Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Trump – Still Getting Away with It

Posted on March 8, 2017

Getting away with what? The over-the-top lie to divert attention from a prior over-the-top lie and screw up that is exposing him for what he is … a real and present danger to the USA and the World.

Compare Trump with his predecessor, Barack Obama.

OBAMA has said in various interviews that he viewed his role as President as similar to that of a long-distance runner in a relay race. His job was to take the baton from his predecessor and hand it off to his successor eight years later with the country in better shape as a result of his efforts.

It wasn’t about “glory” or “legacy” with Obama. It was about duty and responsibility. It wasn’t about winning news cycles. It was about long game … running the race as best he could for the eight years he was given. It involved study, effort, and time … making thoughtful decisions (and not doing “stupid stuff”) day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Based on the facts that he is the only President since Eisenhower to win over 51% of the popular vote twice, and that on his last full day in office he had a job approval rating of 59%, the American people think he succeeded.

TRUMP … where do you start with this guy? Can anyone say with a straight face that he is a deep thinker who has studied history and world events? Can anyone say that he is a thoughtful individual … that if he says something happened, it actually did happen? The answer is a resounding no.

Can anyone say that he is an honorable person? Is he the kind of person who, if he makes an allegation that reflects poorly on someone’s character, he stands behind the charge and presents evidence to support the charge? Continue Reading…….

21 thoughts on “Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Trump – Still Getting Away with It”

  1. Tom Terrific:

    What are you doing with all that money you are making in the stock market which has risen several thousand since Trump was elected which was predicted by the Snowflakes to take a dive after his election?

    How about the new private jobs report that was 300,000 for thr 47 days Trump has been President of which only 200,000 was expected?

    And how about the illegal border crossings dropping to 18,000 the past 30 days as opposed to 31,000 the month before he was inaugurated?

    And finally there is the answer to the question I asked 30 days ago as to why would Obama issue an executive order just a few days left in his Presidency allowing the NSA to share all secret/ classified information with 16 other intelligence agencies which he had not done for the previous 7 years and 360 days of his presidency?

    Was he attempting to increase the number of potential “leakers” of secret info to the point where it would be very difficult to find the “leakers” of classified info on General Flynn, “leakers” of the telephone conversations of Trump with possible appointees and other people Trump met with.

    How about some answers especially as to Obama’s very suspicious executive order days before he left the Whitehouse and why did he not issue such an executive order when he was first elected?

    1. Mr. Tight, Sir…

      First, happy to know that you’re alive and well…my prayers have been answered.

      Second, having read and commented on some of my stuff in the past, you have to know that I believe Trump has charm, skills and charisma. That’s why he came through the 16 person Republican field and won the election.

      Third, people with charm, skills and charisma usually do well…for awhile. People with character prevail.

      Trump needs to add a few skills. He should read Reagan’s Autobiography, Lincoln’s Second Inaugural
      (it’s five paragraphs), Kennedy’s Speech at American University.

  2. Tom, Seriously …..you are a lawyer …..you deal everyday with questions and answers ….you strive to reveal facts that suggest circumstantial evidence in attempts to reveal motive/s……

    Answer me why did Obama issue an Executive order a week or two before he left the White House to order that all NSA classified information be shared with the other U.S. 16 intelligence organizations ? And why did he not issue any such order during the previous 7 years and 52 weeks of his term as president?

    Could it be he wanted to create an enormous population of possible ” leakers” of classied NSA information which would create such impossible numbers making it difficult if not impossible to find “leakers” from the thousands of possible numbers of Federal employees instead of the relative few numbers in the NSA alone? And then coincidentally, subsequent to Trump’s inauguration and within a few weeks of his Presidency, low and behold , NSA classified transcripts are leaked involving Gen. Flynn ‘s personal meeting with the Russian ambassador as well as taped telephone conversations Trump had with Mexican President and Australian Prime Minister?

    Why can’t you address these facts and question motive/s as the expert fact finding lawyer that I think you are? ……just like you expertly did in the Nixon affair of which you brag about personally bringing about his resignation? Is it you don’t want to go on the Easter egg hunt for fear of what you may find? ….. like a guilty bunny Loretta ” Tarmac” Lynch or a shiny, gold aluminum covered Obama bunny with egg on his face ? i.e. it is fact the Obama administration tapped into the private communications of members of Congress, tapped into reporter Ed Rosen’s privacy, oversaw the IRS prosecution of certain Republican political groups, protected corrupt Hillary with Lynch’s failure to prosecute…. and on and on

    All I’m hearing with you Tom is crickets …. no answers to my raised questions.. .. no response as to the suspicious order of Obama spreading NSA classified info all over Washington just before he left…..

    so just keep on melting , refusing to acknowledge and criticizing Trump’s successes; all the while you are counting your piles of Stockmarket profits however know that many people, not nearly skilled as you in inquiry talents, can clearily see that you are a Demo touter plain and simple.

    1. I believe the 9/11 Commission found that one of the problems in Intelligence was so-called
      “stove piping”. The CIA didn’t know what the FBI knew and neither knew what NSA knew . The
      response to that problem was intelligence sharing amongst the agencies.

      Seeing we do not know the particulars of the material that was distributed amongst the various agencies it is difficult to pass judgement on the appropriateness of the sharing of the material in question.

    2. Back during the election Team Trump absolutely adored leaks, such as the DNC emails. Remember last year Lockie? Those were the good old days huh?

      I hate to point this out to you but Obama is no longer President. We’re coming up on day 50 of the new guy, President Blowhard.

