We have a complaint plus an election: A playing on the internet update

The mistake was lifting Ms. Ladner’s profile picture and marrying it to a fictitious profile bearing her name.

Identity Politics: The ‘real’ Susan Ladner files identity theft complaint with sheriff’s office ~ Dwayne Bremer

“Susan” is in good company as this is not Slabbed’s first rodeo on this general issue. I’ll add there are two tracks that can be taken to unmask anonymous commenters in civil and/or criminal with criminal being what I would term the fast track. There is a fair amount of law in this area that I will not go into but if I were the person behind Susan I’d lawyer up ASAP.

Next up is a very interesting read from the Hancock Supervisors meeting. If I were on the Board of Sups I think I’d want DMR Commissioner Jolynne Trapani at the next meeting to explain the deal that has been cut for the ice house no one knew anything about to be built on the beach in Hancock County.

Supers hot over ice house proposal ~ Dwayne Bremer

Just a thought but if this tidelands funded construction project is being dictated from on high in Jackson look for the usual suspects to be feeding from the trough.

Next up we had a new commenter stop in with us yesterday leaving his opinion of the current state of the Bay-Waveland School District. Brandon’s comment echoed an anonymous letter to Mayor Fillingame that has been making the rounds:

Reader submitted photo
Reader submitted photo

Finally with the election less than 2 weeks away candidate meet and greets are in high gear. On Friday at 5:30 Mayoral candidate Mike Favre is having one at Bay Marina for those citizens that want a chance to talk with him in the flesh. As is the custom I understand there will be food and drinks for those that come.

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  1. I believe Casey Favre was the only School Board member to vote against violating the State Nepotism law as advised by the Ethics Commission Director, Tom Hood, who stated in his opinion, ” one or the other should resign. Either the Superintendent or her brother, the Business Manager. The ” step aside rule” permitting an extra Superintendent does not apply
    to Central Office employees.”
    These parents who are all so upset should band together and file a complaint with the
    Ethics Commission, Attorney General, and State Auditor.
    Maybe if all of these officials have to ante up for all of this illegal compensation, they will get the message that the law matters even in the Bay St. Louis School District. And it won’t be the first time this school board has been cited by the Ethics Commission. They just apparently do not care.
    Maybe they will if they have to reach for their own checkbooks, and not the taxpayers.

  2. Get rid of the Superintendent and the support staff and office for the entire school distinct. Let the school principals run their schools and give the under paid teachers a raise… waste of money; fire them all … Time for a change! wake up !!!!!

  3. My Uncle used to say that it never ceased to amaze him how stupid the Taxpayers of Mississippi are. And unfortunately, I am to the point where I agree with him. My two cents is that we have not had any competent leadership in this State since Haley Barbour walked into the doors in Jackson. It has been dog eat dog and the people have actually encouraged anything that the politicians threw out at them because it was in the name of Christianity. These politicians have hidden behind the cross all the while with their greedy hands grabbing every bit of Katrina and BP monies that were sent here to restore our home. And it continues. When will it all end? When will the Christian majority in this State realize that they are being duped and used? These leaders are not Christians, rather wolves in sheeps’ clothing.
    When the FBI looks the other way and won’t indict criminals, you know there is little to no hope.

    1. With tax time just past, I’d point out that “taxpayer” is a rather nebulous term and the vast majority of folks are not in fact net-positive tax_payers_ because VERY few people actually pay total taxes (including ALL tax, from sales to income and property) in an amount equal to or greater than the fair-value cost of the government services they consume and I am not referring only to those who literally take more in the form of “entitlements” (another rather odd choice of terms – why is anyone “entitled” to such?) than they contribute in total tax paid. This is especially true in Mississippi, which receives much more back from the feds then it sends that way.

      Most folks aren’t really taxpayers, it isn’t really THEIR money and all they really care about is themselves and how big a mouthful of tit they can get. Out of what population do you think these sorry-assed politicians come from? You’d be hard-pressed to name a single elected official in MS whose economic prospects – even their salary in many if not most cases – didn’t increase, often dramatically, as a result of their election. That includes Haley Barbour, who took a salary cut yet managed to come out much better off than he was pre-election. And in most cases they have very, very few qualifications for the “job” they are attempting to secure. Think about this: would most of the elected officials even get the job, much less a similar compensation package, if they were being hired by a corporate-style hiring committee/HR department or small-business owner? Of course not. They bullshit their way into the job by managing to convince just enough of the low percentage of the population who vote and most of those folks, as you say, cast that vote for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual qualifications of the candidate.

