The gift that keeps on giving…… (Updated)

I have been able to clarify that chatter from last night. Yesterday Scott Walker did indeed go to Ocean Springs City Hall and pick up qualifying papers for municipal office but he has has not filed any papers on his own behalf to qualify. This bears keeping an eye on to see what develops.

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  1. Can’t imagine this is true. Mississippi Constitution:

    SECTION 44. Ineligibility for office of person convicted of certain crimes.

    (1) No person shall be eligible to a seat in either House of the Legislature, or to any office of profit or trust, who shall have been convicted of bribery, perjury, or other infamous crime; and any person who shall have been convicted of giving or offering, directly, or indirectly, any bribe to procure his election or appointment, and any person who shall give or offer any bribe to procure the election or appointment of any person to office, shall, on conviction thereof, be disqualified from holding any office of profit or trust under the laws of this state.

    (2) No person who is convicted after ratification of this amendment in another state of any offense which is a felony under the laws of this state, and no person who is convicted after ratification of this amendment of any felony in a federal court, shall be eligible to hold any office of profit or trust in this state.

    (3) This section shall not disqualify a person from holding office if he has been pardoned for the offense or if the offense of which the person was convicted was manslaughter, any violation of the United States Internal Revenue Code or any violation of the tax laws of this state unless such offense also involved misuse or abuse of his office or money coming into his hands by virtue of his office.

    1. As has been noted before there have been occasional prior reports which might make one wonder if there is some sort of detachment from reality.

      “Walker was sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to fraud and conspiracy. The fraud conviction involved a $180,000 finder’s fee he received in 2011 on a $3 million grant his consulting company supposedly landed for the city of D’Iberville. He split the fee with Michael Janus, at the time a business partner and D’Iberville’s city manager.

      In pleading guilty, both Walker and Janus acknowledged Walker did not earn the finder’s fee. Walker now says he put in the work and earned the fee.

      “If a former governor and two Coast attorneys had told the truth,” Walker said, “I never would have gone to federal prison. The former governor knows I did the work.”

      Walker added: “I’ll say this: The government said I didn’t do the work to earn the money in D’Iberville. Period. Well, the money didn’t land on the steps of city hall by itself.”

  2. Just saw this when I got home….always something with those people. I guess he plans on running Trinity for Mayor???

    1. Guys like him are everywhere. Look at Bay Saint Louis. We have the Les Filingame Regime. It is Les Fillin I assure you.

  3. We live in America and anything can happen… But the question is, is he allowed to run and serve in a public office if elected?

    Hearing any scoop on who is running in the Bay?

  4. Doug, I guess he could be waiting for a pardon from Phil Bryant, but I just don’t see that happening since Phil swore that he would give no pardons and if he did, that would make him a liar in the public eye (not that he has to worry about votes anymore). I HAVE noticed that old [email protected]@$$ has been laying really low but then he could be trying to hang on to Mr. Sessom’s coattail or trying to wiggle a way back into good graces at the White House? It is my opinion that they are all playing the waiting game….waiting to see what the POTUS’s next move will be. I believe they may all be living in a world of wonder right now.
    It is my hope that the new President will turn his eyes toward our fair State and clean out the swamps here. Many powerful residents of this State have the pressure on and if the Potus is who he says he is, then hopefully, we may get some relief here in the deepest south. Pray that he sees our plight because everyone else has turned a blind eye on the crookedness and evil goings on in this State.

        1. That bunch seems to pull off strange things Eye. There is still a strong backing of money grubbers willing to hang on to Snotty’s coattail for some kickback. Sad but true.

          1. Charlene

            I am going to claim complete ignorance.

            If Scotty Boy runs he will get his ass whipped in the polls. If Trinity runs it will be nothing more than a ploy so Scotty can attempt to run things behind the scenes.

            I have no idea what’s going to happen but I will tell you this. The Walkers, if any actually do run, will be so easy to beat.

    1. If Walker is waiting on a pardon from Phil or any other Guv of MS, he will be waiting quite a while. He is in the federal system, a federal felon, and not the MS state criminal system. In layman’s terms and generally speaking: No state Guv or even state supreme court can pardon, reverse, modify or commute anything done in federal court system, either criminal or civil. The federal courts can under limited circumstances not important here reverse a state court’s ruling (if anyone cares, look up habeas relief from state court convictions on Google, but since Walker’s case, plea and conviction/sentence was federal from the start, it doesn’t apply to his situation), but not the other way around. A state or local gov body could modify its laws to allow a federal felon to serve in whatever role in state or local gov, I don’t think Walker has the pull that such a move would require. Hey, maybe he does.

