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  1. Slabbed is about the only media to speak approximate truths.
    I attended a workshop last week a out privatizing the freaking library????? Did Vibrio go up all their noses and eaten only half their brains? A light snack indeed.

    In what world is this good????? Oh, a Twitler Universe. Anyway it was SRO and vociferous. And that was that! Helloooo? Don’t they need over 1 bid, don’t they need US at all?

    Then I find out that the BSL Building Dept is private. Is he qualified, certified in this environment? Did he approve level 3 decks at a BSL bar that do not meet spec, and Sat nights, said balcony holds scores of our kids?
    There has been other public city functions “privatized” in BSL and Waveland too.
    Next, police and fire, schools, city councils. In a second, we will have given up any iota of self-determination we have…..and we are snoozin’ thru it.7

    1. Maggie,
      BSL Bldg Dept is not privatized YET. Council last said that the County was looking into doing it for the entire county, or bundling them all together or something, so BSL’s not doing anything at the moment. The cantilever balconies at Tripletails, a constant topic of conversation, would have been approved by either nobody or the unqualified people at the BSL Bldg Dept.

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