UPDATED: Das Boot: Enforcement of private parking causes hard feelings in the Bay

I first starting hearing about a dust up in Old Town involving the private parking spots in the old Hancock Bank parking lot on Sunday and by Monday I had noticed a boycott the Blind Tiger movement on Facebook. Cassandra Favre connected the two in a special story for the Sea Coast Echo, which taken with comments left here on Slabbed draws a full and rich picture for the readers. Here is a snippet from Cassandra’s story:

Genin and another lessee, Rod Ward, said Main Harbor Office owns 12 spots next to the building. There are nine parking spots, one loading zone and two handicapped spots.

Genin said the owners plan to re-stripe the parking spaces soon and there will be 10 parking spots, one handicapped and one loading zone.

“The locals that have decided to boycott The Blind Tiger have solicited the wrong people,” Genin said. “The Blind Tiger does not have private property, Main Harbor Office does. It’s private and we pay for it.”

Ward said there are eight businesses operating in the office building. In addition to leasing office space, the renters also pay a monthly fee for parking, he said.

This sounds like standard private parking in line with private parking across the entirety of the 50 states. One either heeds the sign saying not to park there or face being booted or towed. Some people were offended by that, especially the Facebook user that described it as their “usual parking spot” and that is where the Facebook boycott TBT comes in, driven in large part by a Facebook user that goes by the handle Susan Ladner, whose nom de guerre is becoming locally famous for its recent angry tirades supporting Mayor Fillingame during Facebook live streams of the Bay City Council meetings.

So what we have is a fictitious Facebook account pushing a boycott of a local business which does not own the private parking that was trespassed and an ominous quote from Chef Genin that was snagged by Cassandra in her story:

Genin said, “the people responsible for the online bashing campaign and malicious attack on The Blind Tiger will pay for it.”

Update: Since this post was published the Blind Tiger has launched a humorous PR Campaign:

Screen Capture of The Blind Tiger's Facebook page of The Boot Special
Screen Capture of The Blind Tiger’s Facebook page of The Boot Special

The local media was also copied on this following email from Chef Genin to Mayor Fillingame:


If you come to “the blind tiger” and bring along my wife and I’s new found Facebook friend
( Susan Ladner ) – who appears to have a very clear understanding of the inner workings of city hall – you will leave with 11 checks from Amy and I as listed below :

$500.00 – police department
$500.00 – fire department
$500.00 – sheriffs department
$500.00 – homeless shelter
$500.00 – CASA
$500.00 – hope heaven
$500.00 – habitat for humanity
$500.00 – library ( BSL )
$500.00 – boys and girls club
$500.00 – animal shelter
$5.00 – committee to re-elect fillingame

So: this is my challenge to you Mayor Fillingame ( you, susan ladner and my wife and I all have a nice lunch – eat a few boot burgers -‘talk about whatever you want ) I am not going to let this frivolous attack on one of my businesses go away. I will be doing some social media videos this afternoon. I look forward to setting this up – and can assure you the food and service will be good. This is a very very easy way you can raise $5,000.00 for good folks and good organizations. You will walk out with the checks. ( 30 minutes in and out ) – easy breezy……….
We can do lunch any day of the week the 2 of you can do it. You have my number and obviously know where my office is.

I look forward to setting this up – and donating the money.

Sources are telling Slabbed that the Susan Ladner Facebook account behind the boycott TBT movement has “packed it in”. We are working to clarify.

Update: Cassandra Favre updated her story and gave us some color on both Chef Genin’s stance and the disappearance of the Susan Ladner Facebook account:

Genin said, “the people responsible for the online bashing campaign and malicious attack on The Blind Tiger will pay for it.”
He said he has already begun the process to handle those attacks.

Meantime the rumor mill is going full tilt both with speculation as to the identity of the person behind the Susan Ladner Facebook account. As I noted in comments, time to pop some popcorn folks and watch the show unfold.

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  1. Liz, the sister of Tish, got booted for parking in a Posted No Parking Zone and tried to disrupt the entire 2nd Saturday and bring everyone down on her mistreatment. The rest as they say is history.

    It is my understanding there will be pony rides and therapy dogs and snowflake costumes in a safe zone to help these people get over the stress of private property rights.

    1. Hey confused, proper name – call me anytime 504-957-8819. What’s your name and number? Liz Haas Gardner

  2. The unknown phone has been brought to the attention of law enforcement. Jerry B and other city employees are passing it around on city time. It may only be impermissible not illegal. LOL It is even been said Les wife uses it as well as Lil Lying Les Daddy Said!

