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Posted on March 27, 2017

As of today, Donald Trump has been our President for 68 days. If he makes it through an entire four year term, we’ve got him for 1,393 more days.

How does that make you feel? Does that put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step? Does that give you the feeling that the affairs of State and the World are in wise, dependable, and responsible hands, and that whatever our President says is thoughtful and true?

Are we being led by a man so honorable and deserving of respect that his visage will someday be carved into the hills of South Dakota at Mt. Rushmore, taking his rightful place with Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and T. Roosevelt?

If the contemplation of those questions and the comparison of Trump with some of our best Presidents makes you physically ill or, as they say in the poker world, puts you “on tilt”, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Close to 60% of the country has pretty much had a bellyfull of Mr. Donald J. Trump.

So, what’s the path forward? Do we have to wait until November 2020 for an election, or is impeachment in order?

There are two conditions precedent to successfully impeach a President and remove him from office. First, one must be able to show that the President is guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors”. Second, there must be the political will to initiate proceedings in the House of Representatives and Convict and Remove him by trial in the Senate. Continue Reading………

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    1. After I posted, I see Gallup has Trump’s job approval at 36%…26% isn’t that far away for a guy who isn’t comfortable if he isn’t lying about something.

      In eight years, Obama’s worst number on Gallup was 38% and that was only for a couple of days.

      Its going to get ugly.

        1. Yo Tight…

          I’m hip to the code. You’re thanking me for giving you the heads up on Devin “Emptysuit” Nunes.

      1. Already there. It’s starting to look like Trump’s wild claims about being wiretaped by Obama are actually completely true. Susan Rice is going to be lucky if she avoids prison. What rational person thinks she did what she did without Obama’s direction and approval? How does any thinking person go along with this kind of subversion of our elected government?

        Feel free to tell us, Doug. Does your hate justify that in your mind somehow? Or do you just continue to be willfully ignorant (kind of like Les’s supporters that you make fun of)? You’re no better. Whether you know if or not (and, I’m pretty sure you don’t).

        1. Hate is for the racist knuckle draggers that spent 8 years bitching about Obama because he was a black man. That is the kind of hate that resulted in Donald Trump. I do not hold that emotion based on political partisanship. I leave that for you Koolaid drinkers.

          So Blackwater was the intermediary between Trump’s campaign and Putin. Your vote for change made the swamp that much deeper. My principled stand against both Clinton and Trump is looking better all the time. All the rest is pure denial on your part.

        2. Are you sure you understand the criteria that determines when “unmasking” is allowed? Your comment indicates you do not.

          Nor does it appear that you understand the process that is in place when a request to unmask is made.

          I’ve seen your comments before. You seem to view yourself as the only adult in the room.

          1. Chirp…. chirp…… chirp….and more chirping

            I’m not the Watergate legal specialist like you Jimmity so please be my guest and illuminate your knowledge so everyone can see that you are a paid Demo touter…….and can be the ketchup on Susan”BS Gravy On” Rice all of which nauseates……. but you got the floor so run with your legal defense of the indefensible.

  1. I am so sick and tired everyday hearing people bashing President Trump. Yes PRESIDENT Trump. He is our president and we have to support him. Every turn he goes someone is fighting him. His own party is fighting him. This is no way to treat the President of the United States. I didn’t support Obama but I didn’t have negative everyday to say about him or riot in the streets.
    Every time you turn on late night talk shows the hosts are negative about him. Give it up and move on. He won the presidency because the people wanted change. Lets help him and get the change we need.

    1. Trump is a sore winner and a liar.

      He started his career as a politician lying about Obama. He’s trying to rally his base by lying about Obama.

      The fact that you’re “sick and tired” is your problem not mine.

      1. Tom,
        Let’s just insert any name we want in your post and see what we come up with:
        _____started his career as a politician lying about _____. He’s trying to rally his base by lying about ______.
        I think it’s called politics, and it’s happening on the local, state, and national level daily as we speak ( or in this case write.) And people our age should not pretend it’s anything new or unique to any of them.

