PSA: Hancock County Alliance for Good Government Political Forum for Bay St. Louis Municipal Elections

On Thursday, April 20, 2017 the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government is sponsoring a Political Forum for all candidates who have qualified to run in the 2017, Bay St. Louis Municipal Elections.

While The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government does not endorse candidates, since 2010, the organization has provided Political Forums for City, County, and State-wide elections as an opportunity for the voters and candidates to meet and debate the current issues of their government.

The Forum will be held at the Old Town Community Center in the Depot District on Blaize Avenue from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Candidates can register to participate by calling—228-493-4358 or 228-363-9395.

14 thoughts on “PSA: Hancock County Alliance for Good Government Political Forum for Bay St. Louis Municipal Elections”

  1. Is Wendy well enough to attend? I will bet not. I predict she will magically be ok at election time and if elected will not serve more than a short period before she relapses to parades and photo ops for her and Henry.

  2. All she cares about is the Pay check and Health insurance. She is using the City for her Welfare Payments. I think the legislature needs to look into this to make some type of laws if the person is not able to perform their duties, they need to resign. Did her doctor tell her not to attend and work? Does anyone know if she has been at Habitat?
    Collecting 2 government sponsored programs checks. She is just wonderful. She’ll probably qualify for disability next and we will still be supporting her.

  3. I suggested that be a question at the alliance forum. We have had 2 situations last couple of election cycles. Both are/were Les supporters. It is called the swamp when the elected officials get more than the tax payer!

  4. It is my understanding that Buddy Z. and Les are saying derogatory things about the Alliance for Good Government and the organizers. The problem is they cannot answer the hard questions and Buddy Z doesn’t know the answers to anything. He is not that sharp of a tack. He has been a disaster in his personal life and benefited off the tax payers with the public works department. How did he golf 3-4 days a week working for the city??? Who do you think he golfed with on City Time! He was the bid opener behind closed doors before the Council demanded to have them opened in public forum! He didn’t last long after that.
    Ole Lying Buddy and Impermissible Les, now aint that a pair of birds!

  5. Buddy Zimmerman said the alliance is fake news. He also ran down slabbed. Very bold. I heard a tape of his wife demanding new pavement in front of her home when it wasn’t bad at all, Joey couldn’thet get a word in, Was told Bobby paved it to shut her up, she must have been drunk or on drugs when she made the call. The rest of 8th got nothing. On the tape she was trash talking about ward 5&6 and saying our taxes are way too low. I hope lying Buddy doesn’t win with her telling him how to think. I’m trying to get a copy of the tape for slabbed.

  6. The big problems will start if George Williams wins. A lobbying bleading Hart liberal. Taxes will skyrocket. Trolleys on every street on promenade sidewalks. The bay will be big rock candy mountain by the sea.

  7. George will try and refund the chamber off the backs of the tax payer. He will want to get a grant to build a promenade walk whilst his wife secures a grant and gets 3% of it to her and his personal income. They have all lived off the fat of the system from the Chamber of Commerce to his lobbying career. They have a them first agenda regardless of the photo ops his wife thrusts herself into at all opportunities. They brag about all the grants they pursue but they don’t tell you how much they make off of them. They even defy the law when asked about the tax returns of the chamber and refuse to show them. Georges wife runs him and will be your quasi council woman!

  8. A good question for Mike Weems would be, what special privilege, do you think you have, that allows you to put your political signs on school property at the baseball field? If elected will your be that reckless with regard to other laws. Mike will fit in good with Les. It would be a race to jail.

  9. I saw that. He should be billed for the lease of public property and given to park maintenance!


  10. In 31-page letter, New Orleans FBI agent accuses Justice Department of ‘systemic corruption’

    Though heavily redacted, the letter offers an extraordinary window into the tension that develops at times between prosecutors and case agents like Zummer, who investigated Morel for years and doggedly pushed the case even after Polite’s predecessors refused to bring charges.

    Zummer wrote that FBI agents are fed up with a lack of follow-through by some prosecutors at the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

  11. Candidates that trash an organization that is willing to have a political forum, with no political endorsements, should stay away. Why attend if you don’t like it. The Alliance has and always will stand for its name “Good Government”. If it were not for the Alliance and its members, the good people of Waveland and BSL would not have a voice in the public interest of all. The time and effort they put forth on behalf of all of us is unmeasurable and priceless.
    George and Tish both are alcoholics. Everytime you see them they are drinking. What a wonderful pair. I don’t think George would be able to vote on any issues or budget involving the Chamber. Who is the better of the two? Doug or George. What a great choice for Ward 1.
    This election will be interesting. And yes, Will Wendy show up for the forum?

  12. Wendy is verified as a Lenten Miracle….she attended last nights meeting and is just as clueless as she has always been! It’s amazing how fast you can get well when the welfare check gets threatened by an election.

  13. Everything Great in Bay Saint Louis
    Only thing everyone talking about is “Ugly Fighting of Council” and poor communication.

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