Trump Administration Days 2-3: Alternative facts rule the day over by the lemonade spring…..

The new presidential administration is starting out on a worse note than I thought possible as the White House realigns the public conduct of l’affaire d’etat with the methods used by countries like North Korea:

A retweet of the above captures of history retweeted by the Department of the Interior resulted in swift retribution:

Interior Department banned from Twitter after retweet of smaller-than-usual Trump inauguration crowd ~

And then the lemonade began to copiously flow:

And then some interesting analysis from Twitter:

The lunatic fringe will react with words like “cuck”, “liberal snowflake” and the like but I think most folks have the sense to believe their ‘lying eyes’ and scratch their head wondering if we have four more years of such jackassery coming. We’ve entered a new age of alternative facts and opinions set in stone as an exercise of faith over fact. A purveyor of fake news explains:

Fake news author is fired; apologizes to those ‘disappointed’ by his actions ~ Joe Marusak

Harris started by crafting the headline: “BREAKING: ‘Tens of thousands’ of fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouse,” according to The New York Times, which broke the story on Wednesday about what Harris had done.

It made sense, Harris told The Times, to locate this shocking discovery in the very city and state where Trump had highlighted his “rigged” meme.

“I had a theory when I sat down to write it,” Harris told The Times. “Given the severe distrust of the media among Trump supporters, anything that parroted Trump’s talking points people would click. Trump was saying ‘rigged election, rigged election.’ People were predisposed to believe Hillary Clinton could not win except by cheating.”

Of course those that serve Koolaid for the weak minded are in it for the money rather than any noble purpose. In this case Cam Harris was a 23 year old college grad that was having a hard time making ends meet. His after the fact display of honesty is instructive:

“While the initial motivation behind launching a fake news site was financially-based, the lesson I learned from the experience is far more important – and it’s one that can’t be covered in a tweet or even a NYT article,” Harris wrote.

“There are large-scale changes occurring in America, from where we live and where we work to the people with whom we interact and the lens through which we see the world. America has responded to these changes poorly. Instead of engaging with one another we have withdrawn into the ideological and cultural circles that support the belief systems to which we subscribe.

“Fake news flourished during this election cycle because it served the purpose of reinforcing these biases, and it occurred on both sides,” Harris continued. “It catered to predispositions that Americans already held, and while fake news has been widely discussed, the dynamics behind it have largely been ignored. Whether fake news remains prevalent or not (and I hope that it doesn’t), our nation cannot move forward from such a divisive election cycle if we continue to seek comfort in our own beliefs and refuse to challenge our personal world views.”

Speaking of crowds, it hasn’t taken long for women to organize:

At 2.6 million strong, Women’s Marches crush expectations ~ Heidi M. Przybyla and Fredreka Schouten

The tumultuous times which we now live are certain to continue for the foreseeable future.

27 thoughts on “Trump Administration Days 2-3: Alternative facts rule the day over by the lemonade spring…..”

  1. Poor thin-skinned Cheeto POTUS was humiliated Saturday. Women’s March crowd outnumbered his inauguration crowd 3 to 1….and those numbers have nothing to do with millions more marching across the country and world. Regardless of what Conway calls them, alternative facts are lies. His crowd might accept alternative facts and reality but the rest of us have an enough sense to interpret and believe what we see. We will not be silenced.

  2. No one knows what yall are hollering about. not even the marchers. they were all on a different agenda. what can women not do that they want to do? vote, work, have children, ascend to high places in the work force, use the bathroom of choice, pay taxes etc…..I see it that they just cant appoint who they want as president.

      1. That is an arbitrary number when not supported by the math that deducted it. I recognized that there were people protesting just to do it.
        Trump got more people out walking in one day than Michelle Obama did in 8 years.

        That statistic might get closer if they would have gone to work instead of marching. Just Saying!

  3. The Appelbaum pictures are interesting….

    It was a rainy day for Trumps event yet the picture seems very bright?…

    On the other hand Obama’s picture looks very dark( no pun intended) like it could have been heavily overcast and also raining…

    Is there any possibility the photos were innocently switched? Can someone do some weather research and determine was it a bright shining day in Washington, DC for Obama’s coronation.