        1. What differentiates Trump is the compulsive lying about stupid, insignificant things like inaugural crowds or being wiretapped. Needless and self inflicted.

          Maybe the reason there is such a swamp in DC is we accept dishonesty out of our politicians so long as the letter after the name matches a personal preference.

          I know some of you think Donald Trump turned into Santa Claus when he ran for President but the reality is he is behaving no differently than he has for the rest of his life lying and cheating people. He is up there in DC for one person and one person only, himself.

          It a shame the same crowd that was so adept at spotting flaws when Obama was President have suddenly gone blind as it is a much more target rich environment now that we have a self aggrandizing Blowhard as Prez.

          1. Maybe that’s why we have so few honest politicians. The level of lying and cheating would be enough to discourage a decent person from serving with them.
            And there is enough of it on both sides, trust me, regardless of the letter behind their name. It’s just the name of the game, sadly.

        2. Its probably accurate that most people who have spent time in politics have shaded the truth from time to time.

          I never thought that Reagan or either of the Bushes were over the top liars.

          At the national level, I’ve never seen anyone lie so regularly as Trump. His word is worth nothing. That makes him dangerous in dealing with other countries.

          At the beginning it was almost amusing. Now, its sick and disgusting.

  2. Chirp…..chirp……..chirp……….chirp……..

    Jimmity Cricket: Read some Shakes bro…… cause you bees “…full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing”. Macbeth , ActV

    But please no hemlock Jimmity cause I could not live without your monthly calming commentary chirp,,,,chirp….. chirp….. better than the nightime frogs in my neighbor’s pond.

  3. And, the American Civil Cold War continues. How long before it turns hot? At what point does the left’s displeasure with losing the election become so acute and all consuming that they decide to try and stage their armed coup? I guess we will find out.

    1. I said to friends and family before the election that if Hillary won the revolution was going to come from the Right and if Trump won it would come from the Left.

      When things go haywire I like to refer to a couple of Scriptural maxims to get my bearings and make sense of a situation: 1. The love of money is the root of all evil; 2. The truth will set you free; 3. Pride goeth before the fall.

      1. Well, you sure called that one wrong, didn’t you? We did’t see the right rioting, burning and looting after Obama won, did we? But, we know. The left is justified, their outrage is superior, because, well, it’s them. Hence, the difference.

  4. Snow Flakes are dangerous and violent when they start melting. They have a scorched earth mentality. Their way or no way.

  5. I don’t think you characterization of the “high crimes and misdemeanors” step would be as simple as you think. As a matter of fact it is an extraordinarily vague and difficult topic to agree on. And was, I believe, created that way intentionally.

    1. For Bill Clinton “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” was lying about getting a blowjob from a young assistant. Its a pretty broad term.

      It would not be possible to impeach Trump if more folks approved of his job performance, which is the larger point Tom made.

      The population of this country is divided into thirds, one third GOP, one third Dem and one third that swings both ways. Trump is not liked by a surprisingly large portion of his own party – the shot at Paul Ryan last weekend on twitter before Judge Jeannie exemplifies that. With only 38% approval it won’t take much to push the number down to 25% or lower so making enemies in your own party is stupid.

      If Trump wanted to improve his image, maybe he should be reaching out to Ryan to work a compromise with the Democrats on things like health care and revamping the tax code. Such would benefit both Ryan and Trump in fact.

    2. I think Gerald Ford had it right. If the House says something is an impeachable offense and the Senate, by a two-thirds majority, agrees its over. There is no judicial review.

      Now, you could have a case where the Supreme Court is very close personally with the President.
      He could conceivably try to appeal the Verdict of Removal by the Senate.

      That would be unprecedented.

      In the final analysis, our society is held together by the good will of most of the people most of the time.

