Wednesday Omnibus: ICYMI

And there has been a lot happen since I descended into the salt mine. I appreciated the continued commentary on the situation in the Bay from the commenting community here. Last night there was a City Council meeting we’ll need to catch up on but first some of what else has happened here on the coast over the past 10 days or so first up in Hancock County.

One Assistant Superintendent for the Bay Waveland School District wasn’t enough therefore:

Two asst. superintendents for BWSD ~ Cassandra Favre

And we have us a Mayor’s race in the Bay!

Mike Favre set to challenge Les Fillingame in Bay mayor’s race ~ Dwayne Bremer

Meantime a very disturbing trend of turning over the Youth Court administrator position continues at a shadowy, troubled local judicial agency:

Personnel change at youth court ~ Dwayne Bremer

Regarding the above I recommend following the money on the drug testing to gain a greater understanding of Hancock County’s child welfare industrial complex.

Next up Congressman Steven Palazzo is still hiding from his constituents:

Palazzo should answer the call of constituents ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

Meantime over in Jackson County perhaps Scott Walker is not as sly as the nickname suggests:

Ocean Springs commission denies Walker bed and breakfast on East Beach ~ Karen Nelson

That picture the Sun Herald of the Walkers at a recent Ocean Springs Board of Aldermen meeting that ran with Karen’s story – I could be wrong but I think they may be using SmilexTM Face Cream by the Joker. For the folks on the fashionable Ocean Springs East Beach Boulevard a reminder that Black Beach week will be here before you know it.

I think it is now clear that Brad Orrison, co owner of the Shed is the consummate showman:

The Shed pleads guilty to building code, flood violations ~ Karen Nelson

Meantime the Shed’s former location on Highway 53 rebranded last year sans the media spectacle that accompanied its opening back in 2008.

I’ll admit too being a bit partisan on this subject but IMHO some of the best smoked meats in South Mississippi are served on the back porch of my house.

I have another full day on tap, feel free to add your own links in comments.

14 thoughts on “Wednesday Omnibus: ICYMI”

  1. Sprinkler systems and other features needed for compliance which will be installed into a completed home. That sounds like a hefty price tag.

    I would rather see that money go towards restitution. Of course, I’m sure Sly has it worked to where he will still make a living but show that on paper, someone else is actually earning the money.

  2. So, I called Mr. Palazzo’s # got a recording, left my phone # & have not yet, 11 hours later, received a call. Liar boy. Why publish your telephone # & a long boring statement that makes it no easier for your non-county club constituents to reach you. What a phony!!!!! We need Gene Taylor

    1. Trumps big supporters down here were the Maxwell and Hebert families. I personally wouldn’t look for much in the way of swamp draining down here Eye.

      1. Yep. You are right on that. Of course, I think if Trump knew the truth, he may distance himself from the regime.

  3. Any hints on which processor eye? Maybe we need to contact Trump and get some fines slapped on them? I’m more concerned with Billy the Boy and his group of miscreants providing the promised number of REAL jobs they promised To provide in exchange for the port enlargement. I hear that some of his clan has cancer and is begging all of the churches to pray for him. Who really needs prayer is the leaders(past and present) of this state imo. Trying to put your puppets in hiding places just isn’t going to work. The people haven’t forgotten, nor have the FEDS. It’s just a matter of time now…Bentz may need to get some advice from his Windy friend. Or old alcoholic Bill up in Jackson. And to think Bentz thought he could be governor. Ha, ha, ha….what a joke…better stay under cover along with Billy the Boy….maybe you’ll get to ride on the back of Philly’s bike too if Billy will move over and let you.

  4. Doug, maybe you can answer this question for me? Why does the city of Ocean Springs keep playing games with Snotty Toddy? They have told him repeatedly no to the B&B. Yet he still keeps reapplying. If he has a college degree, shouldn’t he know the meaning of the word “no”? And why do the Aldermen keep allowing him to disrespect them and the citizens of Ocean Springs by continuing to push this issue after being told no. He is not special. No means no….even to him and the Aldermen should not entertain his fantasies imo. East Beach is not designated as commercial property, and should not be treated as such.

    1. I think the City is playing it straight with the Walkers with P&Z ultimately denying their permit. Scott is under the impression he can cure the defect and proceed under the old permit application which was denied while his neighbors beg to differ.

      This has the look of a dispute that will end up in court regardless of what the City does IMHO.

  5. Here is another one for you Charlene

    The governor is in favor of a lottery. Hmmmm. I wonder why? We are living in the most corrupt state in the nation and I get the impression there is a lot of money being wasted and squandered. Instead of looking to fix the problem, he is looking for another way to provide tax revenue.

    Wake up people. These are “fiscally Conservive Republicans” at work. They keep draining the pot, have nothing to show for it and are looking for the citizens to keep on fueling the radical machine.

    1. Roberts pulls down over $100K/year from that Landscaping Company. Hear he and Sheriff Noodles are best buds these days.

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