10 thoughts on “Friday Music: Hail to the Chief!”

    1. You might be a financial wizard,
      With a sack of loot,
      All I see is a slimy lizard,
      With an expensive suit,
      Go on and run your corporation,
      Go and kiss some ass,
      You might buy half of the nation,
      But you can’t buy class

      You bastards think it’s funny,
      Lyin’ and thieving all your life,
      Think all there is is money,
      Got your future strapped up tight,
      Just ‘Cos You Got The Power,
      That don’t mean you got the right

      1. Rfp:

        Hey , da’ man is doing the exact things he promised he would do…..

        Do I like every aspect of his personality,no but Ryan, McCain and the other pussy Republicans are still kiss arse globalists and some like Graham are loose canons……

        The stock market is soaring as we let the world know the U.S. is no longer in a financial position to provide for 100% of their strategic defense……no longer going to tolerate trillions in trade deficits…and we are going to put our own citizens to work and become an independent industrial producing power again…. just image if we would get into a war with a country which makes parts to our weapons and they would have us by the neck…..

        As far as Mexico goes the U.S. has provided great economic opportunity and wealth for their citizens and how are we rewarded… the MFs Mexican elite politicos continue to allow drug dealers and aliens from the lower South Americas to come into Mexico and pass right on through to the U.S. border…. real nice friends huh?

        Time true Americans start burning the Mexican flag as the taco shells have burned ours!

  1. Trump is making decisions in a manner that is not status quo. As Regan said the medicine may taste bad but the cure is gona be good.

    Trying to get better results without changing how you do it is insanity!

    Be strong and watch the results.

    1. Using the last names Reagan and Trump in the same sentencing is a grave insult to the former. I’m counting on Trump to be himself and brazenly self enrich his family, that way no leap of faith is required.

      1. That may pan out to be true but right now it is speculation. we are getting some bad tasting medicine cause the problems are a plenty. The loud voice of the Liberals doesn’t make the silent right wrong. We peacefully accepted Obama’s Election…..Can the same be said for the Grand Standers….Judd, Stienam (don’t want to know how to spell her name), Madonna, Hollywood……They all make a fortune on a non essential make believe world.

  2. I will never again watch an “Assly” Judd(head) movie again….. she can kiss her career, that is what is left of it, Goodbye…… Goodbye…..yo’ assly self is melting Juddhead ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️🔜🔜🔜💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

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