This is what I’d like to see…..

I’d love to see George Malvaney and Daryl Davis on the lecture circuit together as race relations are way more complicated than most people realize. Today Malvaney paid tribute to the late Bill Minor in a column for the Clarion Ledger that is worth the read.

Klan, ex-FBI and Minor at funeral — only in Mississippi

Those that haven’t seen Daryl Davis in Accidental Courtesy can click here for more information.

One thought on “This is what I’d like to see…..”

  1. I have been trapped for almost a month in Europe and spent some of that time on a Viking River Cruise motoring the Seine River.Give me the Mississippi, the Pearl,the Biloxi or the Pascagoula River anyday. France is a beautiful country but there is no place like home even if we have admitted past KKK members who now claim to be environmentalists writing columns in the Clarion Ledger and penning new books. While I agree Bill Minor deserves all the praises he has received over the years I really have to wonder about George Malvaney’s motive in writing this article.Does he want to remind everyone about his past or his Haley Barbour sponsored success or his suspect environmental clean-up leanings or his current flame Lynn (F at F)? He is correct when he says “only in Mississippi” because that may be the only place in the country where retired racists are honored with funeral attendance or allowed to brag about it and promote a new book based on imaginary feel good events in the states largest newspaper. I am glad to be back on native soil on this beautiful day even though our state has a long ways to go.

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