ICYMI: It Stinketh on both ends of the coast…..

Nunn Yabidnez was kind enough to give us his take on the Pascagoula’s mayor’s race in comments. It also pairs up well with Tyler Carter’s article last week in the Mississippi Press:

Pascagoula mayoral candidate addresses speculation regarding his residency

A few more links:

Eighteen candidates qualify for municipal races in Ocean Springs ~ Warren Kulo

Who’s running for city offices? Several Coast mayors face challengers ~ Paul Hampton

Over on the West side what we have is the proverbial culture of corruption:

Bay officers fired amid federal probe of ‘secret’ account, officials say ~ Wes Muller

Off books secret bank accounts in Mississippi local government is more common than one would think. Once uncovered nothing good ever happens for those involved, even if the secret account was created with the best of intentions. This is what Hizzoner told Wes for the above article:

Mayor Les Fillingame would not comment on the investigation but confirmed the officers’ resignations and terminations.

He was a little chattier with the Sea Coast Echo’s Dwayne Bremer:

“None of these officers were targets into the investigation of former Police Chief Mike De Nardo, he said. “They all left for various reasons. I really cannot get into specifics because they are all personnel issues, but I can say that two of them left to take jobs at other departments.”

It is at this point that I will disclose a number in the number 6. That number represents the number of Bay PD employees that were implicated in either the Payroll Fraud and/or missing evidence and/or pawning City owned assets/evidence for personal profit according to two sources with knowledge of the ongoing investigation that are not authorized to speak with the media. I was first told that number several weeks ago and it kept coming back up. As leaks go it was not extraordinary except from the facet that for such a small department 6 is a staggering number as is the turnover of four employees now documented in the media. What I do not know is if there is overlap between the employees implicated in maintaining the secret bank account and the ones involved in the other scandals that have surfaced in the media as listed above. New Chief Freeman still has lots of work ahead of him.

Now over to the inbred local public school district:

Siblings working for Bay school district an ethical concern, says commission ~ Justin Vicory

Having published Lana Noonan’s account of the school district playing monkey business with recordings of official Board of Trustee meetings followed by reading the explanation given by School Board Attorney Artigues to Vicory resulted in my instant response. It’s just pitiful folks.

Feel free to add your own links in comments.

6 thoughts on “ICYMI: It Stinketh on both ends of the coast…..”

  1. Doug that is the number I heard from a source at the sheriff dept. a few months ago. Just because they were fired or quit is not going to stop the investigation . I believe Les is trying to spin this so it doesn’t look bad on his admin. There has been so much bad press about the Bay lately he is in denial, but that will not change the facts. I also heard that Wes Maley could be in trouble.

  2. That was my observation earlier. That, at best, the new Chief Freeman would be taking over a department filled with two kinds of officers. Those that knew about the corruption and kept their mouthes shut, and those too dumb too know it was happening. With the dumb ones being his good employees. Now, it appears that my opinion was way too charitable.

    The same people who wanted to keep this corrupt police department, will be the same ones who vote to continue this corrupt administration. Loud bands worry them more than government corruption. Maybe, it’s the people who moved here from Louisiana that just see corruption as normal. I don’t know. It doesn’t make enough sense to even figure out.

    1. Those that knew about the corruption and kept their mouthes shut, and those too dumb too know it was happening. With the dumb ones being his good employees.

      Observer wins comment of the day for 3-7-17.

    2. People from Louisiana accept corruption. They come here and think that it is note worthy that they are from there. When they introduce themselves they will always note that fact. I routinely tell them that is not resume material. New Orleans is an example of what not to do. The examples are endless.
      But, if it lifts their fragile self esteem let do it.

  3. Why will they not name these officers? You can bet if it had been the average Joe Blow it would have made every media source possible. I think they should be forced to name them, especially if there is criminal conduct involved.

  4. If any of those aspiring to hold office for the next four years in Bay St. Louis don’t own a calculator, I highly recommend they buy one, and not rely on the figures or information from City Hall.
    Just a few items to wet their mathematical and political appetites:
    2013—$500,000 loan to pay the two Utility Authorities the City contracts with, Solid Waste and Hancock County Utility Authority for garbage collection and water treatment. Go look at your utility bills for those entries. The citizens sent their payment to city hall to cover the services, but their money never made it to the two authorities. To this day, the Mayor, his utility department manager, nor anyone else has offered any explanation as to where the money went??? The Mayor and his Clerk, David Kolf, went to The First Bank and made out a loan in the name of the citizens of Bay St. Louis to pay the past due amounts because by Oct. of 2013, the two Authorities were demanding their money. They have bills to pay too. So, the citizens of the Bay who had already paid their bills had to pay off a loan because the Mayor and his staff did “something else”with their payments????
    Let’s not forget Mayor Fillingame was Chairman of Solid Waste at the time.
    Moving right along to 2014, the city could not make a bond payment to Hancock Bank, so they had to have the bond restructured by a bond attorney from Butler Snow law firm. The total for that was some $400,000 and this is the reason the good folks in the Bay are paying a $13 sur charge on their utility bills.
    The city’s Reserve Fund was up to around $900,000 but has dwindled to a little over $300, 000 with the Mayor’s constant need for cash flow.
    At the last Council meeting, the City Clerk informed Council she could not pay all of the bills without putting the General Operating fund in the red to the tune of $234,000. This is not a first either.
    The city’s independent auditor has cited the city for 3 consecutive years as a finding in their audit that the administration is not enforcing the city’s utility ordinance by cutting off free loaders, 7 of whom were city employees in 2013, and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in utilities are walking out of the door.
    City employees had to learn the hard way last year that their life and dental insurance premiums were not being paid.
    The chronically underpaid Police Officers have been working in a mold infested station right under the Mayor’s nose for years, until the new chief came on and told Council they should be moved out of the building.
    The owner of the Cypress Café informed Council at their last meeting that the upstairs of the old City Hall on Second St. is in ill repair on the second floor because the roof has been neglected for so long. The air conditioning, he says, is kept running constantly to try to dry things out. All at the expense of the taxpayers. And this is a building on the National Historic Register.
    The city obtained an appraisal on the Garden Center on Main St., but couldn’t sell it because it had been so neglected, leaking roof, etc. they would have made nothing off of the only 5 year old building.
    Roads and bridges finally got addressed in Ward 6, thank goodness, since school buses full of children pass over them twice a day 9 months of the year. The Councilman in that ward took care of that, even though infrastructure is also an administrative department that works under the Mayor.
    As I said, get your own calculators ready with good batteries in them. If elected, you will have your work cut out for you.

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