Come Move to A Place Apart….In a trailer

Yesterday afternoon the bat line started going off about the new trailer on Highway 603 and a couple of inquiries later…….

Bay St Louis' newest trailer on Highway 603. Picture courtesy of a reader.
Bay St Louis’ newest trailer on Highway 603. Picture courtesy of a reader.

It’s better than the old school bus on stilts that graced that area before the storm but construction standards have supposedly improved since then. How about a close up shot of the building permit:

Building Permit Issued by Bay St Louis Building Department for Trailer. Picture courtesy of a reader.

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  1. Wait. The cute Katrina cottages were a HUGE NO, but a trailer in the air gets a permit? ??

    1. The cute Katrina cottages were a huge no and taken away for the people who needed them because they were gathered up and the “good ole boys” made “cottage malls” out of them in Ocean Springs and other areas, and they needed deer camps, etc., etc. So of course, that was not an option. Many were stockpiled at [email protected]’s donees properties and hidden at places such at the fish hatchery at Lyman until they could be disposed of at will. Do a little investigating into it and you will see where all the Katrina cottages went.

      1. Yes as I remember Joe Cloyd and Adam Dial got those big federal grants with that inside connection push from Barbour and Scottie boy and the rest of the gang, well chain gang now. Except for the Rat Pickering favorites. Those champagne funds came in handy and paid max dividends.

    2. Those MEMA sweeties sat in a field, 1000s of them as some families were forced out and bsck to hotels…..
      The whole situation was standard Fed-local morass og Catch-22s and Murphy’s law. People asked to buy them from feds. It was a ridiculous amount, especially since many needed elevation.
      I guess paying sky high hotel bills is better than conservatives thinking us parasitic Katrinans were getting MORE free stuff.

  2. Good thing that isn’t an occupancy permit what with the first stair riser looking like it may exceed code! The sill flashing still may need a little work too. It sure looks like the tie down strapping has been placed over the house wrap.

    Why are the first 4 digits of the permit number 2010?

  3. Welcome to the North-South Corridor entry into
    The Place Apart!!!!
    This beauty is compliments of Les-Charlie-and Tommy!!
    This trio is the gift that keeps on giving!!
    As Les said at least 100 times last week at the Forum:
    This thing is TREMENDOUS😂😂😂

  4. Fact:
    Lucifer also states how competent the building dept. is.

    Fact R Fiction :
    So now they must remove it???
    Or Leave it???
    Should stir up a big can of worms.

    Fact R Fiction:
    We can now bring trailers in everywhere!!

    Guess this is the councils fault.

  5. Where Is Michael Reeves when you need him???
    This is a flood zone, does it meet building requirements? Wind requirements? Minimum Sq. ft. if Residential? I am really curious how the house is tied to the foundation. The foundation does not even look like it meets code with hurricane straps under the house??
    But again, who said Tommy or Charlie could read? Was this permitted in 2010? There is a difference between a Modular and a Manufactured home.
    PLEASE VOTE LES OUT before the whole 603 corridor is mobile homes on stilts. Yes the bus was gone, but now this….This definitely sets a precedent.
    Lonnie, Council where are you on this one?

    1. I don’t know where Reeves is. But, stop and think about where the so-called “professional builder” on the Council is????—-Wendy, who touts all of her expertise about building as local director of Habitat for Humanity?? She wanted to build a house in Waveland several years ago on a lot that had no access to the adjoining street??!!
      Maybe Mike Reeves needs to pick up Wendy, and they can ride out together and “examine” this fiasco.
      Sounds to me like some bonds need to be revoked in that Building Dept. and it shouldn’t stop with the underlings. SOMEONE has to be in charge. And, you don’t kill a snake by cutting off its tail.
      By the way, is Habitat still here building houses in response to the Katrina damage? I get asked that all the time. Seems like their work should done with regard to recovery. Now they just keep reselling those houses that turn over constantly$$$$$$$$$$$$

    2. I inquired over a month ago regarding this project!! ????? Mislead! Misinformed! Mistakes abound!! It WILL not remain! In addition to NOT meeting minimum sq. ft. for residences…………….another BSL Bldg. Dept. embarrassing moment…..

