“Well , here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into” Les: Singleton out at BWSD

I personally find the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government a much more authoritative resource….

Facebook Screen Capture of Hancock NAACP shillin' for Mayor Les Fillingame
Facebook Screen Capture of Hancock NAACP shillin’ for Mayor Les Fillingame

AG says Bay must appoint new school board trustee ~ Dwayne Bremer

The Mississippi Attorney General’s Office has ruled that a 180-day grace period for reappointing officials does not apply to school boards.

Artistic rendition of how former school board member Maurice Singleton would appear if he wore a tool costume.

Ya think? So why didn’t the Mayor reappoint his loyal political supporter Maurice Singleton? I’d posit ineptitude as we’ve seen plenty of examples of such but the Mayor had another explanation:

Fillingame said he felt it would be best for the new city administration and council to make the appointment after it takes over in June.

Well alrighty then, this matter is closed until after the election correct? Well not quite when it comes to Hizzoner that routinely speaks out of both sides of his mouth:

Fillingame said he will likely discuss the appointment with the city council at the city’s next meeting.

“We had several reasons why we wanted to wait to make the appointment,” Fillingame said. “Now that we have an opinion, we will move forward.”

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  1. Fact :

    It’s gonna get very interesting when someone has to pay the school back for the trip Maurice took as a non school board member a few weeks ago.

    Lucifer done got Maurice in some serious trouble that may cost him $$$$ !!!
    This is the truth he says.
    Believe me he says , I can do what I want.

    Who pays ,
    Lucifer or Maurice is the question???
    Once again ward 3 residents played for votes.
    He could care less except at election!!!!

    Wonder if it has been put on their docket yet???
    Just a thought.

  2. Les has to be the dumbest person when it comes to rules. Is he just stupid or lives in a dream world of denial????? I think Rafferty convinced him he is invincible. Well Rafferty ain’t there no more…. And Les keeps drowning. Rafferty can’t throw that life raft out to him. Singleton sitting on a public board should have known the rules also for his appointment. Shame on him, he definitely should be the one to pay the School Board back for his trip. You don’t get appointed to a position and not know the legalities of your appointment when it expires and legal procedure to get re appointed. Shame on you Maurice. Are you as dumb as Les? You must be to have one of his signs in your yard.

  3. Fact:
    He plays ward 3 like puppets.
    Greg Farve not running but he may still be on the ballot.
    Why: to get the votes out.

    Our grant writer , whom I believe has not got a grant yet. Put her up for City Clerk after years of promises.
    New the council was looking for someone with a accounting background.

    St. Rose Vote, Played them!!!

    Put Mr. Carter up for city attorney when he knew council was looking for someone in a firm , for more resources with all the things Rafferty kicked down the road.

    OLG & Republican votes. Played them!!!!!

    Maurice , playing you for a fool!!!
    Kane , played you for a fool with the port & harbor appointment!!!

    Never his fault!!!

    Wish I could attach
    Everybody Plays a Fool
    By , Aaron Neville or The Main Ingredient

    Gotta go

  4. For all of you belittling everyone’s character on this blog…,Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
    Put you effort and energy into something positive.

    1. We’ll make a note of that, WOW. By the way, positive is a subjective term determined by your perspective on a situation. My guess is we’ll keep on critiquing behavior, not people. Big difference.