      1. Jimmity Cricket: I noticed you had chirped some evils mentioned in the Bible and just thought my bibical parody of Trump and tweeting the Walls of Swamp down would be appreciated by you .But I guess not. Did you not laugh because I stated the absolute truth that the Donald will be reversing every Executive Order of Obama and referred to Obama as a Muslim and therefore a decendant of Ishmael?

        But since you mentioned I’m bad at standup comedy today I’m e-mailing the Trump organization to see if I too , like you, can become a professional political touter for the Donald. Who knows …. if Hillery as SOS via Clinton Foundation can trade away U.S. uranium to Russia and Bill Clinton then receives quid pro quo $500,000 for a speech in Russia…… all within review of of your heroic,Obama Administration ………anything is possible these days, No?


  6. Don’t worry. Be happy. Watch the Donald implode by his own. We needed change and we got it. No Hillary is better.

  7. And the Lord said to the Donald, ” Tweet SEVEN times “Drain baby Drain” as you walk around D.C. SEVEN times and thou swamp will be drained”.

    And it came to pass the Donald erased every Executive Order issued by Barrack Hussein, distant decendent of Ishmael*, son of Abrham and Hagar, Sarah’s handmaid.

    * Ishmael first Muslim on earth.

  8. Did all forget Clinton was impeached. His whole legacy and actions in the White House were appalling then we could have had Lady Clinton, another egotistic character. They have cheated, lied, stole and even murder. They cheated ole Bernie in the Dem. Party. Great group. None of them are any better than the other.
    Obama was a Muslim and did everything to hurt this country. When murderers families are invited to the White House because the feel “oppressed” what about the victims families. There really is something wrong with this country and I’ll take my chances with Trump this go round rather than what we have had the last 8 years. We have had more racism and nothing is being done. No one is standing up for the little guy. Police are gunned down on the street, yet what is done. We give justice to the killers yet the “oppressed” call racism. Quit playing that card, that deck sailed years ago. Go out get a job and work. Quit being on Welfare and have illegitimate babies for bigger checks each month. Hillary wanted to forgive all college loans. HA I had to pay for mine and pride of it. There is total scam out there on these loans. The students sign up for several classes, get the money, then withdraw from the class and not have to pay full tuition, yet have the money from the government. And Hillary wants us to forgive these thieves with our tax paid dollars. Wake up….. This whole system is corrupt I’m not sure if it can ever be fixed. Hillary wanted to give everything away with our tax dollars as a trade off for votes to be president. Is that what you want as a leader?? Another Con..

    1. You lose all credibility after Parroting the falsehood that Obama is a Muslim. Then again Trump was the Blowhard father of the birther movement too.

      And now he is President Blowhard, so I want to hear what he is going to do to make the country a better place, not what Bill Clinton did 20+ years ago.

      Chirp chrip Chirp…..

      Oh yeah, despite controlling congress he just got his ass kicked on healthcare.

  9. Holy Soul – Searching Smokes Batman:

    “Obama is not a Muslim”? Ok , if you want to believe his short empty testimony. But realize like the Congressman shouted during his first address to Congress , ” He Lies” – and we now know 8 years later that he lies big time! And his actions speak louder than his words.

    His father was a Muslim, he was brought up Muslim, went to Muslim schools , he wears his fathers Muslim ring but he claims he only became Christian by his association with the so-called Christian , Ir-reveran Wright of a radical, racist Black Liberation Church.

    Most born again Christians admit many times in a “gotta share testimony” that their past erroneous religious beliefs were so wrong and how their new Faith , personal relationship with Jesus Christ and their new belief in their eternal salvation provided only through the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ extended to all sinners only by His Sacrifice on The Cross.

    Ever hear Obama refute his previous erroneous belief in Mohammed and/or Islam precepts? Ever hear him say he was reborn?

    Ever see a Cross either on a chain around his neck or on a lapel of his coat? How many times in 8 years was he shown going to a Christian church on Sundays?

