Education Funding on my mind…….

Slabbed’s Twitter timeline tells the tale. In no particular order:

4 thoughts on “Education Funding on my mind…….”

  1. Just a couple of questions to mull over until the next school board meeting:

    1. Why did the School Board advertise for a Superintendent nationally?

    2. Why is the appointment of the new Superintendent now for 18 months?

    1. The answers are all in the article where her appointment was announced:

      She is not the permanent superintendent. They are simply extending her time as acting until they find a permanent person for the job. The 18 months is to give them time to do a thorough, nationwide search.

      From the article:
      “Singleton said four other school districts are also seeking superintendents and and now might not be the best time to find a permanent superintendent.
      “We felt we needed to redefine what we were looking for in a superintendent and find someone we can all agree on,” he said. “In the meantime, we have given her an 18-month assignment while we work on the process of finding a superintendent.”

  2. Nepotism is alive and well in Hancock County. Check the background on the Waveland Attorney, County Attorney, Circuit Clerk, Tax Collector not to mention the Sheriff, Supervisor and Civil Defense Director. Les and Katey is just a start to BSL nepotism. Zimmerman running for Council Ward 5 and his sister is Les Secretary and his brother running for Council in Ward 6. Most of these families have been making a living off of the local taxpayers for years. Now the school district is jumping into the fray. Just saying!

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