  6. Henry keeps reselling them. Nice business. Private inventory with donated money. Hell of a gig. The only GIG better than this is Wendy getting paid by the taxpayers to party at socials.

    1. Remember that old song “It’s Nice Work If You Can Get It, And You Can Get It If You Try”$$$$$$$

  7. We live off 603 on the bayou. We tore down what was left after the 28+ ft water booked.
    Our slab alone was beyond Miami-Dade Code. 30 foot Pilings 8 ft down. All tied in with rebar in trenches 4ft down. Then rebar again. Then concrete. 2x6es, no 2x4s, double roof trusses, evrtything lag bolted and screws, no nails. Doors windows to 160mph. It is a fortress. Each corner is connected from 8ft under to roof peak by metal bars. It cost almost all of an inheritance and the funds from feds.
    We have never seen another home built as stringently as ours. And every time Code guys came, we heard differing requirements on plumbing, on tie downs, the roof bewildered them completely. Maybe because we did it right.

    These “codes” added $75,000 to the cost. We received an Certificate of Occupancy. Realtortold us not that many builds here can get a COO.
    So we do as we are told by ppl we thought had some knowledge about what the hell they mandated to us.

    Where did that get us? Near some moron in a single wide (aren’t they prohibited here, and in flood zone)
    It is perched atop some huge matchsticks. Rain and wind will dump it over…..I KNOW theur pilings are not 8 ft down.

    This is bullcrap….I am sick and tired of yhe sloppy work, poor standards accepted, the utter lack of consistency in building. Maybe Mayberry was ok begore Katrina, but now as we are gaining a reputation amongst tourists and weekenders, we need to be smart. Shucky darn, K don’t know where thosr weapons or Mrs Denardo went. Or “I promise you you will get repaved and ditches clean very soon.” 2 yrs later: “We have the funds to do the streets. You are on that list” to “well, that money ran out before we could do your one block” but I am on the blighted property next door, the 12 yrs of blight. We are applying for a bunch of money”…..sorry, I didn’t fall off the turnip truck, sir. I was never ON that stinkin’truck full if manure.
    I love BSL, and I ain’t leaving. So some folks down at City will havr to go.
    I’m going to that tin can in thd sky and blow real hard.

    1. I’m with you Maggie. Although our home is not nearly as nice as yours, we had the same types of problems when we built because we built “correctly” according to our top notch builder but NOT always according to the cracker jack Bldg Dept. Luckily our builder stood his ground on many issues & won, lost on a few.
      We checked out the trailer home on stilts on 603 last night & almost fainted. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. is the Bldg. dept stupid enough to think that Ward 6 is not going to go nuts?

  8. Well, I certainly understand the concerns, what with all the beautifully-restored and maintained Antebellum mansions and Rodeo Drive-like shopping currently on 603. I’m guessing that if the building in question weren’t there, likely as not Neiman-Marcus, Harry Winston or maybe Tiffany & Co. or Thomas Keller (although the old Cuz’s location might appeal more to him) would spend whatever it took to acquire the location as the site for their new flagship location…

    Are you people serious? That thing looks like a new version of just about every other thing (well, except the abandoned car lot, the concrete plant and the gas stations/stop-n-robs) on 603. And if any shenanigans took place in the issuance of a permit for that, what in the hell could have changed hands in the deal? A six-pack of lukewarm Natural Light and a Slim Jim? Dinner for two at the Chinese buffet (coincidentally, amongst the finest dining available directly on 603)? I’m sure the kind of big bucks high roller that would aspire to such a dream home would bribe, threaten or even kill whomever necessary to secure the permit. I am beginning to understand how and why douchebags get into office and are able to run amok – all they have to do is get a few crabby cranks to birddog some meaningless bullshit and while that is going on, they steal everything from the silver to the copper plumbing.