  4. they need to follow thw sage old advice that Winston Churchill had along with his bust.

    “If you scold every barking dog on your way, you will not get to your destination!”

    1. ” If you scold every dog along the way you will never get to your destination” ……..Winston Churchill

      No wonder Obama took down the bust of Churchill ( i.e. he and his Kenya father wrongly accused /thought Britain was an oppressive , racist ruling empire). Also,Obama was never consistently asked any challenging questions by the press over the last 8 years despite ruling like a king himself with only a telephone and a pen and therefore he had no reason to scold the press (i.e.the junkyard dogs ) except Fox News.

      On the other hand the liberal snowflakes and MSM have yet to give Trump one day of honeymoon and additionally all these past feminist national marches were organized and financed by globalist George Soros ( actually several republican conservative talk radio commentators allege that George Soros contributes to over 50 opposition groups and to the tune of 90 million dollars).

      Obama maybe gone but he abandoned and let the dogs out the back door and now they are running wild in a carnivorist pack….and if they don’t stop if I were a Trump I would tell Sessions to investigate , ultimately charge and put the Soros backed thieves, we know who they are, in orange jumpsuits.

  5. Here’s a thought, do with it what you will. Trump is what he was and is: A guy with lots of issues, but a guy with real successes. I’d rather be hopeful that the better of the man will rise to the awesome job he has undertaken as opposed to waiting to pounce on any singular perceived failure. My personal guess is that he will have a gracious plenty of both failures and successes and as such, there will be plenty of opportunity for critics to critique. It is a done deal as to him being POTUS, so I’d much rather see him succeed overall than fail piecemeal. From personal experience with him, he’s a bombastic dude and he can be a real prick, but he is a smart man who has real, serious potential to do a lot of good as POTUS. Simply put, at least give the man a fair trial before you hang him.

  6. Maybe y’all prefer propaganda in the more subtle forms used by Jay Carney and Dana Perino. They gave y’all enough sugar to help the shit go down smoothly.

    This is more transparent than other’s practice; it is blatantly BS. See: W.J Clinton – I did not have sexual relations with that woman etc.

  7. Just out of curiosity, why was it called the Women’s March instead of what it obviously was, the Liberal Democrat Women’s March?

    I’m not sure what point the protestors are trying to make. If the point is to show that they are profoundly upset and dissapointed that their candidate lost, they can stop. We on the right had the same feelings in 2008 and 2012 and we get that they are sad and wish their candidate had won.

    It just never dawned on me to dress up as a giant penis and march in public when that happened to me.

    1. Whoa, now – this is Constitutional stuff. Folks have a right – yes, a RIGHT – to gather and bitch, moan, gripe and complain about their government. That this many folks felt perfectly safe to make a real, public effort to peacefully gather AND that the government they were protesting did nothing more than respond verbally says something very positive about the US. The fact that several of the featured speakers said incredibly stupid shit also says something, too, but only about those speakers. But really, does it actually surprise anyone that Madonna got up on a stage and babbled something stupid into a microphone? I think that is her day job now that she is a has-been – her long-gone fangirls are grandmothers whose daughters listened to Britney, and their daughters are listening to Taylor or whoever. She has gone from Desperately Seeking Susan to desperately seeking attention and she hasn’t been Like a Virgin since the Nixon administration.

      Are the marchers snowflakes? Maybe. Are they liberal? Yeah, probably. Are they upset about Trump winning/Hillary (or Bernie) losing? Apparently. Were both sides acting like “real Americans” ought to act? Absolutely. And about that, all Americans ought to be proud.

      1. It just baffles me how unaware they are. They seem quite sure the world is about to end. There just aren’t enough mental health counselors to help with that, I guess.

  8. They were attacking Gold Star Families and much worse. They act as if the world ended. Irrational. Ashley Judd acted mentally altered. WTF?

