want to continue to waste tax payer money on this person who obviously has not been honest with the duties given to him by the Waste Water authority and people of Hancock County. But there is a pattern here. He was fired from BSL for reasons????
    As for all of you that question Lana…. She has been spot on for all of her posts. For such a dedicated person to take her personal time and research all of this as part of her support and best interests of Hancock County is a plus for our community. Thank you Lana and the Alliance for Good Government. Wake up Hancock County and BSL can you see the pattern here. Keeping Les 4 more years will only keep the unqualified people working for us.
    Check the line up in City Hall and all around us. Les votes for Kidd, keeps Charlie Oliver, His daughter gets paid for full day and not around the whole time, What does Paula do? Thank goodness Buzz retired he was there in paycheck only and we don’t all know who else is on the payroll because they voted for les and have families and friends who voted. These people need to go out and get a REAL job and see if anyone hires them. Probably not.
    Charlie gets DUI and still drives city vehicle and can’t pass test to be certified for a position he is paid top dollar, his daughter wants cash only to rent community hall and commits perjury basically with false accusation against poolman and gets paid for full day but leaves early, beaugez wife bashes library, and the real question here is???? which one of Les puppets are “Susan Ladner” ???

    1. I don’t think it was Beaugez’s wife who bashed the Library. It was the Bay St. Louis City Clerk, Sissy Gonzales, on her facebook page, which is worse because she is in a high level administrative position with the city, and recommends spending to the Council.
      Another update: I learned last night that Hancock County Solid Waste Authority is the only one in Mississippi that exists within its own county. The Board of Supervisors are questioning, at this point, if it is a real benefit or is an unnecessary expense.
      This will be a good research project for The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government going forward, and we welcome any input from posters to Slabbed who live in other counties as to how their Solid Waste services are provided and funded.
      It appears to me that this government body is just a little fiefdom where some politicians can nurture their political agendas, and send the bill to the taxpayers. Shall we say it cuts down on their need to raise funds. They pat backs, do favors, and make contacts using our checkbooks.

  25. Tommy Kidd has been sucking on the county tit for a long time. I believe if he were billing unbillable hours and causing compliance issues even after being warned he should be terminated immediately. His employment has been nefarious for years. Filingame hired him for several years while telling the council he was on a grant. Of course that was never the case. His brother was going to get fined for approving his contract because the city attorney at the time did not caution him. Of course everyone knows what the attorney and Les had going on. Again Nefarious at best.

    If Fillingame and Schaffer want to pay him with their personal money go ahead. For them to turn their head it is indicative of something more.

    Compretta is no more than a Yes Les Yes Man that is only interested in his $40 a meeting and what benefits him. If he had to show up for a council meeting to get paid he would then show up there. He hasn’t been to council meeting since he decided not to run.

    Bobby and Wendy can now sit back and have old political stories on how they fleeced the public and got away with it.

    1. Blue Eyes,
      It is not just Les and Schaefer who voted to keep Kidd. Waveland Mayor, Smith did also.
      One more issue that must be addressed is not only the Commission being justifiably concerned with Kidd turning in inappropriate entries for payment.
      We now have Hunter Adam publicly denying that Kidd drove him to City Hall to talk to”Mayor Les” as Kidd referred to him, about his post election employment with the city.
      Do we now have a contractor falsifying a public document and receiving compensation from the taxpayers from it? If so, this is far more serious, and should alert this Commission and the entire Board of Supervisors to question the legitimacy of Kidd’s other entries for payment.
      This CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be ignored by the elected officials who appoint this Solid Waste Commission.

  26. It is just more of the same. Anything Les is involved with becomes a legal debacle. It is amazing that so many are satisfied with this type behavior. What does Kidd do for the Mayors that they are protecting him like that. Schaffer has tried to make the case against his City Manager for the same type stuff. I guess it only matters to him, if it affects him, otherwise it is free game.

  27. Tommy Schaffer why did you ride Clovis for misspending tax dollars in Diamondhead, butttt allow Kidd to continue??? From your own mouth Les is a good guy!!!! You just fell to his level in my political book!!!! Best of luck on Tuesday you sent a great message to Your opponents supporters…. no worries it’s not my money!!!

  28. May 16 please Hurry and get here so we can all say Good By to Les.. and Charlie, and Katie and many more in City Hall then get this city moving in the right direction.. There is not reason we should be in debt with all of the businesses and development happening. It has all been because of the Captain at the head of the ship that is sinking.

  29. They have now stopped to stealing other candidates signs and putting up Fillingame signs in place of them.
    A resident in the Bay just contacted me that someone entered their property last night, stole their Knoblock sign, and put up a Fillingame sign in its place. Knoblock
    is running for Council-at-Large for crying out loud, not even against Les.
    Come on, Bay St. Louis, take Waveland’s lead, and vote out these thugs and get the Bay back on track.
    How trashy is this😩😩😩

  30. Poolman, what about Waveland’s (in over his head) head man? Voted to keep Kidd because “Mr. Kidd has helped me and the city a lot. There has not been one single time that I have called and he has not answered”. Doesn’t matter that Mr. Kidd is billing the taxpayers for watching voting polls and bringing people to see Les as long as Mr. Kidd answers his phone when called. Isn’t that what he gets paid to do? Respond to requests from the cities and County. Nice job managing our money, Smith.
    Lana, don’t understand your comment about taking Waveland’s lead. Lead on what? Are you saying Waveland voted out thugs? I’d like to know who you are calling a thug in Waveland.

  31. Waveland Voter,
    In the 2010, Waveland Municipal Election, Waveland voted in a new Mayor and half of the Board. In my opinion, that was a good move. I attended those mind bogging meetings in Waveland when no one knew where the money was and why so much was missing.
    I also volunteered at City Hall when half the employees had to be dismissed, and the ones who got to stay had to pay their own benefits until things got better.
    Our new Mayor was visited by State Officials who were about to take over the city, if he didn’t get a plan in place to please them. He had been in office a whole 2 months.
    The polls are where the voters get the last word, and in my opinion and experience, the voters in the Bay had better SPEAK this coming Tuesday.
    You describe those who abuse their office to suit you, and I’ll do the same.

    1. Thanks, Lana, for explaining which group you were talking about. I agree the mayor at that time had to go because he drained Waveland’s cash reserves. Can’t believe he wasn’t convicted of malfeasance. And how did he beat his arrest in Maine when he was traveling with $10,000 in cash and someone else’s oxycontin. Some of his cronies are still around stealing from Waveland. They are with different companies but still bilking the city. Current Waveland public officials either know this or just don’t care.

      1. Waveland TAXPAYER,
        As one of my dear friends and neighbors in the Bay used to say:
        “They’re getting away with it HERE, honey, but there’s a day of reckoning when they won’t be the big boss on the block!!” She was a hoot!

  32. The only logical reason for any support for Les has to be psychological in nature. More specifically, that his supporters have just become so used to corruption that they have begun to think of it as the new normal. How any thinking, honest, person could tolerate or support this kind of behavior is quite baffling. If Les wins, I’m basically going to give up on kind of corruption reform here in the Bay. Because it’s going to be crystal clear that a majority of the population is simply bad.

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