  3. This entire situation is nuts. It’s private property. Clearly marked parking. People throwing fits over the “parking” downtown probably haven’t spent much time traveling outside of BSL. Heck, people don’t even know how to parallel park on Beach Blvd. Anywhere else one would be ticked for parking against traffic. In BSL it’s a normal, everyday occurrence.

    But in some ways the distraction is brilliant! Keeping people from focusing on issues of substance during the run up to an election than by changing the topic and moving their attention elsewhere! And look how many people are falling for it! The echo rarely publishes an article between printings. Panties are in a wad! This is hot stuff!

    And “Whoever” is behind the whole fake FB identity is hardly trying. Same as the faux Cuevas “lady” who used to be a frequent poster on slabbed and FB. Many similarities between the two.

    Suggestions on what new faux, local, outraged citizen, last name the fake FB profile posters should use next – Favre or Farve? Necaise or Nicase? Bourgeois? Moran? Smith? Jones?

    I think they should change it up. Maybe give a more generic name a go…like Allen or Boudreaux for their next faux, outraged persona.

    1. You are correct on the lack of enforcement of parallel parking on the beach. One wonders whether it is ignorance of the law or plain laziness. Have you ever had to stand on your brakes in the car because some idiot has decided to exit their auto on the street side without looking for oncoming traffic? I started driving to downtown BSL the “back way”, avoiding the beach. Then I park in the city parking lot and don’t have to worry about dings in my doors because no one else parks there. I have seen the no parking signs and it never entered my mind to do so. The signs are confusing, it looks like it belongs to the marina. If most people could have their way, they would park on the sidewalk in front of the business they were visiting in order to avoid walking more than 4 feet.

      1. you are right spyder but the signs used to read Ellis Realty and that did not deter anyone. Even if it was confusing as to who owns it it is still marked with consequences of towing or booting. Trying to make the guilty the victim is argued in court every day. The jails are full off innocent people victimized by the system.

  4. Lord,
    You are 100% correct. They have a Bernie Sanders mentality take from others what you do not have. They are not even noticing the Mayor without council approval or Harbor Commission being noticed shut down the harbor parking, approx. 40% of all downtown public parking. I have asked for the permit they issued, to who and how much was paid but no one has any answers. Usual. Not illegal but impermissible.

    1. Rod, I was too shocked yesterday. As you were photographing me. And heckling me on Main Street. To respond. Plus there was a 10 year old girl there. So, I tried to keep the situation minimal. I am not too fat to sit on that bench. And I was not blocking the stores inventory. Do you not have mirrors in your house? As I was filing my incident report against you, at the police department, yesterday, everyone got a big laugh that you had the nerve to call anyone fat. You bragged to your friends that you made me leave, as I walked off. You didn’t make me do anything. You’re a big jerk. I’ve been hearing that, And now I agree. Don’t ever take a picture of me again. Or speak to me. Please, shut your pie hole. Thanks. -Ellen Beckham

      1. Ellen, Why in the world would anyone call you fat. If you called me fat it would be true but not a lovely lady like you.

      2. Ellen,
        I do not have a face book account. Someone told me you were hating on me and calling our parking lot attendant a cripple. I said I did not know who u were until yesterday I didn’t. How ever our friend Joe Gibbons (parking attendant) does have a handi cap but works hard everyday to make it. Just saying. I don’t have FB but several people informed me of this. We are not mad just hanging out n working on Main Street. Sorry it has come to this. I believe it is settled.

        1. Bullshit. I didn’t even know your name until I looked for it. And I don’t care what your nephew said I said. Yesterday afternoon was uncalled for. Under ANY circumstance. Don’t do it again.

          1. how would you know who he was. he was there with his new baby but hey lets agree to disagree. This parking thing has gone beyond ridiculous. A few small shop owners cannot run the whole town and neither can we. We could all get along and stop the bantering over a situation that obviously just a property rights issue. Good Day and have a good Easter.

            1. winner! Winner! Chicken dinner! your nephew instigated you to heckle me. While holding a baby. What bad and miserable people you are. The bay is a small place. Connections happen very quickly. There’s no disagreeing, Rod. I heard what he said to you. Then what you bellowed across the street. My husband has been leaving you messages. And calling since Tuesday. Return the call. πŸ˜‚ I won’t let him go up there. Because I know your stupidity will force him to whip your ass. You just can’t help yourself. Have a great weekend and Easter. As well. Cram your pompous cigar. Where the sun has never and can not shine!

