UPDATED: Das Boot: Enforcement of private parking causes hard feelings in the Bay

I first starting hearing about a dust up in Old Town involving the private parking spots in the old Hancock Bank parking lot on Sunday and by Monday I had noticed a boycott the Blind Tiger movement on Facebook. Cassandra Favre connected the two in a special story for the Sea Coast Echo, which taken with comments left here on Slabbed draws a full and rich picture for the readers. Here is a snippet from Cassandra’s story:

Genin and another lessee, Rod Ward, said Main Harbor Office owns 12 spots next to the building. There are nine parking spots, one loading zone and two handicapped spots.

Genin said the owners plan to re-stripe the parking spaces soon and there will be 10 parking spots, one handicapped and one loading zone.

“The locals that have decided to boycott The Blind Tiger have solicited the wrong people,” Genin said. “The Blind Tiger does not have private property, Main Harbor Office does. It’s private and we pay for it.”

Ward said there are eight businesses operating in the office building. In addition to leasing office space, the renters also pay a monthly fee for parking, he said.

This sounds like standard private parking in line with private parking across the entirety of the 50 states. One either heeds the sign saying not to park there or face being booted or towed. Some people were offended by that, especially the Facebook user that described it as their “usual parking spot” and that is where the Facebook boycott TBT comes in, driven in large part by a Facebook user that goes by the handle Susan Ladner, whose nom de guerre is becoming locally famous for its recent angry tirades supporting Mayor Fillingame during Facebook live streams of the Bay City Council meetings.

So what we have is a fictitious Facebook account pushing a boycott of a local business which does not own the private parking that was trespassed and an ominous quote from Chef Genin that was snagged by Cassandra in her story:

Genin said, “the people responsible for the online bashing campaign and malicious attack on The Blind Tiger will pay for it.”

Update: Since this post was published the Blind Tiger has launched a humorous PR Campaign: Continue reading “UPDATED: Das Boot: Enforcement of private parking causes hard feelings in the Bay”