      Neither one of us is getting any younger. That replacement for the Affordable Care Act getting the bums rush in the House will insure that older folks will be paying more for their health insurance while younger folks leave the system in droves to run naked.

      Maybe that why the cowardly Congressman over here in South Mississippi is in hiding from his constituents, kinda like your cowardly Congressman that ducked his own people during the congressional break. In fairness he did manage to schedule a fundraising appearance for Mini-me so we know he still gets out from time to time. So this is MAGA? Seems like same old same old to me my friend.

        1. I guess it’s just crickets and more crickets about Obama’s last executive order effienctly opening the door to NSA leaks among 16 intel agencies as he walked out of the WH door.

          1. I answered your question above. The need for the intelligence agencies to know what the other agencies know.

            If you want to analyze it at a different level try this: Live by leaks; Die by leaks.

    “The need for the intelligence agencies to know what the other agencies know” is your answer, Ok I except that but why did Obama only allow NSA classified info sharing in only the last two weeks of his 8 year term….?

    And don’t answer he suddenly felt guilty, realized his error of not sharing classied info and his lack of transparency FOR 7 YEARS AND 52 WEEKS and wanted to be a knight in shiny armor and share for only the last few weeks of his presidency and especially during a period when Trump’s privacy rights were being tapped into in a futile attempt to establish a Russian election conspiracy which has turned up a big ZERO !

    Please continue your Hollywood hopes for your next feature, ” Jimmity Cricket and the 7 Melting Snowflakes” rated BS and coming to local psychiatric wards soon.

  4. It has been hard not to notice, that the people who did not vote for Trump, and who are now absolutely miserable and unhappy with the results of the election, have been completely oblivious for the last eight years as to how absolutely miserable and unhappy the people who did not vote for Obama have been. You can stop telling us how upset you are that your candidate lost. Believe me, we know exactly how you feel. We survived. You will, too

    1. I do not sense any misery out of Tom, I know I’m not miserable, President Blowhard will be the gift that keeps on giving over the next 4 years.

      For the record I could never support either Clinton or Trump as both are way too depraved for my liking.

      The people of misery over the last 8 years that you cite are a living case study in cognitive bias.

  5. Hillery said yesterday she is “ready to come out of the woods”………. rightly so as the bears left weeks ago as Hillery’s crapola being dished out against Trump from behind her curtain of ConspiritOz was getting pretty high, stinky and ineffective. Especially reaching a crecendo when Rachel Madcow laid her voluminous cowpatty on CNN by foolishly walking on Trump’s carefully laid landmine , his stellar 2005 tax return.

    About now Trump and his appointed troops are probably not only looking at Obama’s illegal activities surrounding his last minute Executive 12333 order spreading classified intel over 16 agencies; but probably are looking at the Clintons’ activities, the Clinton foundation which folded its tent after election and the many intentional intel leaks from persistent Obama melting Snowflakes.

    Hillery now falsely preaching unity after the Demos’ many attempts have failed to disrupt Trump’s forward thinking conservative, America First ideas from being implemented.

    Its too late Hillary, you and the Snowflakes have pissed off the Donald and if you dont return to dump your crapola in the woods you may soon be sized for that orange pants suit you have avoided in the past.

  6. He, he, he

    Jimmity Cricket:

    Me thinks you need to do an update title on this blog to “Obama Still Getting Away With It”……

    Seems like today a whistle blower has revealed evidence to Intel Committee chairman , Nunes, the fact that there was surveillance above and beyond the Demo’s BS alleged Russian connection that there was classified surveillance of Trump’s transitional members post election and possible unmasking of their transitional names….

    Couple that bombshell with Obama’s bewildering secretive issuance of his unique Executive Order 1233 , which allowed for the last two weeks of his 8 year presidency the historic dissemination of classified documents from the NSA with 16 other intel agencies; then even a snowflake like you ,who brags about causing Nixon’s resignation, should conclude that there is reason to believe a conspiracy existed to do the Trump transition team in, to disrupt the first 100 days of his administration and as Maxine Waters recently said to justify his “impeachment”.

    Me thinks Obama better stop telling all his liberal Federal judge friends to stop falsely objecting to Trump’s revised travel ban , stop flying his parachute water kites, put down his clubs and start formulating his future watergate-like “plaining ” before an investigational committee.


  7. Mr. Tight, Sir…

    It sounds like you’ve been listening to Mr. Devin Nunes.

    That is a fools errand. Nunes is a cipher. He’s a low energy guy. He makes Jeb Bush look like Don Rickles. He is incapable of asking or answering an intelligible question. He was badly outclassed by Schiff (snd Gowdy) at the Hearing with Comey.

    In a desperate attempt to make himself relevant, Nunes runs down and jumps up in Trump’s lap to get a little publicity. He has succeeded in blowing himself and his committee out of the water.

    There will be a push for a Select Committee…Watergate style.

    Its downhill from here for Trump. You heard it here first.

  8. Chrip…….chirp……….chirp……..sounds of fury but with no substance from a Demo snowflake touter.

    Hey you think I have a future like you as a paid touter for Demos but for Trump?


    1. Absolutely Tight, you do have a future as a pair tout for Trump.

      You can get on their insurance plan…TRUMP CARE!

  9. Long Live Obamacare….. Long Live Obanacare……… Long live Obamacare……….Long live Obanacare !!!!!

    That is until abstaining Demos congressmen start to hear some major noise from their millions of constituants…… some objecting Reps will hear noise too……..meanwhile on with Obama-spygate and fitting Barrack Hussein , “Tarmac” Lynch and other Obama scape goats for some orange jumpsuits/pants suits.

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