              1. what is his number. I answer all calls and return messages. I’m not intimidated only threatened. No one spoke to you you are delusional.

  5. From the Blind Tiger Facebook page:
    The Blind Tiger does not have a parking lot and doesn’t boot people. However we are going to add one more positive spin to this needless attack. Welcome the TBT Boot Burger for 2 weeks! Get The Boot for $10.00 which includes:

    Cheddar burger with a side of fries and a boot beer – $10.00

    β€’ Chance to win a $500.00 TBT gift Certificates
    β€’ Dedicated private parking space Main Harbor Offices on Memorial Day weekend (Yes We Had To Rent It)
    β€’ All “profits” from the “TBT Boot Burgers” to be donated to CASA of Hancock County

    Bay St. Louis location only.

    1. And this is not a rumor, but all fact—The Blind Tiger makes a fabulous hamburger–homemade style patties so big it is a mealπŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸΊπŸΊπŸΊ!!

      1. Lana u are correct, the response has been incredible. The detractors are just what they are. The partying make loud noise f__ck the local resident people are being called out. This is a community issue! They cannot take over private property and run off the local taxpayer for their personal convenience or commandeer private parking! The mayor is the fox in the hen house! Yea he is in support of this behavior! Trying to be the man. He had shut down public parking to support his selfish supporters. The harbor shut down as we speak had no permit, fee or recorded public right to shut down the harbor parking as has been done two 2nd saturdays in a row and as declared by the harbor office to continue until the end of the year! Yep no documentation. I’m sure it will mysteriously appear! Nuff said.

  6. The nain driving mechanism for the boon doggle was the virolent posts on Facebook from Mr and Mrs BT as the fiasco unfolded. It was the content of those posts from the BT twosome that lead the charge.

    The after market decision to donate Monday morning to CASA with public relations picture of Mr BT did not lesson the confusion. You cant complain about a boycot and then claim credit for a donation with a photo of Mr BT handing over a check written by an entity they supposedly rent from?

    And how iften does Mr BT donate to Hope Heaven? Not often enough if he cant get the name correct apparently if he meant Hope Haven.

    Did someone formerly submit a request for a copy for public release of information for the paperwork for use of the Harbor, special event permit, and let us not forget the canopy permit? When was that submitted and how many days does Ciry Hall have to reply?

    1. Speaking of petty, Susan Ladner deleted her fictitious Facebook account. Why do you think that is Kathleen?

      FYI to Justin, I have the screen capture of the comment where Susan Ladner admitted it wasn’t her real name which is how everyone knew the account was fictitious so it can’t be one of your 15 Susan ladner Facebook friends. If it turns out “Susan” was the Mayor or his right hand man Beaugez and/or others close to Hizzoner for example, what a story this will turn out to be!

      We have a new email from Chef Genin:

      Mr. Mayor,

      I Never heard from you yesterday – and it appears your biggest political ally and friend – deleted and started removing the slanderous comments directed toward TBT from over the weekend just after lunch ( I have like 60 employees in the bay – most female – they are all over this FB thing ) and by 4:00 P.M. removed the entire Facebook profile…………….”poof” – and one susan ladner vanished into thin air………gone. The many many months / years of her commenting almost live and to the minute on inner city business – just packed it up and hauled ass. My wife is a really nice person, I don’t think anything she would have said could have gotten this reaction – but who knows.

      I find that to be very coincidental, quite troublesome and most bothersome. A few years back, when you sent buddy Zimmerman down to investigate my business dumping grease in the street drain ( and he confirmed – accused – forgot to take pictures of the fryers on the sidewalk – y’all called the EPA & health department – I invited y’all to come view the video cameras etc.Etc. ) that had me VERY VERY upset for many many days.

      If you were to bundle that situation up – along with all the other pleasantries I have experienced since opening in 2013 and compare that to what happened over the weekend – well let’s just say it would be like the number 3 compared to 635.

      My spidey senses tell me this may be the tip of a much bigger story. Meantime let’s pop some popcorn and get ready for the show.

