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RFP sent in the following interview Ryan Vlastelica of Marketwatch did with Bernie Madoff from prison that is an interesting read. Madoff is not only a rock star in the prison world he has also done well for himself (in relative terms) by being himself:

At one point, he cornered the hot chocolate market. He bought up every package of Swiss Miss from the commissary and sold it for a profit in the prison yard. He monopolized hot chocolate! He made it so that, if you wanted any, you had to go through Bernie.

Moving right along the Tweet Slabbed put out from about the new District Attorney being indicted just before he was to take office:

New Jefferson County District Attorney indicted for perjury; will face suspension ~ Kent Faulk

As usual trouble naturally follows when the little head does all the thinking:

Then at the Sept. 26 trial at which Henderson allegedly perjured himself, the issue of whether there was a romantic relationship between Henderson and the mother, Ms. Akl, surfaced.

On Sept. 28, the day after the trial ended, the mother’s attorney, Daniel Chambers, asked to withdraw from the case. Chamber’s motion included information about evidence that the “defendant (mother) and the former Guardian Ad Litem (Henderson) have been in a romantic relationship.”

So what kind of woman could cause the newly elected DA to take leave (allegedly) of his senses? Social media gives us a few tantalizing clues first up being this Youtube Channel. The connection is the product of a Facebook like of this photo from the DA elect’s Facebook page which leads to this Facebook page. Run the names through the ol’ search engine you get the YouTube channel linked above and it is clear the ladies knows their way around the Chakira and then some. To be clear none of this is conclusive but Ms. Akl’s lawyer withdrawing looks very bad.

Roger Schuler over at Legal Schnauzer views these events involving the Jefferson County DA elect on a more macro scale with the indictment being orchestrated Boss Hogg style by former Governor Riley.

Moving right along Cassandra Favre covered the Hancock School Consolidation Study Committee meeting for the Saturday Echo while Dewayne Bremer covered the cracks being discovered at the Bay Harbor, a topic being discussed in comments here and on Twitter.

My experience with these kind of construction issues is it’s likely too early to point any fingers at defective designs or workmanship issues. Sometimes its a combination of issues involving design and workmanship, occasionally the problem stems from something completely unforeseen.

All that said I’ve also had design professionals frequently tell me all their designs are a completely integrated with the strength of the whole being derived from the product of all the parts. One thing that comes to mind on the Bay Harbor was the elimination of the wave break from the design to save money, only to be later constructed after complaints from the boat owners about rocking and rolling at the dock when the east wind blows. Is that part of the separation failure equation? Based on what has been made public it is hard to reach any specific conclusion but these are the very arcane type of technical issues that must be waded through and that takes a while.

Next up is the EdBuild report on education funding that was presented yesterday to the legislature which contained some money recommendations that surprised some stakeholders:

Emily Wagster Pettus has a story on the EdBuild report presentation for the AP that is also worth reading as does Kate Royals at Mississippi Today.

Want some perspective on the more recent happenings in A Place Apart? How about this story from on a smallish New Jersey town:

Why an FBI raid of this small N.J. city has been a long time coming ~ Jessica Mazzola

An NJ Advance Media review shows that, for at least five years, a tightly knit web of political operators has left behind a trail of financial problems in Orange, a city of about 30,000 where playing fast and loose with taxpayer funds appears to be the norm.

The three-month review – including hundreds of pages of city and court records, as well as interviews with current and former city officials – found nearly every city department has been cited since 2011 for violating some of the most basic spending rules.

Gee that sounds vaguely familiar.

Now the best of the rest:

Governor: Mississippi state trooper shortage at critical level ~ Theresa Apel

The Mississippi invention that saved the Live oaks on U.S. 49 ~ Karen Nelson

House OKs liability insurance requirement ~ R. L. Nave

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