    1. Nunn,
      Tell that nonsense you spout to all of those who have been held to the building code since 2010.

      1. Three points: 1) The construction obviously isn’t complete, so folks blathering about “code” have no factual basis to comment on what the final result might ultimately be (assuming they know building code from Morse code in the first place). And more importantly, 2) The bulk of the bitching isn’t because this sky castle doesn’t have the proper number and placement of hurricane ties, it is because of the appearance of it – “a trailer,” etc., hence my comments regarding the appearance of 603 and the likelihood of this thing affecting the ambiance of it. But most important, 3) If this is the kind of thing folks focus on in a city with the REAL problems Bay St. Louis has, the people responsible for those problems are, I am sure, laughing their sorry asses off.

        I’ve been to the Waveland Walmart – at least 80% of the folks there on any given day would consider this jacked-up tote-a-home worthy of aspiration. As far as tourists, do you really think that the mere sight of what at casual glance appears to be just another “fish camp” in a marshful of them is going to cause them to run away in abject horror? Do you imagine they will take one look and say to themselves, “OH MY GOD! Look at the code violations on THAT one! Where are we, Aleppo? Cancel the trip! We must flee these lawless backwoods immediately!”

        As to the insinuations and accusations that its presence and/or permitting is due to bribery, skulduggery and corruption, if that’s true, it is profoundly sad and yet, hilarious (in the tragi-comedy sense).

        1. The Bay’s zoning ordinance does not allow manufactured structures except under limited circumstances. Residential structures must also be a minimum of 780 square feet. The trailer in question is 456. Plus RFP noticed the permit was not issued in 2017, I am told reliably the original permit was for an onsite constructed structure.

          In this case it appears Les is buying a vote. This act of kindness will end up biting someone in the ass IMHO.

          1. Ah, so assuming your sources are accurate, “profoundly sad” as well as “hilarious” ARE appropriate: a person who has the staggering wherewithal and gluttonous material desires to put a 456 SF “manufactured home” up in the air in a floodzone (as well as on a busy highway and near, but not actually on, a mosquito-infested, mostly stagnant bayou/marsh) is considered a key constituent whose vote must be bought. I mean no offense to folks in 456 SF manufactured homes in such locations, but the reality is the majority of such folks are not influential cronies of a corrupt (or even a “friends and family only”) government and most such governments do not consider such folks as…well, they just do not consider them at all. Or does Bay St. Louis have an internship program for “junior cronies” who haven’t yet been able to skim enough to afford a 2/1 on a whole 1/20 acre lot?

            As a purely technical point, are you absolutely sure that zoning/code/rules/regs prohibit a “manufactured home” being placed where this one is placed, and does so for all uses? In other words, can the “chapter(s) and verse(s)” be cited to substantiate the allegations that this thing is an unequivocal violation? It well may be totally prohibited – I do not know, hence my question.

            As to the alleged ascetics of 603, generally speaking this thing fits in with the surrounding structures visible from 603 and neither adds to nor detracts from the “ambiance” of the area. Frankly, attacks from that perspective would tend to cause the neutral observer to question the objectivity and motive of those complaining about it.

          2. Has anyone been able to figure out what the Building department scratched out in the upper right hand corner of the Building Permit posted here on Slabbed?
            It looks like ” 2014″ but I can’t tell for sure.
            What is the penalty for tampering with a public document? I don’t mean in Bay St. Louis because I know there is no penalty or even acknowledgement of wrong doing in that old Coast Electric Building.
            Take a close look at the Permit Doug posted and see if any of you can make out what they scratched out!

    2. Kiss my ass Nunn. I live in Ward 6 in an area where $250,000 – $500,000 homes are being built about 1/4 mile from the trailer home on stilts.
      Your political comments are usually interesting. A direct dig an area where people live is ignorant, rude & uncalled for.

      1. And these $250-500,000 homes would also roughly the same distance from very similar structures (many not as new as this one), as well as various and sundry other less than awe-inspiring properties, from abandoned/empty car lots, industrial locations and a bunch of rental “cabins” that look like the “YOURS FOR ONLY $99.95 A MONTH – YOUR PAYSTUB IS YOUR CREDIT!” storage sheds sold by roadside dealers to a host of mundane, half-occupied commercial buildings.

