Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Memo to Trump: Call Jim Baker NOW!

Posted on February 15, 2017

You have no “Administration”. You have a cluster of belligerent, incompetent liars (Conway, Spicer, Stephen Miller) going on TV contradicting each other and embarrassing the country.

You are presiding over the worst roll out of a new administration in American history. It’s a farce. More importantly, it’s dangerous.

At the rate you’re going, you’ll be gone by Fourth of July and we’ll be stuck with Mike “Prayer Breakfast” Pence. Do you think Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are going to save you?

Please. You’ve got one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel.

Jim Baker can help. Yeah, that Jim Baker. Reagan’s Chief of Staff and Treasury Secretary and Poppy Bush’s Secretary of State.

He’s the toughest, smartest, most competent political operator in the Republican Party in the last 50 years. He’s a former Marine who knows how to kick ass and take names.

Ask Al Gore. Baker oversaw the legal, political, and PR aspects of the Florida recount for GWB in the 2000 Election.

Ask Benjamin Netanyahu. As Poppy Bush’s Secretary of State, Baker barred Netanyahu from the State Department building. Netanyahu, at the time an official in the Israeli Embassy in Washington, had said that the US policy in the Mideast “was based on lies and deception”. Suffice it to say, Jim Baker ain’t no wimp.

Call Baker. Ask him to come to Washington for 60 days and organize your Administration. Give him guidance on people you will not accept in your Administration (you did the right thing keeping Elliott Abrams out … he would have been more Sheldon Adelson’s guy than yours), but give him a relatively free hand in getting the State Department and Defense Department staffed. Continue Reading……..

13 thoughts on “Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Memo to Trump: Call Jim Baker NOW!”

  1. Oh forgot to comment that your hero Barrack Hussein Obama just 17 days before he left office on January “turd ” issued an executory order signed by Loretta “tarmac” Lynch which allowed the NSA wiretapps on citizens to be shared with 16 other security agencies which makes finding Gen. Fylnn’s leakers extremely difficult…..

    Wonder why your hero didn’t enact his above order at the beginning of his first term or at least the beginning of his second term?

    Your hero is thus the biggest treasonous ex- President that ever lived especially by now leading and morphing his ex- campaign organization into the current OAS activists which has instructed its members to infiltrate themselves into townhall meetings and disrupt said government meetings……. which recently occurred at a townhall meeting of Rep. Chavitz of Utah ,who easily won re-election ,and OAS further instructed said activists not to sit together as to make it seem they were not part of qconspiracy….

    And more fake news that Trump is calling out 100,000 national guard troops to round up all illegals….. run for the hills you illegal SOBs …. the fake news agencies are pushing your buttons….he,he,he and I so wish it was true

    1. Mr. Tight, Sir…

      I gather from Doug’s comment, that this is the more cheerful and reasonable of two comments you
      made. The deleted one must have been a piece of work.

      Remember, Tight we go way back. I liked (and still like Obama). I’m not sure I’d call it “hero worship”. I started my site in Feb. 2012 to make sure Rick Santorum went nowhere and that Obama
      beat Romney’s sorry ass. I’m taking full (and sole) credit for both outcomes.

      I saw a report in the NY Post (a Murdoch paper) making the case that Obama was funding some activity against Trump. My reaction: 1. So what. 2. I doubt it. 3. Of course someone will make that allegation…it will get you on TV and there’s no penalty for being wrong.

      Indeed, the author of the report in the Post did show up on TV. He had that “General Flynn” look.

      My best to your Republican Internist.

  2. You started your post “Feb 2012…….”

    Please tell us Tom Terrific if you are a paid Demo touter…..you are way too smart to believe what you wrote above about Trump especially after telling Slabbed readers you are invested in the stock market and thus you are profiting greatly from the solely Trump driven Wallstreet boom….

    Really don’t know why I asked you that touter question as I don’t think there is any way of verifying your answer …. but hopefully you will answer honestly as I have no hatred for honestly admitted paid touters as Doug was once a self – confessed Internet touter himself…..

    and IMHO you are a paid touter by some Demo fund to attack Trump, his cabinet and everything he will do just like CNN, but it will be fun to watch your snowflake commentary melt , drip by literary drip as Trump gets well into his term ….

    and reverses everything your hero did thru his pen and phone executive orders and of course his biggest accomplishment,the one and only totally failed Obamacare , the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the American people!

    Always all my love and kisses to you……

    1. “I don’t think there is any way of verifying your answer…”

      You surprise me, Tight. We go way back. Are you telling me my word is not good with you?

