Come join Steve Scalise, John “Big Dog” Alario & Sheriff Noodles for a Fundraiser for Federal Grand Jury Subject Chris Roberts

All I can add is the gang has good tastes in West Bank Restaurants in Thanh Thanh Restaurant with Slabbed having covered the place both here and here. Those wanting background on the Federal Grand Jury that is convened in New Orleans looking at Councilman Roberts can click here and here for media accounts that are less than one week old. Here is a snippet from Ramon’s story:

Roberts’ annual council salary exceeds $111,000, according to parish records. In his most recent personal financial disclosure form, he indicated that he also was involved in some private businesses, including a landscaping company where he is listed as general manager.

Having seen Robert’s W-2 from a few years ago that was filed in his divorce case, I can confirm the “Landscaping company” also paid Roberts in excess of $100,000 for his general managerial services, which is not a bad gig for a supposedly full time politician. Sheriff Normand is also acquainted with side business participation so the association should not surprise. The invite to the March 8, 2017 event is below the jump.

Invite Courtesy of a Disgusted Jefferson Parish Voter That Requested Anonymity Due to Fear of Reprisal
Invite Courtesy of a Disgusted Jefferson Parish Voter That Requested Anonymity Due to Fear of Reprisal

13 thoughts on “Come join Steve Scalise, John “Big Dog” Alario & Sheriff Noodles for a Fundraiser for Federal Grand Jury Subject Chris Roberts”

  1. What’s the name of the landscaping company? It must be doing pretty well if it can pay a councilman over 100k for general managerial services.

      1. I didn’t read your comment before I posted, so that’s yet another contradictory data point.

        Did I forget to mention that the Louisiana SOS website has that entity as a chronic non filer? Because they appear to be.

        Status: Active
        Annual Report Status: Not In Good Standing for failure to file Annual Report
        File Date: 2/11/1987
        Last Report Filed: 3/2/2016

        Administrative Termination 5/13/2015
        Reinstatement 7/3/2015

        Additonal postscript: Dan apparently passed a few years ago.

        1. My take is the actual FBI & IRS target is now rolling over and he is the owner of the supply company as well half owner of company buying the supplies that Sheriff Norman gets unearned commissions on .

          Reason I would think Sheriff Norman didn’t do a blind trust was because his company was formed same time as the merger buy in by the supply company owner 12/30/2008 , it would have raised too many questions .

          That same business owner is or was on the WJGH board and is also co-ownser of a Gretna based business where by he and another WJGH board member helped his partner equity strip from his ex-wife though fraudulent conveyances regardless of the 24th judicial courts order not to encumber.

          That Gretna business partner is also alleged to have committed fraudulent conveyances, Bank fraud and forgery while crossing state lines and IRS fraud. It’s in public records if you know where to look .

          Being very wealthy in your late 50’s or early 60’s facing certainty of a 25 to 40 years stay in the Fed Motel 6 one would certainly be inspired to roll on anyone they can .

          Newell Norman , Chris Roberts and Anthony Christiana are just the beginning this this is not at all like the woody waist Pericone Mann debacle.

          1. JP, I hope you are correct in your assessment about this being different from the woody waste debacle. We have short memories. It never ceases to amaze me how the corrupt incestuous political class can manipulate the system to their advantage.

            1. @Uptown
              In this case there is too much physical evidence as in canceled forged checks , fraudulent conveyances of 2nd mortgages filed with the clerks office in violation of a court order not to encumber, etc.. Then you also have the payments for unearned income , payroll fraud and no bid contract awards.

              1. A Google search indicates that the following individuals are currently members of the West Jefferson Hospital Board:

                Harry L. “Chip” Cahill, III

                Frank C. Di Vincenti, MD

                James E. Cramond

                David F. Andignac
                Barry H. Bordelon
                Nancy R. Cassagne
                Damon M. Dietrich, MD
                Gregory C. Feirn
                Timothy P. Kerner
                William A. Lazaro, Jr.
                Byron L. Lee
                William L. Mimeles
                Dwayne J. Munch, Sr.
                Otholino Remedios, MD

  2. @ Uptown,

    Bingo both are still on the board . It’s easy to figure which person was the business partner involved in paying Sheriff Norman as well the other board member who has the ability to file notarized fraudulent conveyances to the JP clerk of court. I would think the FBI has already paid WJGH a visit which most likly contributed to the former CFO walking out at the mention on of a forensic audit.

