Senior Fillingame Administration Official “feeling delighted” about potential cancellation of Hancock Library millage

Think about the kind of city you want and vote for the person who will lead you there. ~ Liz Zimmerman

I always thought the difference between living in a City or in the country boiled down to a quality of life calculus. For City dwellers, having a local library is a generally part of the quality of life equation.


Maybe we’re math challenged but removal of the County millage would reduce the average property tax bill no where near $60 per that breakdown nor can we see how the small library millage added to Bay St Louis taxes would bump the total to $60. In any event the name of the local tax collector was invoked:


39 thoughts on “Senior Fillingame Administration Official “feeling delighted” about potential cancellation of Hancock Library millage”

  1. So, the Bay St. Louis City Clerk is feeling “delighted” at the prospect of our libraries being “shut down” so she can save $60 a year, $5 a month? Sounds like she needs a raise. Perhaps she’ll suggest that to Council at budget time.
    As far as Jimmie Ladner handing out our library cards, I hope she understands that no one HAS to get a library card, duh?! You can walk in the library, take any book off the shelf you want, find a place to sit, and read to your heart’s content. Strange position for a parent of school age children.
    This lady is keeping books and all legal documents at City Hall in the Bay? How many feel “delighted” about that after reading this post???!!!!

  2. Taxpayers of BSL need to demand an opt out clause so as to not be forced to support certain municipal employees.

    #stop the gravy train

    1. Sarcasm or not…..
      Probably not the smartest thing for a city clerk to do. Professional it isn’t.

      Let’s hope the next Mayor hires a truly qualified, and seasoned city clerk. It’s long overdue.

    2. She sure picked a touchy subject to show off her brand of sarcasm.🙄🙄
      I’m not sure the staff at the library are laughing😳

      1. And “outsourcing” our library???
        Anyone running that endorses it will hear an endless whine fest from me. I understand costs must be cut. There are, I beleve, some staff is due to retire. We need to review, hours, services, staffing, fees. Trained volunteers, grant writing, fund raising are all options.
        Libraries are a reflection of the town, and ours has always been involved in helping the community: RSVP at tax time, the children’s programs, the Xmas tree program was always a joy. And our library on 90 was the town’s communication center after Katrina. That level of commitment doesn’t come from some CORPORATE board making decisions based on one criterion; bottom line.
        So let’s get some new blood, some diversity, different viewpoints with a Council and Mayor actually reallh want to do good, to serve, to grow.
        If we are a”A Place Apart”, then shouldn’t we not TAKE the place apart.
        (Consolidation, outsourcing….are good for someone. I just don’t think it’s us.

  3. Fact:
    Don’t forget Chenaey is the wife of the mayor’s personal assistant. Jerry
    This along with the Paula , another assistant because she damn sure hasn’t ever got a grant for the city, putting lies out there to the NAACP about Singleton’s school board nomination.
    Don’t see anything about Lucifer (les) on the NAACP page against him.
    Payroll fraud, sale of city & confiscated guns , police scandal on hidden fund , illegal raises to a few , oh that’s why some owe him their soul , no comprehensive zoning ordinance.
    NAACP biased. Look at their page & you decide!!! One sided because why ?? Paula.
    Sold their soul to Lucifer(les)
    Lucifer (les) is playing ward 3 like a fool.
    Just like he did with Greg Farve 4 years ago during the election. Brought him around to be seen with them. Their token as they put it.
    Strictly for the vote in ward 3!!!!!
    He has done nothing for them in 8 years nor will he do anything except lie , lie lie.
    Once again the mayor screwed up just like he did with Kane’s appointment to the port & harbor commission.
    All political.
    And this is the leadership they brag on!!!
    These Lucifer supporters along with a few other city employees who have gained under his administration support this Idiot!!
    Heard one city employee who is also one of his main supporters in ward 3 got caught with a truck load of city property in the city yard a couple weeks back
    Of course all slid under the rug.
    Put them under oath & see if they want spill the beans on this.

