That magical time of the year…

♪♪ Election time is here
Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that voters call
Their favorite time of the year♪♪

Those of you that would like to hang a campaign banner over on the right sidebar linked to your campaign websites would be pleased to know such is possible here at Slabbed and that includes those of you running for office in Jackson County as well. Contact me to find out how. Thank you.

35 thoughts on “That magical time of the year…”

  1. We already have a Lenten Miracle! Wendy McDonald is now cured. She signed up for re-election today!She has not served in 9 months while continuing to be compensated by the taxpayers. The photo was of her ass, I thought she was just backing up to get her check as there is no way she could face the giver of it! The McDonald Family ought to be proud of her and Henry. She probably thinks going to parades and other public events is serving!

  2. Maybe Dane Maxwell can get his BFF, the Donald, to change the signs at “Trump Tower” to “Maxwell Acres” until the election, too. If the people of Pascagoula elect that idiot, they deserve what they get.

    Oh, and sorry to break it to you, politicians and wannabe power brokers of MS, but every single one of the Trump people that actually matter (about 7 people and nope, Reince isn’t even liked by a single one of them) think you are nothing but a pack of anti-semitic “no class” “redneck trash” and won’t do anything for you – or more importantly, let the servants risk having your redneck ass embarrassing them – unless they see at least a 10-fold return for them in the deal. Here’s a tip: don’t tell Jews from New York, “we have Jews in Mississippi” – they already know, you moron, and they damned well know how they are thought of by morons like you, too. You are dog poo on their shoes. You are the wine list at Olive Garden. You are a public golf course AND a public swimming pool. You are an unairconditioned taxi in August driven by a sweaty Muslim. Sessions was the bone thrown to the rednecks, and now, it turns out he is causing problems. Nobody that matters knows or cares who Phil and the Tatertot, Wicker, Cochran, the Barbours, etc. are, much less silly hillbilly pissants like Dane “I’m as crooked as my sorry-assed Daddy” Maxwell.

    1. Nun, is this Robbie Maxwell’s brother, dad, son, etc.???? Is this the same one that Snotty Toddy was in business with?
      I agree with you about Trump. Regardless of some of his lesser attributes, he has more class in his little finger than the bunch of “wannabee successful politicians” in this State. He will brush them away like bothersome flies I would imagine. I keep hoping that he will take pity on this State though and drain the swamps.

      1. Dane is Robbie’s son, and yes, Robbie was the Maxwell involved with Scott Walker as well as having worked for Trent Lott. But here are just some of the problems for this bunch:

        1. Mitch Tyner was the chairman of Trump’s MS campaign, but he is also the one who repped McDaniel in his fight with Cochran as well as the one who got into a very public purse-swinging contest with Joe Nosef, and while some lower-rung Trump folks might toss Tyner, et al, a small favor, the GOP (probably the MS “GOP,” too) would like to see him slowly roasting on a spit.

        2. The Hebert woman that got busted in the DMR fiasco is apparently somehow involved in Maxwell’s bid for mayor.

        3. I have no idea how Tyner and Maxwell really feel about each other, but in public, at least as far as I know, they are big buddies.

        4. Maxwell was an early and vocal Trumpster, and as noted above, the people that count at the GOP would love to see any and all of the embarrassments and laughingstocks that are the MS “GOP” drop off the face of the earth. Recall the various Scott Walker f-ups in Washington and at home while claiming to be a GOP insider – from DUIs and drunkenly hitting girls in DC hotels to the whole DMR/D’Iberville/federal prison thing, even losing the mayor’s race in Ocean Springs, not to mention his “triumphant return” from the fed pen, etc., etc., etc. Reeves Barbour getting into a barroom brawl in DC over his stripper wife flirting around. Jeff Guice stepping on his privates and making national news by being an asshole to a sick child’s mother. The whole gay marriage debacle. Time and time again, MS “GOPers” make complete asses of themselves on both local and national stages.

