Unfinished Business: “Elephants never forget”

Slabbed is the current beneficiary of some good old fashioned elbow grease that is being applied to certain issues from the past. Those various tidbits from the past should make for a fun election season.

One fact that has been established with the help of Lana Noonan of the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government is the Administration was capable of running legal advertisements as she found an instance where the Water and Sewer Refunding Bonds were advertised by then City Clerk David Kolf back in 2014. Tuesday night Mayor Fillingame took the microphone to dispute the State Auditor’s Office Performance Review which first documented his refusal to discharge the duties of his office while instead blaming the City Council clerk for his Administration’s ineptitude in failing to publish the Zoning Ordnance as required by state law. Such a performance by Hizzoner can only mean the silly season is on in a big way.

So to set up tomorrow’s post what we need to do is circle back in time to the release of the FY 2014 audit with its multitude of major internal control and compliance findings. I put that link in the preceding sentence out on Twitter early this week and it garnered a good reader response. Those that remember those particular times in 2015 understand that part of Hizzoner defending his administration against terrible audit results included him saying the audit findings were bogus including one that involved the City’s property insurance lapsing during Hurricane Season. Slabbed was Johnny on the Spot to debunk the dishonorable Hizzoner’s media talking points and the rest is history…..well not quite as it turned out and that is fodder for the next post. Stay tuned.

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  1. How would BSL publish official notices if the account with the paper is in arrears?

    I’m not necessarily suggesting that this happened with BSL, but it seems like checking the appropriate claims dockets, check registers and journal entries for the periods of the known non-publication event (or events- because didn’t it happen more than once?) could be revealing.

      1. One more thing which I would check myself if I had the time- was proper publication made the last time BSL adopted the building code by ordinance?

        I can’t think of another single non-publication possibility where more liability could attach.

        1. Good point. That would be a disaster if true.

          What we are finding is debt subject to a dedicated Ad valorem tax levy was also never advertised. The City levies 2.25 mils for sebt service. My next stop is those 9-30-16 financials on EMMA.

        2. rfp,
          I think that has been determined since they finally took action to have City Clerk publish the Zoning Ordinance after 6 years!!!
          Les’ response was that it was the responsibility of the Council Clerk, not the City Clerk who works beside him and under his direction every day!
          But, we have a wonderful resource for information to clarify this. We have a former Mayor, Eddie Favre, who also served as City Clerk before being elected Mayor. Bet he knows how it worked under state law for decades since the Bay adopted this form of government.
          It’s got to be crowded under that bus where Les keeps throwing everyone. Hope they all like each other in those close quarters😩😩

          1. Not the zoning codes- the building codes. This is what codifies the standards buildings are built to. The residential (building) code, electrical, plumbing, fire codes.


            Codes Adopted by
            Bay St. Louis

            International Codes

            2006 Editions

            Residential Code (Including Appendixes E,G,H,J,K,M,&O)

            Building Code (Including Appendixes B,C,I,&J)

            Fire Code (Including Appendixes A,C,D,E,F,&G)

            Existing Building Code

            Fuel Gas Code

            Mechanical Code

            Plumbing Code

            Private Sewage Disposal Code

            NFPA Codes

            2000 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code

            2005 National Electrical Code

            Some of the magic search terms when searching the BSL minutes (or the publication of record) would be “International Building Code”, “International residential Code” (or “IRC”), “National Electric Code” (or “NEC”) and so on.

            I think BSL may be required to adopt the new updated versions of these codes on a regular (possibly every two years for the IBC and IRC) basis. Whether or not BSL has done that is another question.

            Compare with the 2012 versions currently adopted by Ocean Springs:

            Hilliard Fountain, Building Official
            The Building Department interacts daily with citizens and contractors with the building of Ocean Springs. Whether replacing shingles or rebuilding a lost home, permits and inspections are required of the Building Department. The City has adopted and works under the 2012 International Building Codes. This department administers the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance of the City.

            1. I know from reading your posts that you are an intelligent, well intentioned person, and I do not disagree with you, but you may still not know how City Hall operates currently in the Bay. Laws and rules and regulations do NOT mean anything–AT ALL. PERIOD.
              May 2, May 2, May 2.
              Only solution!!

            2. All this befuddled post-k home owner/builder knows is that every phase (completed work must be signed off on by City official, who we assumed to be familiar with the Codes…jajaja) was a new guy w/ new agendas, rules, ordinances changed hourly and although incredibly strong, our house ran over budget by at least $50k.
              The scuttlebutt was we had adopted Miami-Dade Code, strictest hurricane bldg code in the US. Before that we had (County prop then) zero bldg code…..made our bayou a real hoot, quintessentially Mississippian. Now, probably 50+% are weekend homes. Codes, winx, flood insurance have placed working families out of the market.

  2. Is the new City Attorney researching the past history to see if the advertisements for issues that require this was done. Oh wait, David is his friend. How is he going to handle this, recuse himself again…Then City has to hire another lawyer for additional $$$$. Trent should have never taken the job with all of the controversy involving his friend or be a stand up guy and do his job and abide by the law and code he was appointed to in this position with the city and sworn to taking the MS Bar and becoming a lawyer. Trent is a good lawyer, nothing personal, but like all attorneys they see the $$$ and take postions to have Billable hours….This was not a good fit with so much controversy. Maybe he should have been David’s lawyer instead of the City. He may need one before it is all over and Les keeps throwing him under the bus and all of the tire marks on his back !!!!

  3. We can comment all the day long. We can go to the court house and the paper and research the public records. We can do the legal systems job for them all day long, but nothing will change because of the infer lying corrupt system. The Bay St. Louis city government is so corrupt it is in plethoric failure. And the root of his failure are the voters. They mindlessly throw their votes at these corrupt public officials. Statewide we have political thugs like Rat Pickering that uses his political funds to personally enrich himself and his family. What true benefit of truth and justice can he gain the public taxpayers? A corrupt government system rooting out a corrupt government system. Not possible. The enigma will not be solved by Rat Pickering or Les the Mess David or any other elected official that proports to clean the system that pays their bills. Voters have to wake from the dream of benevolence.

    1. Point Park,
      Excellent post, and to the “point” pardon the pun.
      We had to do it in Waveland.
      The Bay can too, if they care about their city beyond the frivolous facade. It’s serious now! Very!

      1. I think this election has renewed interest in local govt.
        It ALL starts here. No change in state or fed will occur without grassroot support.

    2. Mississippi just celebrated our 200th Birthday. We still remain dead last at almost every single significant measurable. This, my friends, took a lot of hard work from elected officials to keep it that way for 200 years. We give it away, pork barrel it, steal it etc…..Lets wake up! Drain the swamp!

  4. Unfortunately I don’t think the voters are listening. Not sure what it is going to take to make the people of BSL understand.
    Maybe blast media in paper?? I’ll contribute.

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