  4. How selfish for anyone who would want to opt out of Library taxes. These Libraries have always been available to the community and should always be around. I don’t use the Library, but I don’t mind paying the mileage as a needed part of our County. So many do benefit from it and it would deprive those children and adults of many pleasures to have access to books to read. We need to encourage reading at all ages.
    Maybe the County should consider consolidating rather than eliminating.

    1. They need single source funding to prevent our generous (other peoples money) elected officials from over funding these type agencies. They also need to get monthly updates on how it is spent not end of year we need more money requests. Financials and Payroll need to be publicly looked at, otherwise go private and leave the taxpayer alone.

      Opting out to go to single source funding is smart. Pull your check book out and pay as much as you like. How about the Library Foundation Coughing up money for operations rather than buying GALA Tickets for the chosen few.

      1. The library system does provide financial updates to the city and county officials. They have also not requested more money at the end of the year. If you have information that they have, please share. To the best of my knowledge, the only time additional money was requested was when the library in Diamondhead opened in the middle of the fiscal year and the library asked for funds to run that branch. The Library Foundation money cannot be used to pay for operations. This fact has been pointed out many times.

        1. Concerned Citizen,
          If you go to the Foundation Website, they do advertise what Foundation Revenue is spent on, and it would qualify as ” operations ”
          to the average donor.
          In fact, why would anyone donate other than to
          assist financially with the operation of the Library System?
          I do not advocate ” shutting down” operations like the City Clerk, but I think there may be some room room for priority

          1. I mean the Library
            Board may have to look
            at some spending
            priorities especially
            since their Director is cutting the budget to the bone. You just can’t have everything. It’s a fact of life. They can still go to the Chamber Gala; just pay their own way.

  5. Let’s not forget, her boss, Mayor Fillingame, when asked at the last Council meeting, what his position was on the Library issue, said,
    “I am for turning it over to the county to levy the taxes and run it themselves.”
    Do we see a recommendation from him for the city to get out of the inter local agreement with the county?
    His Clerk already has her tax savings calculated so there must be some chatter in city hall about it. We’ll see what Council does!

  6. That may be the only point that I have ever, or will ever agree on with the Administration.
    We need single source funding for a lot of things. Citizens in municipalities are double and triple and quadruple dipped. Take the Chamber of Commerce for instance. The get monies from municipalities, except BSL, the county, various county affiliates and various state agencies then get contracts to promote them and competing with the private sector after we fund them. These funds, although from different agencies is still coming from one taxable pool called the tax payer. What a racket! Now they are getting involved in garbage pick up.

    In short how can you procure contracts for pay when the very source of the contract is funding you on the front end.

    They have hijacked political events to get sponsor money while using publicly funded buildings to do so. For instance the Hancock County Schools!

    We have to do better!

    1. But the difference between the Chamber and the Library has to be made clear—
      The doors of the library are open to ALL–not so with the Chamber. They will not even acknowledge you exist without a paid membership.
      That is, in my opinion, why they should be kept separate–especially financially.
      To mix them financially is a covert way for a private organization to avail itself of public and foundation funds.
      Good grief, the Gala is $120 a plate. Put aside $10 a month if you want to go.Our Library Director is cutting her budget to the bone-not so at the Chamber,not so.

      1. Great businesses are nominated each year but because they do not belong to the Chamber they are immediately eliminated. The Chamber calling a business Hancock County Business of the year is very misleading. After they give you an award they then ask for you to pay for a $1500 table payable to them.

        The Port gives them $15,000 of your money to sponsor the Gala as well as the supervisors. The Supervisors and other elected officials go free for donating other peoples money then the chamber asks the taxpayer whose money it was to start with to pay $150.

        The chambers biggest claim is the grants that are for their members only. The Director gets 3% off the top for this and claims to be serving Hancock County.

        This my friends is the Swamp and it must be drained!
        Elect George Williams and watch the Swamp Grow!