    He quotes Christian scripture in some speeches but so did the devil in the desert to Jesus!

    Know this-only the Holy Spirit knows his heart – but his actions of allowing 99% Muslims and less than 1 % Christian refugees from war torn areas that Hillary and he created in Libya, Iraq and Syria by their foreign policies and creating/pushing for the revolutionary , extremist Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt – these are telling things as to his true religious alligence and preference.

    While there have been famous personal conversions to Christianity from Judaism and Islam all the ones I’ve read about constantly are giving/ spreading testimony of their conversion to point out their earlier errors in their religious beliefs.

    1. Yo Tight…

      You been hanging with Orly (Airport) Taitz or did you get an early start on Happy Hour?

      Obama actually did go to a religious school in Indonesia. It was a Catholic School named after St.
      Francis od Assisi.

        1. Jimmity Cricket: You Chirped…..’ Obama went to a Catholic school in Indonesia’ …. ok, you can chirp that…… and I wonderd if the nuns there called roll by calling him Barrack Hussein?…….and since he has produced no college records maybe you can email Pope Francis and he can verify your chirp…..but as a Liberal touter ,who shirts debate points by silent chirpings, how about you addressing all the other points I made in my comment about Obama’s rediculous claim he is a reborn Christian.

          Always XOXOXOX’s

  10. Hold on tight. This President hasn’t reached the 100 day mark and his accomplishments include crowd control, political character assignation, crushing political defeat by his own party and paranoid delusional Tweets at 3 o’clock in the morning. Trump’s not being treated like the President because he’s not acting like the President. Once he gets through throwing his two year old tantrums, in four years, we can reassess the carnage.

  11. Ha,ha,ha……….He,he,he…… LMAO………LMAO……….

    Jimmity Cricket and PP:

    Well no need for long, extended Senate/House investigation/s looking into Obama higher ups putting Trump and associates under illegal NSA surveillence, collecting info and then spreading it around so….. ‘Donald couldn’t hide info when he got to WH’. One of Obama’s gang has already confessed to such surveillence. NOTE:( The most hilarious thing also is there is no incriminating evidence of Russian involvement with Trump or associates but Obama and his gang will now pay the price for their “super watergate” political activity).

    And the confessor’s name ……. wait for it….. wait for it……. can’t invent this stuff folks……. Dr. Farkas ( pronounced Fork-ass’). Dr.”Forkass” , ex-Obama Associate Defense Offical on Russia-Ukraine, admiited on Morning Joe program of her and others doing surveillence and collecting information on Trump and associates and spreading it around so Trump……. ‘couldn’t hide’ collected info after he got to Whitehouse.’

    Google: “u-tube of Dr.Farkass on March 2, 2017 “Morning Joe” of MSNBC.” Then listen carefully to her confession and ROFLYAO.

    Mike on “Morning Joe” tried to talk Dr. Forkass’ comments back and Dr. Forkass has since tried to minimize her major egg laying comments but to no avail; the Oz curtain has already been pulled back. Revealing Obama signing his Executive Order 12333 two weeks before leaving the WH so all illegally obtained classified NSA( not associted with Russian figures) info on Trump and associates could be shared with all 16 other intel agencies creating thousands of potential leakers.

    If Senate/ House investigations wish to swiftly find criminal activities the first two witnesses to be called? First Obama , asking him ….”why after 7 years and 50 weeks in office did he issue unique EO 12333? ” Then call Dr. Forkass , play her u-tube Morning Joe confession then watch her futile attempts to surgically remove her “Fork” from Obama’s well done “ass”.

    1. Yo Tight…

      As a renowned Shakespearean Scholar I’m surprised that you launch into personal attacks at little to no provocation.

      Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to your hosting me for dinner at Antoine’s. I’ll handle the reservations…two tables for one!

      Peace be with you.


  12. Well looky here Jimmity Cricket was it Susan Rice, the political tool who lied about Bengazhi when Hillery refused, who ordered the unmasking of private citizens names who were subject of illegally surveillance since July 2016 ?