  3. Chris Roberts up date : By now everyone knows Mr. Nemzoff has filed a Qui Tam whistleblower case in Federal Court. This is a secondary investigation naming one of the same WJGH board members involved in fraudulent conveyances for another board members business partner. The Qui Tam records filed are sealed until the DOJ makes up it’s mind if they want to pursue or let the Nemzoff crew go forward on their own. Some of the largest Medicare / Medicaid fraud cases are Qui Tam and plaintiff rewards can very from 10%-50% of the actual funds recovered . At the center of this case is Chris Roberts long time connection to his freind and nemesis know as Little Bit part owner of the Sisung Group where by Roberts was Vice President of before serving on the parish council . The control of $120 mil from the upfront WJGH lease funds to unnecessarily and needlessly prop up employee funded WJGH penson where 700 were never employed by WJGH and the other 400 are now with the LCMC pension would bring a wind fall of tens of millions in broker commissions. This certainly helps explain Roberts rude objections to other offers to prefer LCMC since they appear to already be clients of Sisung Groupe. The FBI has a two-fer investigation with Sheriff ( I’ll take the Graft anyway I can get it) Normand who used his influence with Edwards to have a trusted EJGH hospital board member Ruzotto named as the district interim council member who refuses to abstain from voting on resolutions regarding EJGH to most likly include the upcoming EJGH lease agreement. Once again at the very center of all parish financial disaster is the evergreen no-bid contract awards for the Pay to Play monetary patronage that violates federal procurement laws. SOP’s previous posts will yet again be a bonanza of information (if it hasn’t already) to both FBI, IRS and Department of Health and Human Resources OIG investigation , lets just hope for the sake of our parish they get it right this time . Below excerpt Young’s own acknowledgment.

    Chris Roberts Councilman
    Jefferson Parish
    January 2004 – Present (13 years 4 months)Jefferson, LA
    Vice President
    Sisung Group
    January 2000 – July 2003 (3 years 7 months)

    The Sisung Group has assisted numerous healthcare facilities, 
    such as West Jefferson Medical Center above, with financial assistance in the form of 
    financial advisor, underwriter, investment adviser and consultant.

    East Jefferson Foundation Board members
    Lawrence J. Sisung, Jr.
    President, The Sisung Group

    The Sisung firm has handled investment strategies for East Jefferson General Hospital and West Jefferson Medical Center since at least 2008. Founder Larry Sisung Jr. didn’t return a message left seeking comment.
    Jefferson Finance Director Gwen Bolotte said the firm is paid on a sliding scale, depending on the value of the parish’s and the hospitals’ investment portfolios. She said she couldn’t speak for the hospitals’ payments but that the administration paid the firm roughly $464,000 in 2008, $441,000 in 2009 and an estimated $437,000 for 2010.
    Nancy Cassagne, chief executive for West Jefferson Medical Center, said she wouldn’t comment on the Sisung contract because the hospital’s financial advising agreements are the council’s responsibility. East Jefferson General Hospital spokesman Keith Darcey also said he wouldn’t comment on the Sisung contract.
    The parish paid Government Consultants $31,000 last year, Bolotte said. It was paid $476,000 in 2009 because of a rash of new bond issues and the refinancing of old ones, she said.
    Young said he was disturbed by the push to renew the contracts well before their expiration dates. Nonetheless, when Young was on the council in 2009, it renewed Sisung’s contract through 2011. Young said he didn’t recall that vote, but that his administration generally will not support contract extensions for work that could go through a competitive process without harming a continuing project.
    “Our position is that we’re going to continue on, as a general rule, to discontinue evergreen contracts, and we’re going to advertise (for competition) when they expire,” Young said.

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