      I was curious so I looked some things up: in 2013, Bay St. Louis had a population of about 10-11,000 people, about 7500-8000 over 18. Filingame – a Dem – got about 1500 and the other candidate – a Republican – got about 700. Only 2200 folks bothered to vote. Bay St. Louis got the mayor it elected. Depending on the theory you consider accurate, somewhere between 220 and 440 of those voters, or 150 and 300 Filingame voters, would be considered “rational” voters as opposed to those voting for “irrational” reasons. Note that “rational” in this case does not mean “good” and “irrational” does not mean “bad.” For example, if the vote was cast because the candidate would steer business to the voter, it was “rational” but not “good” and if the vote was cast because the candidate was “a veteran” or attended this or that church, it was “irrational” but not “bad.” The descriptions often heard are terms like “informed voter” and “single-issue voter.” If a large enough percentage of the citizens of Bay St. Louis want a change, they are about to get a chance to make one, but if those folks don’t organize and mobilize, there will not be one.

  4. Nunn,
    That was an awesome description that I have not thought about in those terms. It is absolutely true.

  5. Also, these shoe toting IQ incumbents have very little to worry about once they are elected. Hold that bible high, preach that gospel of transparency and most often the “voting” public throws votes at them like Mardi Gras beads from a float. Les has pulled just about every dirty trick both behind the scenes and right out in public. Not many really give a rolling donut in hell and he knows it. The FB page is a great example. The far left did it to John McKay in the Ocean Springs election. Not necessary, but McKay sunk himself in his self righteous indignation. Les appears to be much more in control of himself and his ginormous ego. Saturn appears to be a planet much more suited for Les’ ego. Hey, Mona I’m hearing more and more rumors about the DMR and the funneling of money to the friends and family. The Bay issue made me think of it because the seafood Mafia over your way has gotten 3 million in restore funds for Mike Cure to buy FL limestone. I’m also hearing rumors of an ice house being purchased nefariously. I don’t thing there is a planet large enough in this solar system for that hinceman. You think after having one fake lying Governor replaced by the same the taxpayers would get a break. Thanks to Rat Pickering no such luck.

  6. Hi PP….
    I am not sure if Mr. Cure is associated with the Seafood Mafia. At least, not originally. I believe he is in favor with Philly Boy and that is how he got involved? Can’t say for sure, but he was not in the original bunch of thugs – but things do change. And yes, it is about time for Papa Walker to be released from his federal condo and he and Baby Walker will be back in business again. Speaking of that – I am being told that there is huge sums of $$ being spent at the Gulf Coast Research Lab on buildings and such in the name of “restoring the Gulf”. How many buildings does it take to raise saltwater crab/fish/oysters/shrimp anyway? The crooks just purchased an “oyster hatchery” (boy is that a joke – another boondoggle like the power plant and auction barn in north Mississippi). There was no need to purchase that facility for megabucks with the Gulf Coast Research Lab right on the Gulf and with the facilities and ability to produce and meet the Gulfs’ needs. The hatchery at Lyman is another HUGE waste of public funding. It is just sitting and acting as a political playground but they claim they are producing big time. Ha, ha, ha – show the proof, and I don’t mean a handfull of fish being dumped in water somewhere. SHOW the people some big numbers! The gates to that facility are locked tighter than a drum and are NEVER open to the public to view. More Katrina/BP money wasted. And I am sure that Miss Hunt, from over Hancock county way, is mixed up in this in some form or fashion and helping send the “excess” $$ to the right pockets.

    But until people open their eyes and look for the truth instead of listening to the lies and tales the Coast politicians are telling them, nothing appears to be changing. I am now convinced that even the Federal investigators are in on the deal because nothing has been done to put a stop to it all. The Walkers were just token sacrafices.

    1. The local fed reps may be in bed with it but the outsiders are not most likely. The biggest issue from the dmr scandal I believe came from the cooperative effort. I think the state investigators were given to much responsibility. And they failed the public.

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