      1. I was informed during the last Council meeting by someone who was watching remotely from home, that while Beaugez was at the podium addressing Council on the Flood Plain issue, Susan Ladner was posting simultaneously! Beaugez has been a suspect in this fiasco, but……..
        Could we have several Susan’s out there?
        I don’t know how many of you posting here are familiar with the movie, “The Three Faces of Eve” for which
        Joanne Woodward won an Oscar, but that came to mind when I was told Susan was posting while Beaugez spoke!! Do we have some disturbed folks here with too much time on their hands while the city’s real and pressing issues are being ignored—-like the Flood Plain violations which will be addressed today at 3:30?!
        Contractors, insurance agents, realtors, business owners, and of course home owners, are CONCERNED about this REAL problem!!

  7. Private property rights are private. Shame Less the Mess and/or his flunkies have resorted to such tactics. But not suprizing from such a desperate administration. I do have a question remotely related to the topic Doug. Since the Bay Harbor was brought up. This facility was purchased in part with public Tidelands funds and shouldn’t these parking spaces be public? Or is this one of those “special” privileges like Bill Walker granted to the Scooner pier in Biloxi that was purchased with public Tidelands funds, but they charge the public to enter. I think this has something to do with the owners of the yatchs parked at this facility. Maybe there is some special “public access” clause written into the lease like at the Broadwater. Makes you miss ethical administrators like Margaret Bretts. Aha the good ole days.

    1. The owner-lessor of the building is called Main Harbor thus the confusion. There is no relationship between it and the actual BSL harbor.

      1. Main Harbor Offices was conjured up as name because it was on Main Street and the new harbor. Simple. The signs say private period with repercussions. Previously they were Ellis realty same result. Nuff said

      2. There is not confusion. Only local people complain because Les tells them to. Watch the headlines next few days. Get your popcorn!

  8. Making the victim the culprit is a common defense today. Yep I did but…. if your tone and presentation were different we can talk about how you should let me violate your ownership! That is a tired issue! Nuff Said!

  9. Hang on a second – this dude is offering to give Les Fillingame’s re-election campaign $5.00?! What sort of good-government-hating lunatic does something like that, even as a PR stunt? He ought to charge $11.00 for the burger donation special and give the extra buck to whomever is running against that idiot…probably sell more of ’em…

    If Bay St. Louis reelects this guy, it deserves anything and everything that follows…

  10. Private Parking is Private Parking. Maybe if you are related to the Director of the Chamber you feel you get special privileges around town?? What will happen if her husband gets elected to the Council, BSL will never be the same.
    In defense of Thomas G. he has always donated to charities and I had one of his burgers the other day to support CASA. He may be a lot of things, but he does have the best interest of BSL. he has brought a lot of tax dollars to the city and tourists to come and eat at his establishment.

    Now for the Flood issue. Les put Beaugez in the building department to manage the Flood program for the city. So why when we have a person making top dollar now learn we have problems.?? Another Les appointment with NO knowledge. Josh was certified in the Flood program and watched out for the city.
    Please lets get rid of Les and cure all of our ills…

    1. As was learned yesterday Mr. Beaugez is one of the top Floodplain managers in the state. The problem was not with something he did & it wasn’t something we just learned about. The Council followed his initial suggestion (after trying to help the citizens of BSL) & now we’re good to go.

        1. Amen, Lana. This is another Bill Carigee special. People have been “filling-in” property and building like this for years based on “his” interpretation of the regulation. It’s going to have a negative impact on development and property values moving forward too. Who wants to build in a gulley?

      1. Top? Is there a FEMA ranking of Mississippi flood managers we missed?

        Thought he was employed as the mayor’s sidekick.

        Funny. Who knew?

        1. The guy who said that did not know blowgez until that day. Les coached him obviously because he told council he was unbiased and didn’t even know him! Same O same O

  11. If one can prove they are getting flooded by a neighbor they should file a lawsuit against the neighbor. Most people just say that when a neighbor builds on a piece of property they were using to park on or when they build a bigger or better house.

  12. The mayor said Jerry isn’t going anywhere as long as he is mayor. He read out his qualifications, he had them handy, they would still be meeting if would have read out all the places he worked and was fired from. He is obnoxious and a smart ass. That’s why the county fired him. Les is delusional thinking he is asset to his administration. He must go down, knows where the bodies buried or who Susan Ladner is to keep that job this long.

  13. So who is to blame for our Flood Program being in jeopardy. Charlie “who can’t pass the test to get certified” Oliver for not verifying elevations on construction projects? Our flood manger should also oversee this on permits. It should be an office policy to have all involved verify elevations and fill being brought in.
    Maybe Les should contact a TV producer and the city should be on a “Reality” show this might raise some money for the City. It definitely would be interesting.

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