Tuesday Miscellany: Donald Trump is not the only World Leader on Twitter plus Stuxnet

The pols in DC have been on a spending spree since the turn of the century and our national debt has skyrocketed. Donald Trump has been promising his supporters the great wall of Mexico paid for by the Mexicans and on Twitter he keeps clicking his heels together while repeating that meme evidently in the hopes that if he says it enough, people will accept his alternate version of reality. The problem for Trump, his wall and threats of border taxes on auto makers, beyond simple economics, is the Mexican people do not seem to want to cooperate with Trump’s scapegoating of them and like Trump, the Mexican President also has access to Twitter:

The problem I see is today’s tough talk on trade seems to ignore both history and the basic fact that the US is the second largest world exporter behind China:

It would be a mistake to think the rest of the world will stand by and do nothing while we slap border taxes on their exports to us and proportionally we have way more to lose than say Mexico and Japan.

The President elect has already walked back on his promise to drain the D.C. swamp and after spending the entire campaign demonizing Goldman Sachs and the Wall Street Investment banks Trump subsequently cuddled up with them in his pick to run Treasury. Usually U.S. Presidents wait until after their inauguration to start breaking their promises. Nothing would thrill me more than to see a Trump Presidency actually benefit the average citizen, which is the same way I felt when Obama was elected back in 2008. Obama disappointed and now it looks like we have at least another 4 years of the same coming.

Changing gears I saw the documentary Zero Days over the weekend and highly recommend it. I thought of Tom Callaghan while watching because it is clear our Country’s relationship with Israel has a major downside that is now a poorly kept secret. Here is a blurb from Tech Republic on the documentary:

When we think of malware, we usually associate it with a small group of black hat hackers in a grab for cash. Either that or hacktivists such as Anonymous doing everything they can to hold people accountable for their actions or inactions.

Stuxnet was something altogether different…and altogether disturbing. Stuxnet was political. This was an attack, by a nation state, to prevent an Iranian nuclear facility located in Natanz from producing weapons-grade uranium. The operation brought about covert assassinations, espionage, and two global allies (with clashing agendas) coming together to try and stop the proliferation of nuclear armaments within Iran. The cyber attack failed, and it soon came to light who was behind Operation Olympic Games

The secrecy involved has deprived the country of a much needed debate about these new weapons and their use. That is beginning to change.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Miscellany: Donald Trump is not the only World Leader on Twitter plus Stuxnet”

  1. Dear Doug: Are you a member of MENSA? I only ask cuz you’re so darn smart!! I learn so much after reading your posts. I also laugh while reading your posts.
    Tampa, FL

    P.S. Not that one has to be a MENSA member to be smart — you know what? I’m not even going to “over-think” this issue cuz it’s futile!

      1. Vicente Fox is a has been who needs to clean up his speech or better yet just go away…..

        When the 60 Billion U.S. Trade deficit with our amigos approach 50-50 Trump and I will be tired of winning….

        Several Congressmen are proposing to place an excise tax on money sent by non-citizens ,who have no verifiable S.S. Number and pay no federal income tax, to Mexico…. last year 2.9 Billion was sent from U.S to Mexico alone…

        Those proposed taxes could over time pay for part of the wall.

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