Leslie’s law causes Hizzoner to continue waxing nonsensical

As most everyone learns by time they hit second grade, the problem with serial lying is keeping them all straight. With last week’s news that a Mississippi code section dealing with interim municipal appointments had been changed, specifically in response to Hizzoner’s abuses of same, the instant reaction was to try some spin with the local paper. Cassandra Favre’s story in the Saturday Echo on Leslie’s law is a must read because it lends clarity the Mayor’s missed school board appointment as well as chronicles the Mayor telling a whopper. Let’s start with the whopper:

In another matter, last year, the Bay St. Louis City Council questioned the validity of the city’s building official, Charles Oliver’s employment. Although Oliver has been employed by the city for years, since he was never actually certified by the state, council members consider him the city’s “interim” building official.The council referenced Senate Bill 2587.

Councilman Lonnie Falgout said at a July 2016 council meeting that any compensation paid to Oliver after July 1, 2016 was a “direct violation of the law.”

At a July 2016 council meeting, Fillingame said an AG opinion said that the new law did not relate to municipal employees.

Fillingame said Friday that Oliver is the “building official, not an interim and not in an appointed position. He is a city employee.”

And like I said at the beginning of the post, the problem with making it up as you go along is the budgets submitted by the Mayor which have been adopted clearly shows the real story with respect to Oliver:

Screen Capture: Bay St Louis Personnel Budget
Screen Capture: Bay St Louis Personnel Budget

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. ~ Mark Twain

For former Bay St Louis School Board member Maurice Singleton the news is just as bad. For the incestuous School District, some fresh blood on the Board of Trustees would be a good thing in any event.

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  1. Monday must be Deja Vu Day.

    With great pleasure let me say it’s an EMMA BSL redux!

    “There’s a party over here
    A party over there
    Wave your hands in the air
    Shake your derriere
    These three words when you’re gettin’ busy
    Whoomp there it is”

    Whoomp There It Is – Tag Team

    Fresh BSL filings at EMMA:

    Appendix A for the year ended 09/30/2016 posted 03/31/2017 (665 KB) details
    Notice of Failure to File for the year ended 09/30/2016 posted 03/31/2017 (14 KB) details
    FY 2016 Unaudited Financials as of 09/30/2016 posted 03/31/2017 (1.8 MB) details
    FYE 2015 Audited Financials for the year ended 09/30/2015 posted 03/31/2017 (3.7 MB) details
    FYE 2016-2017 for the year ended 09/30/2017 posted 03/31/2017 (21 KB)

    On Page 62 of the FY 2015 audited financials Mr Oliver is now listed as “Building Supervisor”!

  2. Also highlighting page 19 of this filing!

    The first time I have ever seen an EMMA filing which an image of a page with an IMPORTANT (yellow) post it note affixed. TIL EMMA documents render post it notes in color!


  3. Isn’t it just so annoying when information is documented and becomes an official part
    of the Public Records?!
    It leaves no room for speculation and lying. Something has to be done about these official documents and those pesky laws everyone else had to abide by😩😩

  4. There is another error in paying an enforcement officer. He must be under the complete control of the Mayor. Otherwise, the Enforcer does not comply with city laws or zoning. There will be an auto accident and possibly lawsuit against the city at the corner of Washington St. and Ioor. A fence was erected without a permit and is on city right of way. It has been brought to the attention of the city, but all that was done was “we told them to remove it.” It has been a few years and nothing has been done except for the owner to add a personal business sign to the fence itself obstructing the view of oncoming cars. The owner is “Ten second Necaise.” If you recall the case of a Waveland police officer fired for having sex with his partner’s wife on the hood of the police car, to which his reply was that he was only on the hood for ten seconds or less. I guess birds of a feather are allowed to ignore the law. What the Bay needs is a reputable crime scene cleaner for city hall.

  5. Poor Les, he doesn’t have Rafferty to tell him what he wants to hear and cover up for him. That swamp keeps getting bigger. Can’t wait for the plug to get pulled and everything is drained….glub glub glub swoosh………………All gone soon..!!!!

    1. It’s going to take a lot more than a new mayor to get the city on the right path. But it’s an excellent start! No question about it.

  6. Was told that tonight the council is abandoning a road. What they don’t know is that it’s for Tommy Kidd the one that double dipped from the Bay before. His house is on the road to be given to him. The bay should charge him something.

      1. I am going to correct my previous comment.

        In some cases what I stated are true but in this particular case the city is not vested financially in any way with this street, no paving, no maintenance and no use. It provides no benefit to the city and therefore can go back to the original land owners. I had an attorney friend inform me of this.