      There are a couple of bigger practical problems for any Walker, Scotty or Miss Shoeshopper, in a run for mayor:

      1) Are the people of Ocean Springs really THAT stupid?
      2) Apparently, Jimmy Reeves isn’t too keen on the Walkers. He may not be a legal scholar (for those who don’t know, he is among the Scruggs wannabe mass-tort phonebook advertisers hoping to cash in on the Singing River Hospital fiasco), but it doesn’t appear he wants the Walker sideshow in his neighborhood. It won’t take much of lawyer – and he fits that bill perfectly – to put the whoashit on any Walker East Beach Days Inn, and likewise, hinder any Walker run for office.

      As to the rest of the Walkers’ one-time friends and neighbors, some of them will likely be dealing with their own federal court issues in due course so they may not be there to fight that battle.

      Good Lord, do you folks in Mississippi wonder why y’all are 50th in every-gotdmaned-thing that matters? Mississippi is chock full of decent, smart and caring people of both sexes, all races and religions and a variety of sexual orientations. Maybe y’all ought to try to elect at least one of them to something. Y’all replaced a pretty decent man with Stevie Palazzo, and then, when you had the chance to fix that mistake, you choked. People get the government the deserve…and elect.

      Do folks really think Ivanka and Jared are drooling to have Phil and the missus up for a weekend in the Hamptons? The folks around Trump think “Haley Barbour” is either Halle Berry’s hairdresser or a worn-out street coat. They would think most of Phil’s presser videos are an audition tape for the role of sheriff in a low-budget remake of Porky’s. As to coast “GOP” buffoons like Maxwell, Cloyd, Luckey, et al, yeah, good luck with them. They weren’t well thought of in wider GOP circles before Trump and the Trump people are even less favorable to deep-south rednecks dipshits.

      Here’s a tip: get folks like Jim and Rhesa Barksdale, Dickey Scruggs (yep, a Democratic-supporting federal felon, but one with some respect among folks that matter) and a couple of other folks of similar ilk to make some calls. Ask them to suggest that if the Trump bunch wants a swamp to drain and get some favorable national publicity doing it, Mississippi has one that needs a damned good cleaning. Arkansas may not like y’all trying to climb up a rung and it may not happen, but folks like those will at least get a serious listen. The future of your state is in your hands – Trump said so in his first speech as Prez. And feel free to repost any of this without attribution wherever you might think it will help. Best of luck. You need all you can get.

      1. Thank you for this great informative and instructional post Nunya. Now if only some people on stabbed are friends with the Barksdale and Scruggs families will jump in and help us out. The politicians in this State just do as they please and make the laws to suit themselves with no repercussions. An honest man can not get elected or if he does, the status quo gangs up against him and his time is short. Maybe The Potus will hear the cries of the people of Mississippi.

      2. Great post as usual Nun.So many truths said. I have been traveling quite a bit and have spent the last few days catching up on my newspaper reading.I guess the irony of the Walker Bed and Breakfast-Short Term Vacation Rental is the location over there in the Ocean Springs version of the Hamptons and who his neighbors are.I say this in an article in the Sunherald. “Joe Cloyd who lives on East Beach, the neighborhood that spurred the city to take another look at the ordinance, said he thinks it gives preference to newer subdivisions with homeowner associations and discriminates against the older ones that don’t have them.” My how times have changed.These past close friends, who at one time were cooperating with each other in the same line of work, if you want to call it that, are now at each others throats over one trying to make some money that the other gets none of. Maybe Scott Walker will prevail and continue the slow torture of his neighbors and they will continue to be curious.Some great entertainment going on across the bay.

        1. Oh, I seriously doubt any of these rat turds ever have anything resembling what decent, normal people would call “close friends,” past or present. They do, however, seem to be knee-deep in accomplices, co-defendants and co-conspirators, both indicted and unindicted.

