6 thoughts on “Come out and meet Wendy while the meetin’s good…”

  1. Unbelievable !! Money grabbing can not show up for a meeting in almost 9 months, then qualifies for the position and still does not attend one meeting, now has time for socializing and fundraising. she has done nothing but live off of us taxpayers. Between this job and Habitat. I have seen her around town and other social events but says too sick to attend meetings, something is definitely wrong with this picture. People please wake up and vote for someone else in the district.
    Doug What are the campaign rules in MS. Any money raised does she get to keep if not spent? Maybe another money grab.

  2. IMHO if she wins she will relapse into political hibernation again. She is a social butterfly but not knowledgeable enough to go head to head with the other council people and soley relying on Les to guide her. When the shit gets deep she just sniffs it up!

  3. McDonalds, Andersons, Filingames, Favres and several others should lose their stranglehold on the Bay. Let the REAL folks get this town to its balance.
    Marina-we are not Monaco. We are a fun, quirky beach town. We overcame tremendous adversities together. Not sure what to do with marina but the money should have been spent on our children. If the Willy Nilly Philly School of Budgets won’t help our kids then we will.

    Missing guns, money, employees, missing zoning codes, missing insurance in hurricane season.
    And most of the council needs to go missing too.

  4. All of the Cities problems are during her administration. Wake up BSL. She supported the Mayor on all votes and helped bring the city down. Drain the McDonalds and Filingames…

  5. Windy is a hanger on. Once anyone gets on the system it takes a loaded bazooka to get them off!

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