    Why should Americans be worried about Russia interfering in democratic elections when the Democratic Party paid thugs to disrupt Trump’s political rallies ( esp. Chicago) and then put him and associates under surveillance even before he was the Republican nominee?

    Come on Jimmity put your Watergate prosecution hat on and think 1000 X the illegality of Watergate break in and seek to stop this political spying. Oh, forgot you only hold Republicans responsible to ethics and their criminal acts .

    If Susan Rice is made scape goat that’s good enough for me and then it’s on to fit her and Lynch for orange jump suits.

    Anyway Obama’s conversion from Islam to Christianity violates the law of Islam and makes Obama an apostate and a wanted man by the same people he refused to name, namely radical Islamic terrorists. Remember he killed Osama and thousands of other radical Islamic terrorists via drones and they will never forget him.

    Sorry Jimmity, Antoine’s doesn’t seat crickets but kick their chirping butts into their court yard where they are eaten by hungry lizards. If you stop chirping and address my questions like a man in a responsible way I may try to get you in thru the sewer clean out.

    1. “…address my questions like a man…”

      You comment under a nom de plume. For all I know you are the guy (or girl) Trump identified…”400 pounds sitting on a bed.”

      You are entitled to nothing.

  13. Jimmity Cricket:

    I justI love your angry chirps…. grr-chirp…… grr-chirp …….grr-chirp…… especially when I respond to your Trump impeachment blog with responsive posts and present prima faciae evidence of illegal partisan, political surveillance by the Obama administration ……..coupled no less with a very unique, highly suspicious issuance of a wierd Executive Order 12333 which Obama issued two weeks from leaving the White House that allowed the partisan, political surveillance information from the NSA to be shared with 16 other intel agencies.

    Can you name any other OUTGOING President that surveillanced the INCOMING elected president and his associates some of which were going to be appointed to new administrative posts? Can you named any other OUTGOING President who after a 8 year term decided to share partisan, political surveillance info on an INCOMING administration with 16 other intel agencies….. creating thousands of possible Obama groupie,snowflake leakers?

    Can you name any other president who surveillanced a news reporter (James Rosen) and also certain Congressmen during his term?

    Though you say “You are entitled to nothing “(… I’m just asking for responsive answers) I’m going to continue to pound responsive questions to you my cricket friend until you respond like the highly intelligent blogging attorney I know you are, who openly boasts about playing a critical role in getting Nixon to resign ( by the way I appreciate your work in getting Nixon, the President of the partisan Dirty Tricks and Watergate breakin out of office… but there is no praise for refusing to address suspicious activity/lies of Susan Rice, the “fakenews” tool of Obama who to this day continues to spread/spin his lies and cover his illegal activities)

  14. On March 22 Susan “BS Gravy On” Rice commented, ‘ I know nothing about what intelligence Chairman Nunes speaks ( i.e. illegal unmasking names of citizens caught in NSA surveillance).’ Its the ole’ stupid Sargent Schultz defense of the indefensible !!!!

    Then in the last 24 hours , after being outed as the person who requested unmasking certain individuals’ names in NSA captured surveillance on Trump and his assocites, Rice dishes out mo’ BS Gravy and says on several MSM stations, ‘ Well, as a Defense Security official I did sometimes request unmasking of some names but it certainly was never done in any political way’.

    Hmmmmm……seems like Dirty Rice might want to take the Fifth when called before Congress as did the Obama appointed IRS official when she was questioned if the IRS unfairly targeted Tea Party Republicans.

    Susan Rice you are covered in so many drips of your BS Gravy you need to change out of your white Chef’s outfit as you nauseate the appetite for truth of any intelligent person…… just like you did with your Bengazhi “video” performance on that faithful Sunday when you were on 5-6 MSM stations dishing out pots of your BS Gravy sauce.

