A Humdinger Council Meeting on Tap in Bay St Louis

From DoJ Funds to a moldy police department to outsourcing the building department tonight’s agenda has a little something for everyone. Click below to get the entire 4 page meeting agenda.

BSLCouncil02-07-17 Agenda

5 thoughts on “A Humdinger Council Meeting on Tap in Bay St Louis”

    1. Not this time, Observer. Council was smart and clever in deciding to pay DOJ back with General Operating Fund, and now proceed, with assistance of State Auditor to revoke surety bonds of parties responsible for misappropriation.
      Maybe Sam Moore of the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government made an impression on Council when he addressed them last night and said,”I don’t know where you plan to get the money to replace this misappropriated fund, but please do not take it out of any of the taxpayers city funds. We had nothing to do with this and had no idea our Department of Justice funds were being spent illegally”
      And that pretty much sums it up. Let those who did the dance pay the band!

  1. Everything Les Lie does is a humdinger. Soup to nuts on his decisions. In most cases the only thing worse than the outcome of his decisions is the decision to make a decision.

    His daughter has been quoted as saying he isn’t in it for the money! Wow, everyone one knows he has ascended to his highest earning capability but also ascended his highest incompetency level.

    His life is a train wreck at all levels.

    Signing Falsified Affidavits has to be a serious crime.

  2. I sure hope the Council follows through with their decision to go after the Bond Money. It is the only right thing to do on behalf of the taxpayers they represent.
    It is time for Les to pay for his mistakes.

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