        This is south MS – you often have such homes within a 1/4 mile of dilapidated mobile homes and tar-paper shacks, which were there BEFORE the homes. If you built a $250-500,000 home in such an area and expected the entire area to come up to the standards you deem appropriate solely because you want it to, you are a naive fool. If you are such a high-stepping aesthete, buy the damned thing (hey, your paystub could be your credit!), remove it and build an art museum and botanical gardens there. Or just accuse me of making digs at where people live….

        1. I don’t live in one of those homes and as I said, your political insights are sometimes quite interesting & paint you as intellectual. These comments paint you a different color.

  9. This is one of the reasons why we are moving from Bay ST. Louis and Hancock County as a whole. Besides it becoming little New Orleans

  10. Permits are easy to get for anything if you have a Fillingame sign in your yard. The father of the trailer owners supports Les.

    1. I think I have a idea to eliminate the corruption in Bay St. Louis. Get the Blind Tiger guy to give Les a coupon for two any on-tap beers and a boycott burger with the purchase of any regularly-priced appetizer, every day for a year, and for such a vast material offering, he’d certainly drop out of the race and move up north of Kiln. Think of what he would do for a Klondike bar?

  11. Maggie and Trixie,
    I do not know if you are “weekenders”or “residents”but if you are residents and registered to vote, PLEASE go to the polls this coming Tuesday, May 2. You DO NOT have to continue to put up with the selective enforcement of rules and regulations. You have a choice. The incumbent Mayor has two opponents.
    If you sit home, thank yourself for what you will continue to endure.
    Grab some neighbors, and get to those polls. That’s where the game can change. Trust me. We had to do it in Waveland.
    I have the poll books and there are over 2,000 registered voters in Wards 5 and 6. You could own this election. As taxpayers paying in over $2.8 million into the city in the last 11 years, you haven’t been allowed to own much else. The administration has ignored you at the podium, so you are going to have to SPEAK through the Ballot Box.
    It can be done. We had to do it in Waveland.
    GO FOR IT!!!

    1. UPDATE:
      Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, Ward 6 Councilman Lonnie Falgout is being refused by the city’s Building Dept. the records on the 603 construction in the Ward he represents, that is in violation of the city’s building codes. They are telling him he has to fill out a Public Records Request Form. That would take 7 days to process, which, of course is past this coming Tuesday’s election.
      I would tell the Mayor’s minions that as an elected official, I am one of the keepers of the city’s records, hand them to me.
      Now, though, he is being told the city attorney has the records!!!??? WHY??!!
      The taxpayers are now having to pay legal fees to hide city records??!!
      Come on, people. This has to stop.
      Remember when the Mayor wouldn’t allow the Council to view the city’s bank accounts, and the Ethics Commission and Attorney General ruled that Council could examine them?
      Maybe Lonnie ought to just go down there and call those two agencies right in front of the Building Dept. clerk who is being told to refuse an elected official access to public records and have her cited and fined.
      MAY 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Speaking of bets, anyone wanna bet if an attempt is made to make what appears to be nothing more than a penny ante rabbithole (or worse, a “the rich grumbling about the poor” whinefest) a major issue in the “send Les packing” campaign, it will turn off more voters than it will mobilize, even if it appears that Les himself took the Natural Light and Slim Jim. I doubt there are more than 10 people who will vote in the Bay St. Louis election who would vote one way or the other over this (or even care about it).

    2. Something is wrong with either the above data/numbers or the tax situation. $2.8 million over eleven years is roughly $255,000 a year. Divide that amongst “over two thousand registered voters” (out of about 10,000 people _eligible_ to vote in the entire city), and it is only about $250.00 year in taxes per person over 18 _AND_ registered to vote. That is bad enough, but when you take into account the taxes paid by “weekenders” as you call them, business entities, along with tourists, etc., the amount per registered voter will decrease dramatically. Every college-degreed CPA in the US, all teamed up and with bellies so full of fire they could fart a hole through the frontal armor of an Abrams tank, couldn’t make those numbers work.

      1. Oops, I made it better than it actually is – it isn’t $250 per registered voter, it is only about $125.00 per registered voter.