    Under this infamous Trump impeachment blog, which continues to grow exponentially , I invite all logical auguments in opposition to my comment. Not interested in listening to/entertaining liberal attacks of chirping crickets…… as it puts me fast asleep.

  15. Thursday Wars: Ex Post Facto Impeachment of Obama

    What did Obama know and when did he know it – about Susan “Bs Gravy On” Rice’s unmasking names of Trump and his associates from classified NSA intel even before Hillary ‘s emails , Podesta emails and the Democratic Commitee’s headquarters were tapped into and started to appear on WikiLeaks. Even before the Demos started to allege Russia was the source of intel taps.

    Some officials even think the Obama administration could have been using NSA intel on Republicans possibly in Obama’s campaign for re-election in 2012. Hmmmmm …that’s pretty serious.

    And why should not citizens be suspicious of intel abuse in 2012 because it is fact that Obama administration surveillanced AP reporters, reporter James Rosen of Fox News and Congressmen. With a past history of Dirty Rice lying about Bengazhi, stating that Sgt. Brydahl ‘ served America with honor’ and being Obama’s tool to spread his lies; it is imperative that a president never be able to violate one more citizen’s constitutional right to privacy.

    Of course the Demo Snowflakes and MSM news are now calling anyone alleging Dirty Rice did illegal things with NSA intel for political gain a “racist “and “sexist”. So be it cause it’s time the “fat lady sings” and Obama is impeached ex post facto so not one building, not one aircraft carrier nor one monument be named or dedicated to his un-American presidency.

  16. I’ve got a thought on Bannon.

    I see he will no longer be serving on the Principals Committee of the National Security Council.

    He’s had a huge target on him put there mainly by the Politically Correct Police. While I don’t know or understand his politics in great detail I like the guy and think it would be wrong if he were driven out of the Administration by the Rachel Maddows of the world.

    Joe Scarborough once said on his program…”Washington is a town of suck ups.” There is a lot of truth in that statement.

    I think Bannon and Trump bonded because they were both rebels of sorts. Bannon is a self made guy
    (with about $25 Mil in the bank) and he hasn’t really had a boss for 25 years. Its probable that a staff
    position doesn’t suit his personality. And, he’d never get a Cabinent position because he couldn’t get confirmed.

    So, his days may be numbered which means we’ll see more of Jared Kushner…the Uriah Heep of Washington…forever lurking and obsequious.

    1. Jimmity:

      Just like all the MSM groupie snowflakes you would bring up Bannon news and avoid even discussing the Susan “BS Gravy On” Rice partian survellance of Trump and his associates all in violation of constitutional privacy……….chirp… chirp ….chirp as usual.

      And all you snowflakes have is replaying the Trump-Russia BS “fake news” over and over… pitiful,really pitiful.

    2. Jimmity:

      Your hero, Barrack Hussein Obama, on July 15,2015 in an TV interview in his infamous smart ass, arrogant way said,’…… we didn’t send missiles after Assad used chemical weapons because we were smarter and got all the chemical weapons removed and destroyed’


      Now if I were you I’d grab my money out of the stock market and dig a hole cause I fear you hero is going to be dead wrong about the great deal he said he made to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

      What a total failure of a president living in a delusionary ” fake news”world………Gore invented the internet and Barrack Hussein Obama invented “fake news”.

      Make Our Lord protect America from Obama’s evil. Amen and Amen.

      1. Monday Wars: The Ex Post Facto Impeachment of Obama


        And I forgot to include in my last post the fact that Susan “BS Gravy On” Rice on January 16,2017 also in a statement stated ‘ …we were smart in verifying that all chemical weapons in Syria were destroyed …’

        The Washington Post recently gave Dirty Rice a maximum 4 Pinocchios on that statement after Syria recently used chemical gas on babies.

        Being a Cajun I love to eat dirty rice with all its many spices and flavors but ole’ Susan’s many lies, all told strictly for benefit of your hero, makes me want to puke!

        XOXOXOXOs Always

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