        1. Yes, your attorney friend is correct and typically if the road is between two parcels the street is equally divided among the owners on each side and they acquire the additional land at no charge. Now the land owners should pay any attorney fees to make this happen because usually they are the ones petitioning the city for the land.

  7. Fact:
    Lucifer once again denies auditor findings at last nights meeting from 2014 for who is responsible for ordinances.
    Comprehensive zoning ordinance is not legal till 30 days after publication.
    Neither is all the amendments!!!
    Trying to blame everyone else for his Ignorance but the person that is responsible!!! The administration!!!
    Stating Ms. Bell , yearly audit report, & Ms. Atkins , from OSA audit team, are Wrong & their findings are Wrong.
    Stating they don’t know what they are talking about!!!
    OSA report signed by the State Auditor himself Mr. Pickering & he is Wrong also!!!!
    Everyone is wrong & Lucifer knows all!!!

    Then tried to twist the $13.00 fee as not legal because it was not advertised.
    Attorney confirmed Utility rates can be adjusted up & down without advertising.
    Drawing straws to cover his ass on the comprehensive zoning ordinance not legal.

    BSL deserves what they get if they elect Lucifer & his protégés ,
    Tish’ husband

    Wake Up BSL & Smell the Bull S —
    It’s true. It’s really BS your smelling!!!

  8. So how can the City Attorney say the city is ok in charging us the 13.00. He says they can adjust the rates anytime. Ok I can understand that. BUT, this 13.00 has NOTHING to do with the rates. It is a “special assessment” to be paid towards the Waste Water Authority. So how can the city do this. It is a designated charge for a designated account.???? Please don’t tell me this new attorney is another Rafferty???

      Go to the June 3, 2014 minutes of the City Council. Your $13 surcharge on your utility bill, has nothing to do with the Waste Water Authority, even though that is an entry on your bill you receive from City Hall.
      This $13 surcharge was calculated by the Mayor to cover the restructuring of a Bond at Hancock Bank that the Mayor and Clerk Kolf apparently did not set aside funds to cover out of the budget, or used the set aside bonds funds for “something else.” Who knows at this point? The misappropriations up there are staggering.
      Utility payments that citizens sent with good faith thinking they were paying their bills—still don’t know where that went—city had to make a $500,000 loan on your back, BSL Taxpayer, to cover that one.
      Department of Justice Federal Police Grant used for “whatever!” That was earned by the pitifully paid Officers in drug raids and should have been spent on them, as the Grant Procedures required.
      Maybe they wouldn’t have had to vacate their mold infested Police Station.
      But, who cares?! Certainly not Patrick Dendy of the State Auditor’s office who wrote a letter to the city saying all of this is wonderful—-the DOJ money was spent on things that were “legitimate” that the citizens “enjoyed.” Really, Mr. Dendy, would you enjoy working in the circumstances those police officers did in Bay St. Louis? Easy for him to say. I doubt he knows where the Bay is.
      And anyone who agrees with him is as pitiful as he is.
      Maybe the citizens who paid for Ms. Atkinson’s audit should ask the State Auditor for that $10,000 back that he charged them since he had Mr. Dendy jump in at the last minute had rebuke her findings!! If she was that inept, they should have sent someone else.
      Kolf got off, and Fillingame got the windfall. Business as usual in Jackson and for the locals here who $upport them, cha ching$$$$$$$$

  9. Lana,
    That $13 is Gone with Wind. The DOJ Funds Gone with the Wind. BSL Building Rents Gone with the Wind. Charlie’s education expenses Gone with the Wind, Dumpster Fees Gone with the Wind, Evidence Room Seizures Gone with the Wind. Lack of water bill collections from employees and friends Gone with the Wind. There are more characters in this play than the movie “Gone with the Wind”! Les is no Clark Gable that is for sure!

    1. That $13 better not be Gone With The Wind. They have a payment due June 30.
      Remember the woman, Becky Hammond, of Carr, Riggs& Ingram, who did the DOJ fund audit? She’s the one who tried to tell Council Pres.Boudin the DOJ money was ” in the accounting,” When he asked her if it was in the account, she hesitated for a second, and said,”no, sir.”
      Big difference from being written on the ledger, and being MIA!!
      Guess who was a donor to Pickering later that year?
      Carr, Riggs& Ingram$$$$
      $mall world we live in. No wonder Les insisted they do the DOJ audit!!
      They were donors to Mr. Dendy’s boss–Mr. Dendy, who said the citizens ” enjoyed” how their police funds were spent.
      If the way Les and Kolf spent the Police Grant was going to be so ” enjoyable” they should have told Council on 9-30-11 they wanted to amend the budget to move the Grant into the General Operating Fund. After all, it was going to be so enjoyable$$
      These people are the Kudzu grass of the political terrain😝

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