        5. Phil Bryant, who once the writing was on the wall, promptly got on his knees for Trump, which did even more to antagonize the people that matter at the GOP. Phil hosted a slush fund starter…oops, I mean campaign fundraiser for Maxwell at (you just can’t make this shit up) the Hilton Garden Inn in Pascagoula, which Roy Williams, Morris Strickland, et al, built by (over)selling green cards. Also, I hear that Gentry, another Scott Walker partner and non-attorney son of Roy Williams (who, again with Strickland, was screwing over the working stiffs and retirees of SRHS), is also running for something in either Pascagoula or Jackson County.

        6. Dane Maxwell is apparently so stupid that Ole Miss wouldn’t take him even though his father worked for Trent Lott (one can only wonder how much stupid that feat requires), yet he went from a low-level local cop who I’ve been told couldn’t even make it at one of the south MS community colleges to, yep, you guessed it: a “consultant.”

        The Trump folks might be willing to toss a few scraps to state-level supporters in solidly GOP states if they keep their heads down and noses relatively clean. They also might be willing to stick a finger in the GOP’s eye over certain things. But they aren’t going to be willing to risk major, national embarrassment while needlessly antagonizing the GOP by getting too chummy with folks that the GOP folks cannot stand and who have repeatedly demonstrated they are nothing but hot mess dumpster fires. And why should they? To repay what supposed favor? The GOP ticket could have been RuPaul and Anderson Cooper and especially against Clinton-Kaine, MS was going GOP. And for what supposed return? To help ensure Trump (or Pence or whatever the 2020 GOP ticket might be) wins MS in 2020? Again, the GOP ticket will win MS simply by being on the ballot.

        Washington is a vicious, Machiavellian place with plenty of folks who have Ph.Ds in political calculus and these buffoons need to take off their brown shoes and white socks to count past 10. A few signals have already been sent: take the Team Trump-suggested budget cut over the Coast Guard ship at Pascagoula, but the Trump rah-rah visit to Newport News after Cochran putzed around on Mulvaney (which earned him no brownie points with the Donald, the Trumpsters or the GOP). Also recall certain MS folks all aTwitter about how Lynn Fitch was already packing to go DC with Andy Puzder. Yeah, that has turned out really well for MS thus far. And now their token redneck, Sessions (who actually has a brain cell or two), is proving to be a problem.

        Frankly, a year or so ago, numerous people, myself included, suspected Team Obama would break off a big stick up in any number of southern and MS “GOP” types before they left, but given the situation at the end, they had bigger fish to fry. But from what I hear, these same Mississippi Morons shouldn’t count on any love from the Trumpsters or the GOP.

          1. So much more to this. Remember Tine Schumate ranger and raved about her connections to Trent Lott and much of it was true. At least all the inside talk in Pascagoula confirmed it. The only thing that unseated the fear factor in our city was when Katrina washed the Lotts out of town. Tina bought her washed out parents house with tax dollars she managed. Stacy Pickering paid those republican dues by passing on federal charges and only making minor state charges so she could work on her friend and family Maxwell’s campaign. Stacy better hurry up and upgrade his daughters BMW before those campaign reforms go into effect. Might get Greg Denyer to give that ole garage door the quick once over. Oh what the hell was I thinking this thug legislature populated by morons like Jeff Guice, Mice Wiggins and Casy Eore will never pass a republican reform.

            1. Point Park,

              No doubt you are correct. The Hebert connection to the regime goes way back and that connection continues to fuel their agenda and existence to this day. For most people in the know, that connection appears to have started way back when Ann Hebert and Trent Lott first met and started the Radical Republican Regime of Socialists of Mississippi. Oh yes, what a special “connection” is must have been.

              From that point, it appeared that in due time, a young recruit by the name of Kirt was destined for success, the savior to move the family name forward. In due time, he was an absolute success within the regime being moved into high profile ranks to support the cause. Unfortunately, the duration of success was short lived. Its hard to say why. 😉 Within this great cloud of smoke, the opportunity for success opened up to the underachievers of the family. Unfortunately, they crashed also and can do nothing with out political connections and handouts.

        1. Washington politicians, and the people who pay them off and who live off of federal monies, are never going to sit idly by while someone attempts to cut off that free flowing spigott. Trump has no idea how many people want him gone, by any means possible. He thinks he is running a business. The federal government is not a business. It is mostly a corrupt money redistribution scheme and there are some absolutely ruthless people involved. The labels of Republican versus Democrat mean nothing inside the beltway. There, party affiliation is a minor thing where everything that really matters is concerned. Read, “This Town”, by Mark Leibovitch for an insider account.