          1. When the Walkers lost control of the DMR their popularity with the consultant wolf pack dropped precipitously.There was no more access to Bill Walker for Scott Walker to sell. His consultant friends had no Bill Walker access to resell to others.This turned Scott into a bad apple without a spot at the harvest trough. He could no longer even catch a look from a governor,agency head, lowly alderman or participating co-conspirators. I think what he is doing with his hometel is as much about getting his hands on needed cash as it is about sticking his middle finger into the eyes of his neighbors. Most would assume that Walker can no long afford the trappings of the faux success that this “international business man” once claimed to have. One has to wonder why he tries to hang on to the million dollar B&B waterfront mansion without restrictive covenants. What impact has all of the turmoil he has wallowed in for the last half of a decade had on his wife and kids? Just might be time for the Walkers to follow the path of Oliver Wendell Douglas. They should just give up the mansion,the fancy cars,the Louis Vuittons,the designer kiddy clothes,the political comeback, the neighbors and just move on up to Stone County where very few read the newspaper.Maybe then he could open up a dude ranch on a 40 without close neighbors who are attorneys and continue to host his Black Spring Break footballers and just Gee Haw everybody.

            1. I suspect what Scott thinks he has is dirt on his now-former “friends,” and likely, he actually does have information. However, he isn’t smart enough to outplay determined feds looking to ring up a bunch of wins in one swoop. I am certain that the feds have enough info (and certain feds have the interest) to pursue a number of coast “friends,” but I will not speculate here as to where it might ultimately lead.

  5. Yep Trinity must be running or his good friends (good ole boys club) in high places will set a pardon. Now we just have to make sure more than 100 people do not vote for this crook who thinks he is innocent. His ego fits the big head he has. Ocean Springs is much smarter than he is if he thinks the citizens will vote for him and his buddies.

    1. Maybe Sly Walker picked up the candidacy papers for a politico who is running but did not want to tip his hand….. Sly might even be his campaign manager…

      Then again maybe Sly Walker does not know felons on probation can’t run for pubic offices even ones with HUGE egos and small hands ( think Donald Trump)…he,he,he…

  6. Y’all are smart enough to know Hick Bryant can’t give a federal pardon right? I hope you are joking because he’s a State official and they don’t give federal pardons. Common knowledge, common sense.

    1. Also a federal pardon cannot be applied for until after five years from the date of a person’s release from confinement. Scotty has a few years to go.

      1. BB – what about daddy Walker? Or momma Walker? You see any openings there for candidates? Snotty is really hacked off with the current mayor it appears.

        1. Bill is also a convicted felon (federal), so just like Scott, he cannot run. Given the nature of the crimes of which they were convicted, there are all sorts of doors closed to them. And in any case, running isn’t the same as winning, as Scott proved before he got his mantitties caught in a wringer. Plus, many things require disclosure of all crimes charged, not just convictions, and given Scott’s drunken antics – DWI, the whole assault thing in DC, etc., he has significant headwinds for any sort of “public trust” or license-required “career choices.”

          And then, there is his running buddy, Eddie Diaz and his wife (Natasha or something similar – she works in some Jackson County patronage position) – the guy who made the “most interested man on the coast” commercials – who was also convicted and sent to the federal pen for defrauding widows (he was some sort of self-proclaimed “investment advisor”).

          Here’s some info: often, federal investigations take what seems like a long, long time. In complex cases, especially those involving multiple defendants and conspiracy, USAs want all the loose ends tied up because they don’t like surprises or even unknowns when they hit the courtroom. But when the sword eventually drops, it falls hard. And see previous comments regarding the Trump bunch not liking redneck dipshits.

            1. P. S. It is amazing to me that most of the players all seem to have one thing in common….they all NEED booze.

  7. IMO, He and his family’s names are mud on the Coast. For the sake of his children, why don’t they all move elsewhere? He just doesn’t get it. He has betrayed the most sacred trust of those that trusted him to represent them. What will it take to make him understand that the residents have washed their hands of everything Walker, and only speak to him in passing, out of common southern courtesy. Some have forgiven….but all have not forgotten. In other words-the party is over! Please allow us in Ocean Springs some relief from the problems that YOU brought upon your family and yourself. Arrogance, narcicism, and greed are evil attributes. IMO, we are sick and tired of it all.

  8. When Walker got out of jail, there were lots of comments on his welcome home FB post. Scruggs himself posted. He gave his sympathy to Walker and the Mrs., about the negative publicity surrounding their “unfortunate circumstances”.

    Trinity called him “Mr. Dickie”, in her gushing reply.

    So you think “Mr. Dickie” is a respectable messenger about corruption?

    Maybe he could get his favorite business associate, the brother-in-law to go with him. That way Mississippi would have a non-partisan show of integrity and good intent on full display.

  9. I am not sure what will happen within the Walker Gang in regards to any one of them running for mayor of Ocean Springs. But if any of them do try and run, I will do everything I can to crush them.

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