    3. I’ll be at the polls. Hub and I haven’t missed 1 election since we got here in 96…….maybe this time WE get a role in how BSL runs.
      Bsl is more than the 6 sq blocks of Old Town

      1. Please get out and talk to your neighbors. One of our main problems is that the majority of registered voters don’t get out and vote!

  12. I’m not going to bother looking for chapter and verse to quote on a Friday afternoon.

    Given the possibility that the first four digits on the permit pictured are actually 2010, and that this isn’t just a random numbering scheme; what I am going to suggest is that interested persons might want to consider asking some questions about what the BSL regulations (codes, zoning ordinances etc) say about how long a BSL building permit is good for after issuance.

    Such questions as:

    How soon after issuance does work need to commence before the permit expires?

    How long is work allowed to continue under the same open permit?

    Want more fun? Care to make a bet in advance that the “as written and adopted” doesn’t match the practice?

    1. So, in other words, you don’t know, either. Also, I’ll readily acknowledge there are all sorts of _possibilities_ – again, I didn’t know which goes a long way to explain my saying I didn’t know and asking if anyone did know.

      Insofar as the practice not matching the “as written and adopted,” that is something I do know about and have some experience with: in just about every governmental system in the world, from the best to the worst and everything in-between, there are numerous areas where practice doesn’t match the written “rule.” The reasons vary from good and decent (and often because the “rule” doesn’t make common sense, it is impossible to implement as written and/or it is indecipherable even to a Philadelphia lawyer) to a lack of knowledge or mistake to pure laziness to corruption. If the reason for this palace in the sky is true _corruption_, I’ll say it again: profoundly sad and hilarious.

    2. Permits are good for 6 months and must be renewed and paid for… Also after the 2nd renew if its not finished it must be reviewed….well thats how they treated my property!!!! Did Charlie get a court date yet for his DUI??????

  13. Nunn Tell me where you reside. I would like to put a car lot and a trailer park next to your house and see how you like it. I thank you would raise Hell.

  14. Where is Rod Ward today? Out fishing? Can’t believe he hasn’t jumped into this convo.

    If true, forcing Lonnie to make a public records request for the building office’s file on this trailer in the sky is beyond absurd. #totald!ckmove

    Tiny trailers on stilts anywhere within the city boundaries, and outside of specially zoned trailer parks, are completely unacceptable and not allowable under current zoning (is it current?) and building codes. Crappy highway surroundings or not – this is complete and total BS. The city wouldn’t permit a decent looking double-wide at the Garden Isle entrance years ago. All of a sudden tiny bird house trailers in the sky are OK? Whatever. What does our “highly ranked” flood plain manager/special assistant to the mayor have to say about this? #sooverthebullsh!t

    People please vote no to the current administration on Tuesday. Their incompetence, jackassery, unethical actions, and dishonesty know no bounds.

    Any who…. we have short-term memory issues around here & Les’ BFF & city building “supervisor” commenting to the folks at the echo, “It’s no big deal, it really isn’t,” Oliver said. “It’s been stamped. It meets the 2012 building codes of the city of Bay St. Louis. It’s like the MEMA cottages in the city of Bay St. Louis. There are about seven or eight of them in the city. … It meets the building criteria of the city of Bay St. Louis. That’s all we can go by.” The matter is expected to come up for further discussion at the city council’s next meeting.

    A walk down memory lane for some perspective….

    #7: Cottage Crisis:
    With the deadline for the removal of Mississippi Cottages looming, many locals pleaded with city and county leaders to allow them to keep their Mississippi Cottages. Bay St. Louis and Waveland voted to allow the cottages in commercial parks only, while the county voted to allow them to remain in all areas zoned for mobile homes except the velocity zone.

    The cottages were delivered in 2007 as a means to get people out of FEMA trailers. Each resident had to sign a contract saying he or she would vacate the cottage by March 2009. Many residents now say their rebuilding plans are not complete and they will have no place to go if their cottages are taken.

    “They will no longer be MEMA cottages,” he said. “They will become modular homes and people will be able to buy, sell, and rent them. This may have the opposite consequence of what local governments want.”
    The idea of converting the cottages to modular units has been tossed around for several months.