    Whenever victory is grasped from you when all the pundits were declaring you a winner it is disappointing but for the love of God. Get a grip!

  9. I was in Washington DC and attended some of the Women’s March events with my family. The crowd was gigantic in every direction. I must say there were all kinds in attendance.I think a strong message was sent to President Trump. I just wonder why they did not organize and hold this event in September or October? May have made a difference in the outcome of the election.Oh well.

    1. Why would women Democrats marching before the election have made a difference? Do you think there are people who would have changed their vote upon learning that there were Democratic females who thought Hillary should be President instead of Republican Trump? I’m pretty sure I already knew that.

      1. It would be a mistake to assume all these women were Democrats. I’ve seen a couple of press accounts that included interview with GOP ladies, including a mother-daughter combo that actually voted for Trump.

        A protest before the election would have served to fire up the Democrat base and could have increased turnout. The reason Clinton lost (besides being a retread with a very checkered past) was the fact many people that voted for Obama in 2008 stayed home instead voting for either of the very flawed candidates offered up by the 2 political parties. So you end up with the winner not having the support of the majority of those that turned out to vote entering office with historically high disapproval ratings.

        Obama had a clear mandate in 2008 to reform the financial system and instead he cuddled up with Wall Street. Today Trump enters office devoid of a popular mandate. Chances are the GOP will over reach pursuing their policy agenda just as the Democrats did 8 years ago.

        1. That’s just Hillary supporters rewriting history in their minds. Trump and the people who voted for are quite sure of his mandate. So far, he is certainly doing what I hoped he would do when I voted for him. As horrible as that may seem to liberals everywhere.

  10. Did all you Slabbers hear about the story where the liberal,female snowflake went ballistic on a conservative male she was sittings next to on a plane and had to be physically removed from the plane?

    Are these liberal snowflakes getting radicalized on the internet and could there rise up a few liberal terrorist nuts to perpetrate terrorist acts in the U.S.?

    It happened in Oklahoma City when after President Clinton’s attorney general folks killed nearly 100 religious people in Waco, Texas an ex- solider named Timothy McVea in revenge bombed the Murray Building which housed the FBI and other federal agencies.

    I’ll say it again these snowflakes are being paid by globalist George Soros and pose the great threat to the safety and well being of the U.S..

    1. It does seem that it’s only a matter of time before these bitter and deranged rantings of a good portion of the left, result in some bitter and deranged acts.

  11. Trump is already making headway because he understands that money and prosperity shared in America works. The snowflakes want a world that does not exist. Americans are strong, smart, brave and hard working with country first. Pandering over liberal acknowledgement, tone of expression etc…is getting nowhere. In a competitive world productivity will get you more than wearing your feelings on your sleeve. If you don’t act or look main stream we cant legislate that you will be treated main stream. Personally, every problem I have had in this world ultimately came home to roost and it was my actions that caused me a problem.

    1. Super Snowflake ❄️❄️❄️ NY Senator Chuckie Baby Schumer was shedding fake crocodile tears calling Trump ‘s Ex.Order on 7 Islamic Terror – Based countries’ …..sob, sob… a terrible order…it’s un-american’

      What about the Un-American, Muslimistic lovin” Ex. orders of Muslim Obama ?

      Trump wants to know ‘ …who is his acting coach….’, ……..he,he,he …. nothing but shits and giggles watching these snowflakes compete for the Political Oscar Awards ( i.e. for best drama, best directed BS, best comedy, most hypocritical performance, best racist card script, etc.)

  12. If the liberal snowflakes would just cool it like they did when Obama was elected then they would not be melting and the dam in Northern California would not be topped and the dam would hold and not break……

    Then again if they continue to melt, to harbor criminal aliens and riot against the Trump deportation of criminal illegals ,which Obama deported 3 million in 8 years himself, then all bets are off as to if the Old Testament which mentions ….” let justice rain down”…might just repeat itself in California…. just saying history does repeat itself occasionally but those who do not know history are personally doomed to repeat it.

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