      1. Still not acting like a Christian Ms. Noonan.. although you are always in church.. such a hypocrite.

  5. Here’s the chronology of the” Maurice Singleton being booted off the School Board” fiasco:
    Let’s travel for just a few minutes back to Feb. of 2013 when Clevand Williams was up for re-appointment. This nomination to School Board has to be done, according to State Law, by the Council’s first meeting in Feb. in order for the person appointed or reappointed to be sworn in at the School Board meeting the second Monday in March. Council cannot act on this until the Mayor nominates.
    Well, Mayor Fillingame neglected to nominate Clevand for another term on the Board in Feb. of 2013, so when Clevand was sitting at the March School Board meeting participating and voting, I asked then Board Pres. Sherry Ponder if she would ask Mr. Williams to step down until the Mayor got around to officially appointing him. We can’t have people who are not officially appointed to public boards spending the taxpayers money and making decisions that affect the public’s lives. The School Board attorney told him to step down, the Mayor nominated him at the next Council meeting in March of 2013, and he was sworn in.
    Having witnessed all of that in 2013, when Maurice’s term was expiring this past March 6, on February 1, I emailed the Council President, Mike Favre, and told him he should be hearing from the Mayor to request that Councilman Favre put on the Council agenda under Mayor’s report the appointment of a school board member for the first Council meeting in Feb. (state law) so this person can take office at the school board meeting in March. It could either be Mr. Singleton again if he were willing to serve or someone new if he was not. I also sent the email to the City Attorney, Trent Favre, since it was something that had to be done according to the law.
    I received an email back from City Attorney, Favre, saying, “isn’t Maurice running for Council?”
    Well, at that point I was not aware that Maurice was running against Councilman Reed, so I thought maybe he doesn’t want to sit on the School Board again. But the March 3, deadline to qualify to run for Council came and went, and Maurice did not qualify to run, so I thought the Mayor will nominate Maurice for School Board at the Council’s March 7, meeting. Didn’t happen.
    Lo and behold, we arrive at the School Board meeting on March 13, and there is Maurice sitting at the podium ready to start the meeting as Board Pres. I called the School Board attorney aside and told him he would have to ask Maurice to step down since his term expired March 6, and the Mayor neglected to nominate him or anyone else to be approved by Council. As Yogi Berra said, “it’s deja vu all over again.” The attorney took Maurice in the back room and they stayed there around 10 minutes, came out, and who comes walking into the School Board meeting, but the Mayor, with some law about Interim Appointments that he said the City Attorney had told him to cite for Maurice to be able to stay on the School Board.
    But Maurice was not an Interim Appointment. He was appointed in his own name for five full years which he served and had expired. Everyone agreed to wait for an Attorney General’s Opinion. To his credit, Maurice took the advice of myself and School Board attorney, Ronnie Artigues, and sat in the audience.
    The following week at the City Council meeting of March 22, Maurice showed up with several of his fellow NAACP members. The Mayor had every opportunity to nominate him to the Council at that meeting and didn’t. WHY?
    The Sea Coast Echo reported Wed. April 12, that the Attorney General’s Opinion was that Mr. Singleton could not continue to sit on the School Board because his term had expired and the Interim statute does not apply to School Board members.
    Why has the Mayor had to be forced to make these two School Board appointments? Before the Attorney General’s Opinion was issued, the NAACP reported in their Newsletter and published it on Facebook that Maurice could sit for another 180 days as an Interim. That was not correct. Who told them that? Why would someone do that to them? Why?
    I can’t answer all of these questions. I can tell you this. This whole fiasco could have been avoided if the Mayor had simply nominated Maurice at the City Council meeting of Feb. 7, as State law requires. It is as simple as that, and hundreds of cities in this state conduct business like this every day. Mayor Fillingame seems to have cornered the market on making the very simple very complicated, and never misses an opportunity to attempt to side step the law.
    And these are the facts!

    1. What a tale of fail!

      That’s three stooges for the price of a Mayo!

      What’s the explanation?

      Does a river that runs through it?

      Is the river called deNile and does it run through the city of Lesmess?

      1. rfp,
        This problematic, enigmatic, repetitive behavior on the part of a public official who actually takes an oath to uphold the laws of this state and country is beyond comprehension.
        Something radically wrong here!

  6. Having witnessed first hand Mr. Singleton’s inept ways, it is a shame that our school children would be asked to suffer any longer. Recently, my child came home to tell me about “budget cuts” that would mean several teachers would be leaving BWMS. How ironic that this hits just a few months after we name two assistant superintendents. Why is it that Mrs. Landry needs an assistant, much less two. Dr. Labat should have remained at the middle school and Mrs. Ladner remainded the SPED director. But instead, you have a new Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum that had the worst performing school. Way to go school board … STUPID!

    I would encourage people to attend Tuesday’s meeting to address these concerns with the mayor and council. We should not have to suffer for five long, arduous years all because of politics.

    1. And don’t forget who nominated all those people to serve on the Board. Not that we have done any better in Waveland with our elected ones. The school district is currently in violation of the state’s Nepotism law as clearly stated by the Director of the Ethics Commission with an Attorney General’s opinion to back it up. But they just make up the rules as they go along!! The new Asst. Superintendent and her husband voted illegally for almost 10 years until we reviewed the voter poll book this year and reported it. And all of these people that think nothing of violating laws are handling
      thousands of dollars of Federal funds. Unreal!!

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