          1. I will never understand why humans find it so hard to get off of their rears and work for a living. I guess this travels over from the English rule where entitlement was the way of the day. It just never stopped. Looks like to me that we were better off under British rule.
            No time for more now.

            1. When asked what form of government they had given the US, Ben Franklin answered, “A republic, if you can keep it”. It appears that for all practical considerations, that at some point, we did lose our republic and it became an oligarchy. Trump is learning that as we speak.

  3. Dane and the rest of the political thugs will get elected because the only people voting are the politically corrupt and morally bankrupt friends and family members. The general public the Dane the pain represents on Election Day will sit home on the couch eating potato chips watching soap operas and then complain when the corruption starts. Or those “hard working” American patriots that ain’t got time. Well whoptie do, you get what you don’t vote for. So don’t get on Slabbed and complain about all the crap Dane and his friends and family are doing because you don’t vote. Speaking of elections, I noted that DMR Commissioner Ron Harmon-Gollott is running for Ward 6 rep in Gulfport. Isn’t that some sort of conflict if he wins? Doug can you check into this. Certainly his marriage to Commissioner Gollott will be null and void and divorce proceeding will be initiated should he win. Tom Tom the blind and Richard “fish the Gulf dry” will have to pick him another Commissioner Wife. I certainly hope these two Gollotts pick a better looking woman. My vote would be to pick the head of the seafood Mafia himself. Mike “Marsh Bourbon Tour” Cure. He would make a pretty woman. And Richard and Jolene would no longer have to wait for second hand Instructions. He could motion and Richard and Jolene could fight one another to second. I suggest the Indian leg wrestle. This stupid and useless Commission could not get and more unprofessional.

    1. PP, I was not aware that there was any love between the Cures and Gollotts. I thought that they were competitors? There are so many Gollotts in the seafood industry. Which clans are you talking about. Are they all cousins? or brothers? The only connection that I knew of was that the Cure boy’s sister was married to the D’Iberville Gollott’s son. Is that the one you are speaking about?

      1. Not sure of what you speak. The Gollotts and Cure have a long love affaire. Not only a intertwined marriage relationship but they share a joyful unabashed love for pillaging and raping the natural resources of our great state. King Mafia Mike himself loves to get Richard and Trapani to vote in his favor to extend the oyster season to take every legal size oyster in the gulf. I have even been told that at one of the secrete CMR meetings Trapani invited thug Cure to berate the Shellfish staff in the most imbarressing way because the only thing she knows about oysters in how to serve them.

  4. The Questionable Police Fund is rumored to be the same Fund that the fired City Attorney managed and transferred. Somehow I beleive it to be true

  5. The Gollots are many different families and good families at that.

    Mike Cure is a hard working business man and a philanthropist that supports many local endeavors. Mike doesn’t turn his back on people in need and gainfully employs many local families. Without the Cures Hancock County would not have a viable seafood industry that has been a staple of our existence.

    JoLyn Trapanie by all accounts has represented the Commission well. I questioned her experience. We all had opinions. The facts are about her services a direction. By nature she is not a sheeple and will have independent thought. If I were her I would share thoughts and ideas on the oyster industry with the most knowledgable people. I encourage her to continue with facts of the industry. The Cures are the most successful oyster harvesters in Mississippi and have perfected bedding oysters and harvesting oysters. It is not a simple thing. They have spend untold millions perfecting The type cultch, when, where how to plant and when, where and how to Harvest. It is an expensive time learned thing. Consult experts not activist!