  3. Terrific, You know Tight loves you and blows tender kisses onto your melting snowflake head but trust your above non-answer to my simple question….. he,he,he…. don’t think so bro’

  4. Will You two quit acting like 2 year olds. The fact is, Trump is our President. I find it horrible that an ex-president would want to hurt or destroy the new president. That alone speaks for the character of Obama. Trump was elected and he is “our president” and it makes me nauseous that so many “Americans” would rally and protest against him. We have to support and give him a chance. If he has to keep hitting brick walls, that only hurts us the American People. Give it up!!!
    And for some of the Player of the Patriots to announce they will not go to the White House if asked, I’d either fire them or put them on suspension. They belong to a team and have to participate in all Team functions. No one is making people accountable for their actions.
    A person goes out and murders another person and Obama invites the Murderer’s family to White House. Something is wrong with this picture. What about the family that lost a love one?? This is the way our country is heading and I don’t like it. Make people accountable for their actions and don’t award them..
    Trump ran for the Presidency because he loves this country and cares about it in the “right way” not the “political” way to have personal gains financially. He truly believes he can do good and I’m going to support that because “he is MY president” !!!

  5. Townhall meetings in solid Republican districts are being infiltrated by Demo OAS paid disruptive idiots who want Republican Senators and House reps to implement Demo desires and concerns….just like paid Demos created violence at Trump’s Chicago campaign rally and caused Trump to call off his appearance and subsequently the Clinton controlled MSM blamed violence on Trump….

    “Sorry Charlie” Republican reps aren’t biting on your BS activist hooks and I encourage them to suspend all townhall meetings until OAS backed disruptive Snowflakes melt down a bit and run out of crocodile tears 😭

    Need to go on offense and have Sessions start all new investigation into the Clinton ‘s many crimes and Obama’s obstruction of justice in Loretta Lynch’s maneuvers and other crimes he participated in while President including Benghazi, IRS targeting,etc…. these people want to destroy democracy and stable society in America and are total Gobalist totalitarians.

    1. The protests and unruly congressional town halls are a healthy sign our Democracy is functioning as intended by our founding fathers.

      And while the crowds have been raucous (just like 2009), they have been peaceful and unlike 2009 I do not see runs on ammo causing shortages.

      Trump true believers fool themselves thinking George Soros or the boogie man for that matter is behind these displays of the exercise of the first amendment rights we all enjoy. I’m mean after all, could anyone in their right mind actually think that fucking with people’s health insurance would make them happy? I’m an employer that gets a group policy off the ACA employers exchange. I know I’m not happy.

      The right wing has been on the koolaid for 8 years opposing Obama at every turn while offering no positive alternatives. Governing is a far different proposition, as Congress is fast finding out.

      The open question in my mind is whether the Dems will offer more sold out crooks like the Clintons or will the party remake itself into something palatable to working class citizens.

      1. The Democratic Party needs people that speak like they believe there own message. That was the secret to Bernie Sanders success.

        Bernie made the mistake of taking “character” off the table in his fight with Hillary. Character
        was one of Bernie’s strongest attributes and Hillary’s weakest. In a race for President, character
        should always be on the table.

        The Ds need a candidate a who can go into a white working class bar or truckstop and hold their own in a give and take session. Think what you will about the Kennedys, they could always do that.

      2. Holy Melting Snowflakes Batman:

        Ok Doug so I guess you also believe after all that was exposed by Wiki leaks from the Demos campaign emails that all the paid rioters who sabotaged Donald Trump’s Chicago campaign , caused all the violence which the MSM then blamed on Trump, was just a spontaneous showing of people opposing Trump. And all despite videos of activists commenting they were being paid by a wing of Democratic Campaign Organization to disrupt Trump’s Chicago rally and cause it to be cancelled do to violent encounters with police.

        Go on the web and under OFA research how Obama, who in speech just weeks before he left the WH , asked for continuous activism from all his supporters against Trump to protect his accomplishments( i.e.truly all really complete lies and failures), has been instrumental in turning his original campaign, Oranization for America , into now the current morphed Organization for Action to promote activism against Trump. Now is OFA taking daily orders from Obama , probably not, but I can assure you that he has anointed those in charge to perform the mission of OFA.

        And I’m sure he is very pleased with the current disruptions at the Republican town hall meetings .

        Finally to prove my point why are the grassroots disruptions not being reported to be happening at the Demos’ townhall meetings ? Especially since it was the Demos who are solely responsible for Obamacare and there solely for its complete failure should not the Demos townhall meetings be reporting over flowing crowds of unhappy people if in truth of fact the disruptions are occurring because of people like yourself concerned with future health care?

      3. We’re not talking about the townhall meetings being disrupted by paid political agitators. That’s relatively minor. We are talking about an ex-President, trying to undermine an incoming President, at best, and trying to stage a coup, at worst, because he doesn’t agree with how the election came out. That is serious, and it can’t be glossed over that easily to anyone paying attention.

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