5 thoughts on “And now a word from Slabbed sponsor Gary Knoblock for Councilman at large”

  1. Gary is a regular attendee of the City Council meetings. Interested in his city and being up on the current issues at hand.
    Ready to serve

  2. Gary has always been involved with all of the cities needs and very active in the community. The only thing that concerns me is his involvement with the Good Ole Boys in BSL. He is part of the McDonald, Trapani and others. He has a business that requires his full attention. He would have been better served running in a district than trying to take care of the entire city. I just don’t see how he can do both. We need someone that can devote their full attention to this great city with all of the controversies and budget issues ahead of us. It is going to take a lot of time on all of the Councils commitment to turn the city around. He definitely will have a conflict selling the city the decals for their police cars and other advertising.

    1. I have full confidence Gary will avoid any illegal conflicts with his business.
      And you know that old saying,

    2. This is silly, of course Gary works full time, as do all of the council. It’s a very small salary and the only person you’re going to find who can do it full time is someone who is either retired or disabled.

      Gary has energy and a good head on his shoulders

  3. I’ve met Gary. He appears to be a good guy. I would have more confidence in him than the rest of these thugs dragging Bay St. Louis down. He does know Jolyn Trapani and Mike Cure, but so does everyone else in the Bay and Waveland. And unlike these self serving two he could make a good representative of the people. Agree that his business will likely keep him out of the fray and this is a shame. Because uninformed, unknowledgeable, and politically inept clowns like Jolyn Trapani are making a complete joke of marine resource management. Just when you thought you could not get any lower than do nothing Harmon, in jumps Trapani. She is about as much a rep of the environmental community as a damn eroding rock in the Grand Canyon. I once asked her what group she represented and she hacked about me expressing my concerns and telling what the issues were. Well she never answered the question because she has no credentials. She represents the CCA. No an environmental group. She pretends to listen then Richard “fish the gulf dry” sticks his other hand up her ass and she votes any way he dictates. These three clowns, Richard, Trapani, and Harmon, are a laughing stock. Puppets of Mike Cure. Raping the marine resources to benefit themselves. Conduct secret meetings to further benefit themselves. Last Commission meeting a perfect example. Held a secret meeting after the regular meeting and changed the meeting time four different times because the fishermen showed up to voice their concerns and the Commission did not want to hear them. DMR attorneys should be fired for dereliction of duty. One is a voyeur and loves to visit online dating sites, Ashley Morrison. Should expect nothing less from thug lawyers like this. No ethics no rules no moral obligation to marine resources. DMR staff better start looking for other employment. I keep saying this, just a matter of time. You better read this and take heed. These thug Commissioners are about to blame all their bad decisions on you. These fishermen that can’t and don’t want a future, are about to turn on you at the blessing of this demented Commission. No one will remember any of your attempts to save the resources. No one will remember Richard, Trapani and Harmon’s resource raping votes. Run, run, run DMR employees while you can. Run before you lose everything. GET OUT!!!

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