  7. The Library donated $2500 of our funding to them to the Chamber Gala. The Library Foundation is flush with cash and tax exempt property.

  8. Yea they gave $2500 to attend a private social party. The Elected Officials who give them the money attend free. The Tax Payer who they take the money from go free as Celeberty Guests! WOW not a money shortage but a management debacle. We don’t elect them to decide how to give money away to their favorite charity and political backers!

  9. Wow what an accounting genius. We take the Library funding from the city and put it on the County. Wake up we pay County taxes also in Hancock on our Tax bills. So we are just shifting the taxes from city to County. That really is going to save who?????
    Reading is an essential part of our community and children. So many children have no access to books and programs except through the libraries. I’ll stress again to Consolidate , rather than eliminate..

    1. Correct. We pay county taxes and it pays to the Library the city pays to the Library. City taxpayers are double dipped. Simple. Pull out your check book and pay how you like.

    2. The Library like the Chamber is a non-profit. That was supposed to be the save all for them. Don’t tax us and we can operate by raising money.

      The Library owns high end tax exempt properties. They raise money tax exempt. Getting out and raising money the hard way is old school. Now they just go to the local politicians and get tax dollars to feed an insatiable appetite for tax dollars.

      If you go to the Hancock County Mississippi Geo-Portal you can look up tax exempt Parcels owned by the library. Tax exempt means no money to all the other functions that make us a city.
      Parcels: 149E-0-29-032.000 , 149E-0-29-031.000, 149E-0-29-030.000 , 149E-0-29-033.000 are tax exempt and owned by the Library and contribute no tax relief for the common land holder who has to pay more every time a nonprofit gobbles up land. We give to them in many ways this is just another example. They do not recognize what all the tax payer does for them. They can raise money with no taxes etc…..They can go out and shake a boot, do bake sales or just volunteer to make their ideals work. The rest of us belong to many organizations that we feel make this a better place. We donate, raise money and volunteer and works.

  10. Was told the medical waste company promised 10k to the Fillingame campaign fund. I don’t know if it’s before approval or after. I knew something stank about the deal.

  11. Chamber has no business having a “gala” every year and the library has no business having a private donor Christmas party every year. We don’t donate or volunteer our time and money so we can pat each other on the backs.

  12. Who is on the Library Board and are the meetings open to the public. How many members and who appoints them.

  13. I think anyone can attend a Board Meeting if you are a member of the Library. You may not be able to speak, but maybe some of their actions will leave you speechless anyway….

    1. The Library is a private club? Get the money from the members. Simple, put your money where your mouth is.

      The chamber is doing a save the Library motion. If they raise any funds the director gets 3% off the top. But, it is for public good. LMAO

    2. Checked with Ethics Commission. If they are supported by public funds and appointed by elected officials, their meetings should be advertised and open to the public.

  14. Fat boy can hang it up now and go home. Buddy Zimmerman now has a sign in Les Fillingames front yard on 10th St. The mayor will throw his support to stack himself a nice little quiet lapdog city council.

  15. Lying Buddy and Crooked Les.

    Can you imagine Les, Buddy, Wendy, George Williams, Larry Smith, Avery, n Susan Veglia together. Recalculate your mortgage cause taxes and fees will go up!

    These people want a natatorium. That is the funniest shit I have ever heard. The most successful one in the group is Buddy. He managed to golf his way through to a retirement. Quite an accomplishment!

    That group my friends are a rare thing in South Mississippi. Snow Flakes!

  16. Obama should have had Tish and the Chamber shake down Osama Bin Laden before his execution. She would have gotten his money, oil and weapons and just left him for dead! No need to even waste a bullet.

  17. Trump is hiring her to shake the Mexicans down to pay for the wall. All she needs is the Standard $30,000 Fee and $150 a head for every deportation.

  18. Wow! Being a resident and taxpayer is not a Chinese menu. You don’t get to pick what deserves your $ or not. People with no kids ñay for schools. It’s called being good citizen……

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