    Non-profit groups such as Habitat for Humanity have offered to assist some residents in modifying their cottages, but the cities of Bay St. Louis and Waveland have refused to allow this request.
    In both Bay and Waveland, cottages can only remain in commercial parks after the March deadline.

    Modular homes, however, are perfectly legal in both cities.
    Rent said the cottages being auctioned are not the ones which have been reacquired when people have turned them back into the agency.

    **Lonnie – maybe Doug can help you out on this. He feels the pain of the residents in your ward.**

    “How do you tell your neighbors, that their property value is being decreased because someone needs a home,” Seal said.

    Some unimaginable, anguishing stories of distress were aired this week to Bay St. Louis City Council, in pleas for permission to replace FEMA trailers with MEMA cottages.
    Council members at one point appeared ready to bend their own rules on the cottage placements. Later, they considered tossing out the rules entirely and open the city gateways to all the cottages the state has to offer.
    In split votes on the five-man council, four applicants for cottages were rejected. Five were accepted. One was tabled. The city rules remained intact.
    Months ago, council members agreed that the Mississippi cottages would be allowed only on commercial property or in trailer parks. But a string of citizens showed up to beg to the contrary, urging they be allowed to put the temporary cottages on their properties while rebuilding.
    Council relented and agreed to that, with assurances from the state that the cottages-on-wheels would be rolled out of town no later than March 2009.

    1. Lord,
      I’m here too windy to fish. It is just more of the same. The only thing will change anything is the election.
      It is not logical that Les is even a contender in the election. I believe, like the Presidential election, the silent majority will step up.
      Drain the swamp.

    2. Doug has a MEMA cottage in his ward!!!! Why hasn’t the flood mayonnaise jar ever done anything about its elevation????? Oh snap she was the Clownty supervisor at the time!!!!

  15. So this may be an inappropriate location to post this, but I just read the FB comments from Sun Hearld’s page regarding the 700 improper checks. It is apparent that Mr. Patton and Mrs. Oliver are so passionate in their support of Les that all common sense escapes them. ~ So reflect back. Les has never made a mistake, never done anything improper … yet the DoJ, State Auditor’s Office, Attorney General’s Office, Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, Sea Coast Echo, Sun Herald, Alliance for Good Government, etc are all picking on him. Surely no one believes that this is all made up. In fact, it appears Mr. Fillingame, ‘Susan Ladner’ and his croanies are all really good at crafting coverups. Wake up folks.

  16. Nunn I thought you might have replied to my post by now. Can’t take the heat. I need to get thous Permits before Les leaves office.

  17. Our wonderful City Attorney at work again. I sure hope the reason he has the records is because they have him reviewing what the dumb idiots in the Code Department have done allowing the structure to go up and say it has to come down. This is going to be another test for our city attorney. I have not been too impressed so far. I am afraid he is sipping at the kool aid with a thin straw. Amazing how the dollar controls the mind and actions.
    The permit is pretty clear “new construction manufactured home” That is not permitted.
    But, the question may arise, does the city have legal ordinances in place, and if not, what were the codes in 2010 when the permit was issued.??
    Les and Charlie sure know how to screw up everything. Drain the Swamp….

  18. So, this same “home” could be placed on a vacant lot on Main St, or Beach Blvd, or how about Third St?

    1. Trixie,
      I don’t know why this same “home” couldn’t be built on Main St. Look at the freak show that was built at the intersection of Dunbar and Main!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. LOL TRIXIE……amongst all those historic homes controlled by certain factions of unelected persons……ppl can’t paint their rocking chair without a decree!

      The look on their faces???? Priceless.

  19. Come on guys, this is The Shed’s new Hancock County location. Opening soon. Since it’s the Shed, the Sun Herald will cover it for weeks. And if you get a few LGBT Scary Clowns thrown in with a meth bust, you’ve got some serious headlines that are so welcoming to our newcomers and visitors.

  20. TODAY IS VOTING DAY………… Horrah…….

    Forget about the Trailer in The Sky for a day and somebody PLEASE watch over the voting machine/ ballot box as I fear Les Feeling ‘Full of BS’ game gunna done pull da’ magic rabbit out amongst smoke and mirrors.

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