    1. Thank you for sharing this information Mr. Ward. All information posted here on slabbed is important.

    2. You must live on the plant Tralfamadore because you know not what you speak or you are either Mafia man Mike himself or Trapani the dimwit. Let Trapani’s voting record speak for itself, all the CMR minute are public record and can be found on the DMR webpage. This dimwit Trapani has voted in every instance with Richard “fish the Gulf dry” Gollott. She is suppose to represent the environmentalist. She don’t belong to any environmental organization. The CCA is a self serving organization that is not connected to any true environmental group. She should be sued for conflict of interest because her votes benefit her restaurants business and Mike Cure’s business where she buys her oysters. She is not interested in the resources she is interested in filling her greedy pockets. And lookout you pathetic DMR employees when the thug Commission under the direction of Seafood Mafia man Mike rape every last oyster there is out there. Because you are going to get the blame for all the abuse of their positions. I am being told that there is so little resource left this thug Gollott let the fishermen, mostly Alabama fishermen, take all the oyster off the artificial reefs. Nothing is safe these pirate fisherman have no boundaries under the leadership of this outlaw Commission. Next they will show up at local restaurants and cull the oysters right off your plates they are that desperate. They have no future. This outlaw Commission let them harvest it away. I will say this again. You DMR employees better use this opportunity to get out. Because thugs like Gollott, Trapani and these greedy fishermen are about to go hunting for somebody to blame and you will be the first stop. A leaderless DMR will be easy pickings for outlaws like Gollott Trapani and Cure. How’s that for great community leaders.

      1. Point,
        I stand by opinion on this. You know my name please give me a call. 228-493-5161
        You sound like a Nonnie minion. Stop everything do nothing and expect it to get better!

        1. Why yes Rod we are old friends and have agreed on most things in the past. But Jolynn was hand picked by Mike and approved by Jamie and Richard. I would not object as much as I do it Jolynn would vote to save the resources as what her seat on the CMR is duty bound to do. And I stand by my statements as the are corroborated by the CMR minutes that can be found on the DMR web page. While I enjoy the prosaic forms of Vonnegut and Cummings, I have said my opinion of the facts that are found in the pubic record or can be factually corrobrated. Jolynn and I have know each other for years. She should vote to represent her user group the environmentalist. Not her vested business interest with Mike Cure Richard Gollott and Joe Jenkins. And don’t forget Darlene Kimbel. Those receipts are close at hand. So my dear friend Mr. Ward lets see what this ruthless gutless and completely heartless Commission does at the March meeting. My guess is nothing but embarrass themselves once again and blame the DMR employees as usual.

          1. Point,
            You make good points but there is another side of the story.

            The seafood industry has always been controlled by a hand full of people. Limited access, risk, knowledge etc limited it. Even in the heyday of the 40’s, 50″s and 60″s. My family owned and operated one of the largest operations in Biloxi. Biloxi Canning Company, Union Fisheries, Auginbaugh Seafood etc….. They are now relegated to the Maritime Seafood Hall of Fame and the land is now the IP Casino. Mainly because the children (my parents and their brothers and sisters) did not have the knowledge to carry on when the industry was over fished. The few families that remained have learned how to operate and sustain the industry for their futures. In the 60’s the factory owners new their were problems on the horizon and these remaining families kept the industry alive by being innovative and relentless to keep it going. None of them have any benefit to fish it out as it would make them succumb to the fate of the past.

            1. And by “being innovative” you mean???? Maybe screwing the bulk of the fishermen? By backstabbing your friends?? By misusing appropriated funding?? By misappropriation of funds eartagged to support the fisheries? By silencing the technical staff at the Federal and State Agencies who regulate the natural resources?? Just what do you mean by being innovative??? And just who was being innovative?? Most are uneducated and only know one thing – love of power and money.

      1. Whores to the past. Remember the Gollotts raped the Bilox Bay in the early 70s and used their position with the then Bureau to cut the fishermen out of the loop. Whores to the present. Richard “fish the Gulf dry” is back to his dirty tricks and raping every last oyster there is left. And Trapani “the environmentalist” is assisting by holding the rape victim (marine resources) down. Ron Harmon is running for Ward 4 in Gulfport. He had to get Richard’s permission. Because Richard will have to show up to Gulfport City council meetings and tell Ron how to vote. Just a matter of time before Richard shows up at Trapanis restaurant and tells her what to serve.

