PSA: Bay St Louis Primary Election Polling Places

Polls open at 7 a.m. tomorrow and close at 7 p.m.

In Bay St. Louis, there are six polling places:

• Ward One: Bay High School, 750 Blue Meadow Road.
• Ward Two: The Bay St. Louis Library, 312 Highway 90.
• Ward Three: The Senior Citizen’s center at 601 Bookter Street.
• Ward Four: Christ Episcopal Church 912 South Beach Blvd.
• Ward Five: The American Legion at 645 Green Meadow Road.
• Ward Six: The Bay St. Louis Fire Station at 9998, Highway 603.

(H/T Mayor Rachael on Facebook)

10 thoughts on “PSA: Bay St Louis Primary Election Polling Places”

  1. No excuse not to get to the polls today. The weather is beautiful!!! Great day and great reason to get out. Exercise your right to VOTE!!!!!

  2. Doug can you tell us what % went out to vote yesterday. I was please to see the swamp starting to drain. Old Les was not top winner. Lets not forget May 16 to make sure he is not in the General Election.
    I saw in the SH Les and baby Les were at the community center watching the results. Who paid for this? Was this a city sponsored event? More of our money being spent by hopefully the Lame Duck Mayor..

  3. Did I read it right that Les lost in the personally cast votes, but then pulled ahead when the absentee votes came in? If so that’s disturbing as one sided results (especially when remarkably different than personally cast votes) in Mississippi with absentee voters has often been the product of voter fraud.
    Voter ID has always been puzzling as a fair election solution as it doesn’t help at all with absentee voter fraud, the most prevalent voter fraud in Mississippi historically.

    1. You did read that right Observer and yes, major tally swings on absentees can indicate monkey business. Wards 2 and 3 went overwhelmingly to Hizzoner. He lost every other Ward before the absentee ballots. We’re working on getting the final results.

      1. From what I’ve seen: The in-person results were Farve ahead by about 20 votes, with Ramsey a very distant third (less than 200 votes), there were about 150-160 absentee ballots and Fillingame got about 90 to Farve’s 50 or so, with Ramsey getting about 5. It looks legit, but if it was “monkey business,” it was pretty ineffective. This thing was headed to a runoff, with or without the absentee ballots and with Fillingame as an entrenched incumbent with strong support, the numbers don’t look “funny” to me.

        That said, it looks like about 2400 votes were cast, or about 25% of people eligible to vote (I didn’t bother to look up the number of registered voters) with the percentages being roughly Fillingame 47%, Farve 46% and Ramsey 7-8%. The number of primary voters in the mayoral election were about the same as 2013.

        If those that want to defeat Fillingame care more about what they see as a better Bay St. Louis than in-fighting or themselves, here’s a suggestion: Ramsey should strongly support Farve and someone should encourage the GOP candidate, Harding, to ask his supporters to vote for Farve AND commit to vote for him in the general. Yes, that is legal _IF_ those that cross party lines to vote for Farve in the runoff also vote for him in the general if he wins (yes, that essentially means that Harding concedes to Farve _IF_, but only _IF_, Farve wins the runoff). However, if Fillingame were to win the runoff, Harding’s supporters (as well as Farve’s and Ramsey’s) are free to vote for Harding in the general. From what I can see, Harding doesn’t stand much of chance (Fillingame beat him 3 to 1 in 2013), but his only chance is a “team effort” against Fillingame, not a heads-up against Farve (where, likely as not, more Fillingame supporters will vote for Farve than Harding).

        Isn’t Harding the guy who had the “situation” involving false accusations, etc., with Fillingame’s daughter and doesn’t he post on Slabbed? If so – if you are reading this, you need to ask yourself some difficult questions:
        1) Do you care more about getting Fillingame out or tilting at windmills?
        2) Do you really think you can defeat Farve or even Fillingame in the general? I’m not suggesting you absolutely cannot win, but the odds of Fillingame being defeated are much greater with a “team effort” by those wanting to see him gone, and bluntly, I am stating that, currently, your odds do not look good to be the next mayor (and are very small against Farve). Of course, the same needs to be asked of Farve and Ramsey – if Fillingame wins the runoff, are they prepared to support Harding to defeat Fillingame?

  4. Certainly Lesbo saw no evil, heard no evil or spoke no evil concerning the public’s absentee voting for himself for mayor especially whose administration has been so transparent……

    He,he,he … did ole Les FillingBSgame fill the ballot boxes with BS …….absentees my butt…. gotts to compare signatures on absentee ballots with those signatures at registrar’s office then send a MD to see if these sheeple are still breathing.

    Any recognized political pundit would expect a per centage correlation between absentee ballots counted and those votes casted in person for any candidate …..if that is a wrong conclusion maybe Lesbo could offer some reasons why that axiom would not be sound.

    1. Fillingame is an entrenched incumbent with what passes for a political machine in a small town who got a few more absentee votes than his main challenger in a primary – it doesn’t surprise me in the least. If your theory were accurate, only about 30-40 Fillingame votes are potentially “stuffers.” If they were done at the last minute, what was the point? It wouldn’t have avoided a runoff. And if they were done prior to the poll voting, again, what was the point? It was highly unlikely that 30-40 votes would have mattered (and, in fact, they did not). Of course, given the penny-ante BS that seems to occur in Bay St. Louis, from Fillingame’s daughter’s nonsense with Harding to folks bitching about fishcamps on 603, anything is possible I suppose.

      Not to toot my own horn, but I said several days ago that around 4-500 votes would decide this thing and it did. And more than likely, if Fillingame wins the runoff, he will win the general unless all of the challengers – Farve, Harding and Ramsey – team up to defeat him.

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