Hizzoner under Investigation: The Misdemeanors that simply won’t go away

And last night Wes Muller dropped the latest from Sheriff Ricky Adam:

Did more than 700 improper checks come from Bay St. Louis City Hall?

You betcha they did as this also implicates a couple of former City Clerks. As Wes points out in the story none of this is exactly new information having been pointed out in the 2014 Fiscal year audit and the State Auditor’s Office Performance Review of same. Hizzoner of course is having none of it and pretty much says the seasoned professionals at both Wright Ward Hatten & Guel and the performance audit division of the State Auditor’s Office are full of it.

Nevertheless, the mayor said the fact the auditor’s office disputed itself on one issue puts everything else into question.

When asked why the investigation is expanding if he has proof no checks were improperly issued, the mayor said it’s possible the sheriff and his investigators favor his opponent.

The State Auditor changing the draft of their Performance review is hardly contradictory and such is why a draft is a called draft. Getting it right before a final report is issued is usually known as professionalism in locales other than A Place Apart, a concept that has been missing from the financial side of City Hall for many years. In any event this is what the State Auditor had to say about problems in the claims payable process since Hizzoner brought it up:

OSA Performance Review Pg 12

OSA Performance Review Pg 13

I’ve spoken with a pretty good cross section of the community over the past two weeks. The anti incumbent mood is undeniable. How that translates into the individual Council races is the open, interesting question in my mind as my crystal ball tells me one incumbent Councilwoman will lose in the primary election next Tuesday. How the other four fare in early June is the open question.

Like Lana Noonan and the Hancock Alliance for Good Government, Slabbed urges everyone in the Bay to get out and go vote in Tuesday party primary elections.

8 thoughts on “Hizzoner under Investigation: The Misdemeanors that simply won’t go away”

  1. Fact:
    Oh Lucifer has done it again!!
    Let’s see:
    1) 1,2&3,4,5&6 council members are after me!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    2) Wright , Gould & whoever are idiots. Council got them to falsify their audit. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    3) OSA performance auditors are idiots. Favre & council got them to Falsify a 20 page or so audit on the mayor. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
    4) Now Favre got the Sherrif & another guy to make False statements against Lucifer & his Groupies.
    He must be thinking they work in his corrupt police dept. 😑😑😑

    So let’s see here :
    CPA’s, Attorneys, Investigation, Sherrif, FBI & no telling who else are Liars & Idiots.

    They all put their careers on the line for Lucifer’s opponent!!
    They all lied for Favre!!!!!!!!!!!
    A guy that most never knew or met before.
    Simply AMAZING that Lucifer & His Idiots can come up with more BS & try to cover it up. Maybe they need to take a trip to Ellisville & check in!!!

  2. Fact:
    Need a little music to go with this.
    Charlie Brown
    By the Coasters
    Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown he’s a clown that Charlie Brown ,He’s gonna get caught , just you wait & see, why’s everyone always picking on me.

  3. Fact:
    While I’m on a roll , let me ask,
    The school board approved the docket last meeting & Singleton was on it for a reimbursement for his trip to Colorado.
    He Was Not a school board member!!
    Repeat, He was not a member of the school board!!!
    Whose responsible for this.
    Lucifer or Singleton????
    Someone must repay this money!!!
    Where’s their attorney???
    False Claims
    Oh , Votes

  4. The School Board Attorney is Ronnie Artigues, who should be in the same group of Les and his cronies. He is just as bad, and to allow a reimbursement on someone who is not a board member, is totally not a legitimate expenditure. That was Singleton’s choice. I am so surprised no one has investigated Mr. Artigues and his School Board ethics as their attorney.

    I wonder how Mr. Trent Favre is going to handle this one. His friend David K. was clerk when some of the checks were written???
    The council should have hired someone NOT from this area with NO DNA or friendship connections.

    I am so tired of Les and his excuses and finger pointing. Be a man and own up to your mistakes, or maybe the voters will finally see him for what he is.. A total phony and liar.

  5. Fact:
    Forgot this,
    Lucifer’s opponent persuaded the Sun Herald to print False information.
    All these people have opened themselves up for large lawsuits just for Favre.
    What idiots.
    That’s putting it nice.

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