  6. Thank you Rod for the kind and true words for Mike Cure.
    Now, Wendy, I can’t believe she would even have the audacity to show up after all of this time and qualify. That woman has some nerve. That truly should tell you what she and her husband are all about. Collecting a check all these months, partying around town, yet can’t come to a meeting. Wake up BSL and take note of her actions, or lack of. We have been without a representative all this time, not that it would have mattered. All she cares about is her health insurance and retirement. Milk the system for everything. I wouldn’t doubt after her loss in the next election, she files for disability. If she can sit home for 9 months and collect a government check then she’ll probably continue in another way. She and Henry, Birds of a Feather…. Then after filing she’ll get Henry as the Director of Habitat and keep it in the family.

  7. Wendy is what is wrong with the swamp. She is in it for herself and the benefits obviously. She thinks photo ops is serving. She has not met a camera or mirror she didn’t like. The council has voted 6-0 on almost everything concerning crooked Les but had Wendy been there it would be 6-1. He lies and she swears to it. The noise ordinance problem is in her ward and she has not got involved beyond getting paid by her constituents. She thinks the balance sheet is for coloring.

  8. So the Office of the State Auditor, Stacey Pickering, has gone back on everything they said and exonerated Fillingame and his Clerk, David Kolf.
    What an accomplishment for Les and David to be given a pass by a State official who is under investigation himself for misuse of campaign funds.
    Now the Council just has to figure out what to tell the DOJ since yesterday afternoon when Les notified them that he had vetoed their action to comply with the city’s agreement with the DOJ to pay back the $320,000 from the General Fund.

      1. By dropped do you mean resolved?! Maybe he received one of those exonerations like his staff member gave Les😂😂 I was talking with a high ranking county official today about the condition the Bay is in, and Les’s veto of the agreement to pay back the DOJ, and this official’s reaction was: ” that’s what election’s are for!”
        The good people of Bay St. Louis had better take care of business on May 2.

      2. Pickering is looking in the rear view mirror on all that now because of his family and political connections. He used his campaign funds to take vacations, pay for a travel trailer, buy his daughter a fancy car and buy a new garage door. That was all that got exposed, but there was much more before the political republican guard closed rank. You see all you have to do for those inbred country folk is hold up a bible and mutter some incantation (spell) like: “clean house, transparency, Democrates evil” and you are elected for life. Any sin or crime you commit is forgiven because you are a born again Republican. Take Les for example, that almost exactly what he said. Muttering incarnations about transparency and he was in. I doubt all his dark door deals, favors to his friends and mismanagement of tax payers money will be enough to through him out of office. Forgiven. Blessed by the inbreds to have another run at the taxpayers that are speaking out against his stupidity. Look at Scott Walker, he almost won the mayor race in Ocean Springs muttering some similar incantation. Less than a hundred votes. Rumor is he is considering running for a Alderman seat. All he has to do s hold up a bible and start chanting and my bet is the inbreds will elect him. If you miss this history channel, stay tuned. History down this way is about to repeat itself.

  9. Lo and Behold, Ms. Wendy Mcdonald Winters, whatever her name is has qualified and already has not even gone to the meeting this past week.
    Wake up voters in BSL and see what she is all about. Take the money and run…..

  10. Les is proud that he was only accused of cheating and not stealing…..He has done this his whole life. Get some one to give it him and then just not pay. Remember when his name was on the tax collectors window as a check not to take….nothing has changed….

  11. I would rather have Dane Maxwell as my next mayor over the other two any day of the week. Atleast Dane has the background and answers to the questions the citizens of Pascagoula ask him. So what if his dad was mayor before him, in a town under 25,000 i would expect that people that want to be politicians usually tend to have family members that were involved at politics at one time in their lives. He is a successful business owner and has the ties that can make this town better. The other two running, thats the questionable characters the citizens of Pascagoula need to watch out for, one runs on hugs and kisses for all and cant even be prepared for the debate she shows up to attend. Lazaro Jesus came to the coast to benefit from a tragedy known as Katrina, has a criminal background longer this his accomplishments. I personally believe that this man is running to get back at the code enforcement for denying him a license to redo houses he wants to sell. The man sells section eight housing to anything that has the money to pay for it, but yet wonders why sections in this town are worse then others, well folks theres your answer. He can not answer simply questions that citizens ask him and he will block you from stating an opinion. Rovero is worried about his little havana and the homeless and not concerned with the MAJORITY of people in this town.. HE WILL NOT be the next mayor of this town..

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