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Posted on April 19, 2017

Steve Bannon has a problem. He’s in a tribal fight against the toughest, most effective political tribe in the country, the American Jewish Community, and Bannon’s tribe, Irish Catholics, disbanded 40 years ago. They don’t wear their brass knuckles anymore and they only meet on St. Patrick’s Day.

We’re not cohesive and we don’t support each other. I know. I’m a member.

The Bannon tribe’s last hurrah was the election of JFK back in 1960. The Irish Catholic Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley, was key, as was the longtime Boss of the Bronx, Charlie Buckley. Since then, there have been flashes of tribal effectiveness with Ted Kennedy and Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the Senate and Tip O’Neill, Speaker of the House and Hugh Carey, Governor of New York. At least then we could get our native-born Irish in the country … now, it’s like we are from Yemen.

It’s not necessary to address at great length the effectiveness of the Jewish community in American politics. I’ve done that before. Suffice it to look at the Annual American Aid Gift Package to Israel, a prosperous country of about eight million people. It exceeds the amount we give to all the countries in sub-Saharan Africa combined … a desperately poor region with a population in the hundreds of millions.

Someone should ask Mike Pence (you know the guy with the permanently sappy Prayer Breakfast look on his face) if shortchanging the desperately poor to give more to the prosperously rich gives him the Warm Christian Fuzzy Wuzzies? I don’t know exactly what he’d say, but I know it would start something like this … “Gee, I’m just so awfully glad you asked me that question, and I’m here to say I’m just proud as punch … blah blah blah.”

Thank God Steve Bannon ain’t no Mike Pence. Continue Reading…………….

3 thoughts on “Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Bannon!”

  1. I was reading your four post until I came to this , “I’ve always liked Nancy Pelosi.” Your credibility went down the drain.

  2. I like some Rs some Ds and some Independents.

    Nancy Pelosi is a leader. She takes abuse from the right and doesn’t whine. For those who care about life after birth, she’s the most pro life person in Congress.

    1. Chirp………Chirp………Chirp………Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      Jimmity Cricket you put me to sleep with your chirping but hear this before your next Chirping session….. Nancy won’t be with us too much longer as she has recently referred to Trump as “Bush” on two press recorded occasions …..i.e. her plastic face mask aint doing nuttin’ for her dementia….

      You heard it from me first…… good nite…… happy chirping my friend

      XOXOXOs always

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